No ORIGINAL SMARTPHONE CAN DO THIS! 5 Tips & Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G - Galaxy User Guide

Yo [Music] yo WhatsUp guys welcome to my channel on the same channel as Govinda Nia Half. After I used it, I also tried another cellphone for a review but in the end I came back to this cellphone because there are so many things that can be done on this smartphone that can't be done with other smartphones,. Even the iPhone Thirteen Promax, yes, Datsun go By design, I did not upgrade an infected iPhone and in my opinion, you guys better spend the money on this Galaxy Z vol. 3 Now, equipped with the potential for wealth. There are five tricks and tips to make the most out of the Samsung Galaxy J3 so that you can be more productive deliberately Soul without further ado. Let's start Let's begin video hi, my Butterfly Mountain,.

Mobile phone, I have the same full specifications Samsung, Gal, Axy Z fold is a smartphone with dual layer, which is 6.2 inches for the front and 7.6 inches on the main screen or the main screen, The name uses an AMOLED UX engineering panel with a sharp resolution and also 120Hz refresh rate, making scrolling easy. The smoother the rest use Snapdragon triple 8, 12 GB, RAM, also, storage up to 512 GB, also very River 12 megapixel camera. There is also a selfie camera on front 10 megapixels. It does not see the Battery 4400e Maha With Wales,. Look for it, super fast charging, 25watt a day support. This black is Samsung's success in inserting the IPX8 waterproof feature on this smartphone.

Series, man is it's just that for sure so it is more optimal, it's better to wear clothes on the outside screen. You only have to turn off the application of your choice, for example, I have YouTube. You can also do other things, for example, while tapping on the notch, or you can also order at your favorite retail store or can also reply to emails, and all that can be done on this one smartphone,. Then I can enter 3 applications, sizes by the time you guys,. There are currently three in total here and there can be a lot of pop-ups.

So that is what is limited, then you can take advantage of the FPR function, so that you can SF layout the application by clicking on this button and go directly to the self diet, which can be a shortcut for the combo - eps that you like earlier, but Samsung has thought about it and I have given one feature that will make all applications compatible, namely, in the settings and LEDs. You can check, turn on the old eps sport multi-window option and you can have multiex on all screens. The second is that the rear camera in the camera section usually has a much better quality compared to the front camera. The cool thing is here that you can use the rear camera for selfies, because this cellphone has two Nadia screens on the front and back.

There's a selfie icon at the top right, even just click on it,. There will be a breed guide for you; just open the screen and Yes, because you can take selfies. By way of a direct access to the camera from the main ultra-wide lens, you can use the telephoto lens. If you turn off the camera from diarrhea, there are various things we can do first. We can use the front screen as a viewfinder so that if you see a preview of the picture directly there, it will be very useful to see for example. Take a photo like that, because if the person can't get the angle cut you can go here, you can see whether it is down a little or you can send me a little. The unique thing is that the name is amazingly out of frame intense.

So if you are recording vi deo or make a vlog like that or make a cinematic video here, for example, there are several actors who end the outframe, This feature automatically changes the lens from the close-up to a whiter, wider one. According to the number of people in the video frame, so superius, it's really full there. It can fold, you just have to put it on a flat surface, so we don't have to bother going anywhere to take photos or record videos. You don't need to go into the gallery application anymore, so check it on the left side. The third theme is for those of you who like to watch multimedia content. There are many ways to enjoy content on my smartphone, My first favorite azivol training is the mood system.

What if we Kai If you open YouTube, we can watch the video directly from a position like this, guys,. That's the first, then there is another one which may have often been heard, from the name Flexmove, where he uses the Clapton mode. Flashmo itself can be used in many applications, for example for the camera, you can also make Google Maps. This QFD YouTube photo is actually flexport,. It can be used for all applications, so K3 just activates the settings in advance in the lab, there is an option there. Don't forget to click on this video if you like it and also lemmino! Comment below about tips and tricks, especially what we want to share in the next video. Here it is Spenfora z, fold three yes For State Junior High Schools, There is a Volt Edition written here with SP, guys,.

Of course, the main features such as technology can be other features like the Smart Select feature in parts. What you can instantly measure and is also interesting, is that he can be Henrys keyboard, height So. You can say it is bigger than an s-pen in general - Not only that for those of you who like or like photo editing, video editing with the expand and large screen Galaxy vol. 3. You activate it and play if this SPN is only compatible with the poor inside of the screen and another thing,. This is separately sold from the sale package for almost 1.1 million Rupiah, but chat with I said I like this SP4 edition because of its shape. Yes, it's larger and more similar to Ape, I want it to be more natural and used for writing.

It's also more comfortable, of course, and this last tip, which has quite a lot of tricks, can say that you can check many interesting features that I like in the motion and Jazz RS section, where you can turn on the settings to turn off with just two taps,. On the surface of your Pom's hand, on the screen and also lastly, this Pingerprint sensor can be used to open and close your notification on the control panel. You can set everything as normal at the beginning, but for Multi-window it can be for all Eps settings for Flash mouth to custom aspect ratio which makes all applications voscreen.

The cream dimension is Galaxy Z, vol 3, [Music], Uh, Sherly, 5 tips, s and tricks from this foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z, vol 3, Hopefully you can get the most out of your smartphone with this video and also for those of you who may be considering buying it. This Smartphone, I have also shared my review when I am answering your questions. All of you who have watched the video I hope it is useful. Also lemmino You can write them down in the comment section below and check out videos for other types of effects. However, I have also made one when it comes to tracks for Samsung smartphones, So if you use a Samsung phone you can also watch these videos. And don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel and yes, we'll meet again in the next video...

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