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Hello Hello: how are you OK in this video I want to review the C Samsung Galaxy S7, one Evi, which I have been using as my Dewi cellphone for almost two weeks now? Let's start with [applause ] [ music ] Let us make I not know it. I bought the Samsung Galaxy S twenty one V, the 256 GB version yesterday, the price is 950,000 or 10 million. Then, think that Samsung is always interesting because it usually compares to the products that we can sell. For example, compared to the Galaxy V2 yesterday, the Samsung Galaxy S2 Dewa TV costs about a million and a half and that's pretty good for us to purchase a case or people at the price. There is also a 128 GB version, which costs 9 million less 1000 or 8999 and more time launching this swf, to be honest.

I was surprised uh, different from when I launched the S20 Vi last year. This is very excited for me, and the experience of using CSS 20fi is also in my opinion very good and very satisfying, But surprisingly, when the Samsung Galaxy S 21v was launched, it was like. Why did I launch the Evi extension because in my opinion, the Evi Advan Edition version shouldn't be done every year? It can perhaps be made up once a year for example because this venition is a special edition for Samsung fans. All these Samsung Galaxy S5 F are still good cellphones and are sold at the right price if you buy them. Compared to what is offered, the cellphone is by design,. The Vemmy edition follows the design of the original series where the SW1v is similar to the other SW1X.

The material used is also made of polycarbonate, but the build quality is okay. So it's wrong to want a plastic body as long as the mobile phone still feels solid and solid on the front. The screen is also flat with a medium size of 6.4 inches, and the resolution is also full SD. Even though it's visually good, there is one problem or chapter one that is quite vital. It's quite sever in my opinion where I often experience dropship frames. Is or arrived screen from Samsung Galaxy S2 Epi. It even drops the refresh rate below 60 vs, so when we scroll it looks a bit broken. 2021, I still experience it, but it's not as frequent as yesterday, but it's still experiencing the frame drops from the side of the Samsung Galaxy S, 21v screen.

This is a problem in software and perhaps Samsung people who watch this. Video can notice this problem and update or not, to this Samsung Galaxy S5 F so that the refresh rate doesn't hit below 60oc, even okay. Let us now move to the next discussion about performance of the Samsung Galaxy S 21v, it is matte spec.spc finish Amaya with another Samsung st100 Yes, with the Exynos 2100 chipset, 8 GB of RAM, choice of internal memory, 128 and 256 GB for daily performance. This is the flagship HP for the chipset, for smooth multitasking, and at this temperature you can say it is normal. It is also used similarly to the Samsung Galaxy S3 M1, but here it is a little different in the resolution of the telephoto camera, which is only 8 megapixels.

This is for me no problem because the Maya 8-megapixel telephoto camera is not that important. In my opinion, the telephoto lens is not very useful for my daily usage scenario. The photos from Samsung Extension FP are pretty good on par with the Samsung Flexinja, like the other S21 series, or perhaps zip three photos in daytime conditions. The photos produced are good, the colors are vibrant, typical of Samsung's cellphones, and the squeeze feels quite wide, and photos are quite detailed in the city at night. The day was also great overall with minimal noise and yes, it is very reliable for or in low light conditions using hi hi [music].

My settings are standard - just on full FB and sixty FBS, my photos are also fast or not, and news is uploaded as long as it was captured and uploaded to Story, the results are stable and can be trusted. In my opinion, Hi, and if the front camera is like this and dementia Okay, you can see that the image of sports runs smoothly in the morning, see only that the view is not that wide, but banners are ready. Okay, until it's time for typical features of Samsung's flagship, This Samsung Sash TV uses a fairly large battery with battery life which, in my opinion, is just asoso, yes, for one volt charging it can be used for the day and issues and only charges. Okay, in conclusion, so this Samsung Galaxy S 21fc is a good cellphone in my opinion.

In my opinion it's a bit difficult, but I recommend it to you guys, because of the drop refresh problem. This rate is quite annoying for me because, yes, the intensity quite often is it is about five in a day and it is my hope. If this problem is soft from this Samsung Galaxy, S 21v and soon an example video this time, everything that you need about the Samsung Galaxy S2 n f, I have placed the link in the description, column below..

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