NOT WORTH TO BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in 2022!! - Galaxy User Guide

Yesterday we discussed Samsung's flagship in 2019. If this video was made it means that he is about 4 years old, it's about five years old and judging from the price, which is already relatively cheap, is this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 still worth buying? That I hold is for a turning signal or official version that enters Indonesia. It costs 4.4 million for the second price, it is quite a difference, around one and a half million. What you need to remember is that this is a second unit, those who need to go to service, They will be with Bayer of course, so my advice, if you are already desperate to take it, il second cellphone, yes, all external units, the price is still more friendly to the body.

This HP looks like it is old, it's usually still handsome with minimal angles. This material is made of Gorilla Glass 5 glass with a camera frame that is integrated with the fingerprint extending sideways for the reading speed of the singing fingerprint sensor in my opinion. It is quite slow plus the position is also difficult to reach so it makes it a bit lazy to use it. There is a mic hole and a SIM tray slot. This type is single slim plus there is a microSD slot. There is also a 3.5 mm audio jack hole, USB charging hole, mic hole, speaker hole and on the far right there is an S pen that will obviously be a special feature on this smartphone. This will be very helpful for people who want to be more productive.

This resolution is excise or already bought Oops G-plus and the screen area is 6.3 inches for the need to watch films. The high resolution that Samsung gave this phone to in 2017 is still very useful. This is really a super aMOLED, which is also really good for us to enjoy. The most negative is of course that there is not a high refresh rate on this smartphone, because yes we know that cellphones with high refresh rates began appearing in 2019 and and this started in 2021 yesterday, but I am used to the 60 hertz screen. Basically, 60 Hertz is River State standard for a Smartphone performance.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is equipped with the flagship chip for that year, namely the Snapdragon 835 for the Intercal version that I am holding and the Exynos 8895 for this Official Indonesian unit, yes for the Snapdragon version. It has slightly better performance than the Exynos version. There has been a lot of evidence that Snapdragon 835 is not as fresh in 2022. Similarly if even for more severe needs such as playing this game are not all games can be brushed here, at least some like, for example, the Legend mobile game that can use Ultra Settings with high frame rate mode and Papji mobile games that can use Smooth Extreme and SDR Ultra over settings, all in all. If your job is not playing games, the cellphone is still very decent in terms of chipset or performance.

It is a note that you must pay attention to the battery or endurance, which is still reasonable in 2017, but for 2022 the capacity is only 3300m on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 This will feel like a lot of work, At least you have to charge it during the day or, for example, in the afternoon for the charging itself, it's only 15 watts of charging, which from my experience testing here has been pretty good, It's, okay and it can be fully charged in a hour and fifteen minutes for the features that are brought as a flagship. Smartphones are also complete, as are NFC and IP rating.

Rivers wireless charging and many others y, which makes us feel at home because of the abundance of flexible features, Okay and lastly, we want to talk about the camera, so the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a dual camera setup, where there is a main camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels and the other a telephoto camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels. On the front there is a camera with an 8-megapixel resolution while the other is just an air scanner, so it doesn't count. So the results are not cool, HP, Mi SMS. This is an example of a rear camera, recording from a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a resolution of 1080P 13 vs, and this we can switch between the main lens and the telephoto lens, The photo, which is twice the optical zoom, has the same potential.

This means and we run okay again for the quality you can judge from the stability. if this is an example of front camera video recording Come on my number is too lewd. It is also too close to front of the police station. Don't know anything after the results will be OK Let's go back to the studio,. I can of course recommend this smartphone for people who need a cheap smartphone with all its features under three million. Thanks for those who have watched this video Don't forget to like comments and share with your friends so that your friends get useful information from the afternoon lecture okay. Thanks for those who saw this video to the end and see you next time, bye spot.

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