NEWS FROM ANDROID 12 ONE UI 4.1 FOR GALAXY A31 - Galaxy User Guide

And speak my writing with you guys, I call myself before the Android channel I was always going to delete this one with the video to show a very interesting news. We are posting a lot of video from guys here, as well as you can be watching or it's right. So it is very important that you follow us here, it's right, and of course our main channel. Here is the video you are watching here on our channel here Guys you have to subscribe too dude activate the notification bell is posting a lot of video here. It's because I'm not continuing to do this in this control, because I know that you don't like this type of video here on my channel, so i'm posting as Hobby, even let's own random video.

Even this tutorial video is because there in the future it may help some people OK. If you can give me a moral here in the tutorials, it will strengthen a lot ok, but this one was the last video people post. Ok, and we will show you here, the news guys And then you want to stay with me- is Andthen [Music, it's good, guys. The news that arrived I wish to send a hail, especially to my little brother, Caque Leal. Thank you very much, little brother for sending us this print. The news that arrived is right for Galaxy 31, Samsung Galaxy A30 update to have a 12 store where 4.1 is in India so we can already have a base of how the tea will be logged here in Brazil Look how cool that there will already be a base there and what's to come.

So here thinking that you can see that comfort will come again in April 1222 with pet. It weighs 2.2 GB from Guys so updates are pretty heavy. It has 15 fx11 DVD 8 binated a guys understand for me to combine one on Android of 12 thousand, more top, which is where I'm 4.1 ok then, that is, you will have the bid. You can change the hum plus, right I don't know how many giga Samsung will put in. To save time I also bring a video alerting to you when you get an update here in Brazil and I think I can count on Caque to record the content for us. Ok guys he has a galaxy 31, he is going to record the content for us, showing the news closed guys. Everyone stays with god, big thanks and Hey Here [Music]..

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