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What we have is the brand new samsung galaxy fit 2 which is the much needed sequel to last. Your Samsung Galaxy fit, even though it was a great device, really got its big butt, kicked off by a lot of the competition that offered a lot of the same features if not more, at about half the price. They went back to the drawing board, figured out how to reduce costs and make the product better and right. We have the brand new Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 which is roughly half the price of the Galaxy of last year, which is fitted with a bigger screen, a longer battery life and - like I said - is selling for just under 60 dollars.

Between all of those things there's really a lot to discuss here to see what Samsung actually changed and help you decide whether this is the device to buy. So, let's start with the physical tour here, looking at the front we have a 1.1 inch touchscreen display with adaptive brightness, and it's very bright, very bright, and significantly larger than last year's 0.95 inch display. So the screen on here is a big improvement, one of the best things you can see about this compared to a lot of other devices on the market. On the left side, we no longer have that physical button they saw on the fitted one last year. It's a way that they had to cut costs to get this down to the 60 price point.

This is a little bit more of a sleek design and I like that, but the button on the side. You were able to start quickly, or it was a good thing when you were in underwater mode. The screen would just be off until you press the button now you can't do any kind of quick start workouts and if you are in water mode you have to like swipe up and down, which is not a problem but it just means that your screen will be on a lot when in the water. I think this is a great move on their part again to cut costs.

It is also easier to put and take off in some aspects, and on top of that, the charging unit is a little bit different now so you can snap it on the back instead of sitting in a cradle, last year was the charging unit nicer Looking back there we have our heart rate sensor and that's pretty much everything physical with this device other than the strap that they changed slightly instead of having it because it was kind of the same strap design as last year, but now it has a little sort of a little hinge right there that makes it a lot easier to take the device off. Maybe it helps a little bit to put it on now, while the strap is really comfortable.

It is a little tricky to get exactly the right fit so you kind of want to put it on and go on like a few inches too loose and then tuck the strap there and adding material on the inside is obviously going to make it tighter until it is the ideal fit the galaxy fit. Here also two has an ip68 Water Rating and five atmospherics, so you can swim without worries about damaging this device. So far as the internals of this device go, we have only bluetooth inside so that you don't have samsung pay or wi-fi or anything like that. On top of that we have the heart rate, the accelerometer and the detection of ambient light. Those are basically your sensors for tracking your health and adapting the screen brightness.

I got about 13 days, which honestly is just a really small margin of error here. So if you leave your phone at home, you can still get your heart rate and your cadence and how many steps you took or you know how long the workout was - but you won't have any gps data. Just a quick aside, the more I look at this device the more I realize that it is almost identical to the me band 5, so I'm actually doing a comparison. If you want to see this video click the subscribe button, click the bell icon, and check the link in the top of the description, so that you can find that video.

The comparison, as I said, is going to be extremely interesting because they are both so similar in price points now and so similar in features last year, while they were actually different, they are sort of meeting the middle now making it a much more difficult decision. You have quick replies, so if you have an Apple or an Android phone, you will get notifications, but if you have an Android, you can really have quick responses to SMS and stuff like that. So somebody sends you a message, you can just say: yes, no or whatever, and predefine the quick replies within the app that I will show in the video later on. You also have automated or advanced fitness tracking.

So because we don't have the button on the other side like it is a little bit more cumbersome to go and actually start a workout but the fact that it can just automatically track that is nice it will track your commute, it will track whatever you're doing and if you just want to start a running it's nice, you can do that right there you need two different apps. The first one is samsung health, which shows you all your health metrics and your heart rate and your daily stuff, your sleep stuff, like that.

It is annoying that yes, on the top samsung showing ads on this, I really wish they would not show ads on their own interface, but the other app you'll need is samsung, Galaxy wearable, as you'll see right here, and this is where you can actually control a lot of the settings with your device. What exercises do we want for automatic detection stuff like stress tracking, continuous heart rate. So if you want your battery to last longer, you can say hey, maybe when I sit still check my heart rate every 10 minutes and instead you don't need the high heart rate alert, which you won't have unless you do continuous heart rate readings and then go back, you can set alarms, you can adjust the weather, you know where it is going to be.

So I really don't want the hand washing one, because we are going to save that and that would show up on the device. You can back up it from a different device and you can change quick responses, like I've said. If you want vibration on or off your underwater mode, find your phone as well as uh and good night mode, which disables the screen when you are sleeping, and then, if you swipe over this way, you will see all your different widgets I showed you in the app. You can also go through the rest of your various apps and when you find one that interests you you can swipe from the bottom up and it will tell you more about sleep last night, for example.

I've been wearing the galaxy fit here for a little while now and based on my tests with sleep tracking, I found that it was very accurate, with at least when I fell asleep and woke up. The sleep scores again gave me a reasonable number of how I felt in the morning. I don't have a way to verify when I was in different parts of my sleep cycle, so take that with a grain of salt but looking at the heart rate - tracking accuracy, I found that while you know that it did track the whole time and it did a decent enough job like it showed the general shape of my workout for some people, that's all they are. Searching for it, it's just fine, but if you're looking for more fine-tuned accuracy, if you really want to keep a track of your workouts, this device is not going to be that.

I tried to run this device and also tracked it with a Polar H10 heart rate strap which is considered one of the most accurate in the industry right now, and you can see that it just had a lot of smoothing going on. So not only did it miss a lot of spikes but it usually did not set properly, so generally at the end of my workout it was running lower, I was running up a hill and it did not reflect that on this watch. So the heart rate tracking on here, maybe Samsung, will release an update and make that more accurate. But this is for now a disappointing aspect of this watch so, guys overall, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2. Here, I think, is a massive improvement over fit one from last year because not only is it bigger screen and a better battery life.

I mean significantly better battery life but also the price point. A hundred dollars for the fit one means you could spend an extra thirty dollars and get a pretty legitimate, smart watch that had gps and had a bigger display and apps and stuff like that, and so dialing that price point down to 60, I think, is now targeting that price point a lot better here.

You know the sort of smartwatch functionality, they are, looking for weather, music controls, notifications, fitness tracking stuff, like that this is going to be a great device to buy and even though the heart rate sensor is very inaccurate right now, samsung is very likely to release an update for that and improve it over time but guys, comment down below what do you think about the samsung galaxy fit 2? I think it is pretty easy to recommend unless you really care that much about your fitness tracking accuracy. In which case, you probably want to buy something more expensive anyway, probably a Garmin device or something like that.

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