Hello Assalamualaikum, The deck is again with Budiman here How are you, my fellow countrymen and countrymen, for friends who just created my channel Welcome, and thank you for clicking on this video with me. Both of us will know in this video that the Samsung Galaxy A3 was released in mid-2002 uh, to be precise in May and at the time many other smartphone brands also launched mobile phones with the same class as the A31. This Samsung Galaxy A3 is equipped with a MediaTek Helio processor. p60 5 octa-core, with fabrication at 12 nanometers and for Lovebird. Here are my test results for the Galaxy A3 helio p60. This one is a bonus, debit, card, sir..

We got this from the Samsung Galaxy A3 for 192483 points and I think that this is a reasonable thing considering that this is indeed a mid-end processor from MediaTek, here I did a test with AnTuTu Benchmark version 9.2.6, If there was a higher version, the chances are that the score will also go up. Freunde again with that large Antutu score, If we invite you to play this game, here I have tested several games on this Samsung Galaxy A3 and the first game that went sweet is Mobile Legends kg car, This million people the default graphic settings on the Samsung Galaxy A3. This is quite impressive as it gives Hi with the hfr mode of life at the beginning of the game.

The Samsung Galaxy A3 runs quite smoothly when playing this game, but there are a few frames when it's really busy but it doesn't interfere with the game for about 20 minutes. This one is a Call of Duty mobile game for this war game, we are given the default graphics setting, it's silent and the frame rate is medium, but we can increase the settings. The reduced battery at four percent was, friends, for the last one I took a shower in the Samsung Galaxy A3. Like my previous tests for heavy games. It still has a frame drop, and the Samsung Galaxy S is no exception. This is the default graphic setting on Samsung Galaxy A3. This one is for you friends, but we will force it to be decorated with 60fps [Music] and after I played all the games earlier.

This Samsung Galaxy A3 comes with a 4 GB RAM variant, and it is Hadi's 64, GB accessories and a 6 GB RAM variant with 128 GB internal storage like the one I currently have for There, are three color variants that have entered Indonesia, namely present crushcrushcrush, blue and also Freedom hard white from the Samsung Galaxy A3. One is quite unique, with a Diamond Cut-like texture on the backdoor, which makes the appearance of this cellphone for the backdoor even more beautiful.

This makes this mobile Hajj group more comfortable and comfortable, and this is also supported by the dimensions of the body, not too big, namely at 159 times 73 theory 8,6 mm, with a weight of less than 200 grams of flour at 185 G, even though the battery is quite large at 5000mh, but being able to make a cellphone that feels thin and light is one of Trenggalek's advantages in vain 31 Yes, there is a portrait mode, photos and videos as well as macro mode we can use to take photos at close range. This camera does not have a single mode unlike other Samsung phones or also takes video directly. This manual is reasonable considering that this cellphone is a Samsung Mido series with much cheaper prices than other series.

Here are the photos and videos that I managed to take using a Samsung, Galaxy a, this one [Music] Okay friends. The one they use is the Samsung Galaxy A3 with 1080 pd30 resolution, vs yes, my friend, yana yani, I only hold it with my hands, so this is not a gimbal that I'm holding here, so I just hold it with my hands and this too belongs to the Samsung Galaxy This A3 is for details or whether students are good or not from the Samsung Galaxy A3. So this is the quality of the Samsung Galaxy A3 video [Music] Oh yes friends. This is the result of the front camera from Samsung Galaxy A3 and here I record 1080P resolution at 30 fps And. It s a difference in audio or not? You can write in the Comment Column below for the affairs of the user.

I have no complaints about the sector, because the results given are quite impressive, typical of a Super AMOLED screen. This is natural because at that time, five mobile phones had not yet appeared and, after all, five are currently not evenly distributed throughout Indonesia, friends, and then this mobile phone is still a single speaker. Can you give dual stereo specs? But even so the sound comes out of the Samsung Galaxy A3. Oh yeah forgot almost for the sales package of the Samsung Galaxy A3. Charger head with output of 15 words, USB, Type c data, cable, head of three and a half mm document package and default casing.

If you are really looking for a cheap second hand cellphone with Samsung quality, can you give me a good experience in all Samsung sectors? I personally feel comfortable using this phone because the dimensions are not too large. The camera is good and the price is still friendly to my pocket. This is more or less sorry if there are some things, huh It's too late and doesn't match the specs of this Samsung Galaxy A3. If you like my video, you can like it and subscribe to my channel, but if you don't like it you can dislike it and share it with your friends. Assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh, dadah, [music].

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