NEW AGAIN GUYS!! Unboxing the New Phone from Samsung Galaxy A03s-Indonesia - Galaxy User Guide

So i got a good idea in this video to unlock the Samsung latest entry-level smartphone and that this smartphone is said to be really interesting. Let's start the video, but as usual the bumper is [Music] Solo guys back to class. Today we will box the latest smartphone from Samsung, and the package will be sent by Samsung itself for us to discuss in this video. This time I will box the smartphone. Maybe in the next few days or a week a video review will be so. You guys just wait: okay, let's go straight to unboxing but we will move onto the camera above. Yes, this is the Samsung Galaxy A6 3S So at the beginning of the year, or to be more exact in January, we have repackaged, namely A02 es times.

Here comes a new one, Anol 3S, to be exact, around 89 months from Sia, 02, Es and now Langsu. Just open the unit, we will see what the difference is between a02 s . Here, Oh yeah, if on the back here, I wrote the variant Yes. This is 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory for the color. It is white for the code SMA 037, f, ok let s go straight to the part. We push it like that and here we get a small Fox which is usually the side of the booklet and the warranty card. So here we get the IMEI sticker, then here the smartphone unit is. That means it already uses USB type c, yes, entry-level. It should be like this, at least USB type - c has become mandatory since most smartphones now switched to it, and this has a cable. There is a charger adapter whose output is 7.8 or two.

What I think is too slow, and here there is a SIM tray, ejector OK at the bottom. Okay, so let's skip it, let us focus on Nikita's smartphone. The selling point is okay: There is an infinity-v display and a triple camera and fingerprint scanner. It is not on the side. So yeah, I think that's a good thing, and right away, there is Budi's smartphone. The body is plain white like this, but is textured. If you listen to it, [music] OK Here you can't see the Eppeton but what is clear is that this one is really rough and this one is plastic. The frame is like this and now it has entered the ender level. The gap is fine and the brakes on the sides are white, and this is really good finishing - and this seems to be fused with the backup cover.

Therefore there's no difference if it is combined and made in the top, there is only one microphone hole. I will try to figure out how fast the reading is then on the left is a SIM tray - slot, which holds it. So it's good that I gave you a choice of a triple slot on this smartphone, as it is an entry-level smartphone. Usually people actually need additional memory in a slot, and at the bottom there is an audio jack hole and here there is a microphone hole,. This is a Jsbc hole and it has a speaker on the bottom and we just want to blame the smartphone C. If it looks pretty from the front, right because on the edges it still looks white and white and immediately we want to start setting the C Samsung Galaxy a 03 ice, as usual, Don't go anywhere okay.

So this is the initial view of Samsung Galaxy Note 3S Okay Let's just go here. You can see the layer on the right as usual, so this smartphone is equipped with the MediaTek Helio p35 chipset, this fabrication being 12 nanometers while the selection of RAM itself is. What I hold is a 4/64 giga B fish and there is actually a 3/32 GB fish. What you're seeing right now is Edge Plus Resolution or 720 x 1600 pixels for this panel. Pls use LCD and feel at home with the screen or the surface area of the screen is 6.5. If you make this camera, This camera has a resolution of 13 megapixels,, main camera, 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel tower defensor camera, for the one on the front that is in a waterdrop notch like that. It has a resolution of 5 Mega pixels.

If you want to enjoy the fast charging feature from Samsung, you buy a charger that supports adaptive fast charging. Samsung, he's 03 here. If you make your own differences from the previous version or previous generation, the 02 Ice is on the chiptet where the 02 Ice uses Snapdragon 450, If it uses p35 for the CPU speed itself, it is claimed that the p35 is faster than the 4 50 Snapdragon. It's still the same for the camera and it's still the same for the battery rai,. The difference is that the option account is only in the Performance section where Ah 03 here is a little faster for the CPU than.

This is the car papsi for the graphics settings, So it's locked here until it becomes balanced medium, and if you take photos, you can judge from the results of the following photos and videos : [Music] Okay, here's a video recording from a Samsung Galaxy, a 03, my god. You could say go ahead and wait for a week with this channel. Some say maybe that's all for this video Thanks for those who have watched this video, don't forget to like and comment your friends, so that your friends can get useful information from the afternoon lecture. Thank you for watching this video until it runs out and see you in the next lecture..

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