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In this video, we go over must-have apps for Samsung Galaxy 18 II in the Samsung Galaxy 820 [Music], hey all. If you want to stay up to date on all the mobile technology coming out and learn, cool tips, tricks and hidden features, make sure you hit the subscribe button down below and tap the know button to turn on post notifications. We post new videos today and bring to you some of our favorite apps. I think you guys will love and just give you an even better experience with your phone, so the first app I want to show is an app called Samsung Smart Switch. If you don't see it on your home screen, just tap up and you should have a folder that has Samsung apps. We're gonna open the galaxy store and you're gonna type in samsung Smart Switch Mobile, and this is what is the app.

When you want your older phone you would go to Google, Play, Store and download it, and what this app you will be able to transfer all of information from an older phone or an older memory card to this phone very simple process. You simply walk through the prompts and you will be able to transfer all your data and get it to this phone. Even if it's text messages or pictures or video, whatever it normally can carry to your new phone can just about everything. You download this from the Google Play Store and this app is great because it is a note taking app that syncs across all of your devices, so I have multiple phones and tablets.

I can download this from anywhere, so I could just go in and I can hit the plus here to create a new note and I can do everything from a checklist by hitting checkboxes, I can take pictures and add the image into my note. If you have an inspiration, you can draw a picture, you can even record a conversation and it will save the voice track of the conversation as well as type out the recording, and the cool thing about this, too, is : I can go to my computer and type in keep and I can pull all those notes on my computer. So it is a very easy way to sync your notes across your phone, tablet or computer, and you can access it anywhere. You simply sign into your Google & Pay and keep Google calm. Mint is a really good app for keeping track of all your money.

It is a very secure app that you can sign into all your bank apps or all your bank accounts, and it will keep track of all your balances. Now I've been using this app for over seven years and I have a crazy story where I used to log in every day on this app, and there was a particular credit card I paid off, and I just happened to notice that there was a pretty large balance on this app to find out. So this is a great way for you to keep track of all of your accounts and make sure that if money is supposed to be there, it's there and if it is supposed to be transferred as transferred, so this is going to be mint free, app to download free app to use.

If you want to do that with an Android phone, you simply download Google messages, and this is the first message that comes up when you open the app and you basically have to set this app as your default app for messages, so I would say set as default. The way you connect to your computer is super easy. You just go right in the upper right corner click on the menu button right here and tap messages for web and then you will tap QR code scanner and on the computer, you're gonna glow this website, which is messages slash web. So once you open that website, it'll give you a barcode and then it links your phone to the computer or tablet and then you'll be able to receive text messages from the phone as well as the computer or tablet.

So you can message from any of the devices you have linked so very convenient and I love to use this on my personal devices as well. The number 5 app is going to be an app called Swift key Swift key is a SwiftKey keyboard. Actually, Swift Key is a really awesome keyboard application. That is a little bit more intuitive than the Samsung keyboard which is installed on it also. It gives you a lot of cool customization so you can change the colors. You can add some cool things, I'm going to show you how to set it up real fast. This is the first screen you'll see after download it click Swiftkey -press. OK, then select SwiftKey, you will have to switch the keyboard here and then under predictions.

If you want that extra feature enabled I'm not now- and you can fully customize the keyboard, so you can pick a theme, you can say: hey, you know what I really want. You know a keyboard that has colors I'm going to show you guys the keyboard I use on all my phones, because it just looks good and it has a good feel when typing. Think you do need to link it to one of these accounts in order to download certain keyboards I. Do you have this keyboard setup on another device so I can show you real quickly what it looks like. You also can have a little busy sound when you tap the keys which helps me type better. When I can hear this little sound every time, I tap the key so well that it could be. If I move away from themes, then I can adjust the size of the keyboard.

Maybe some of you guys, like a small keyboard, say: hey, no I need these keys to be nice and big to help me type better again, customize it to what works better for you and then you can also add a number roll. That is in the Galaxy Store called good luck. Good luck is a really cool app that will allow you to change the look of your latest apps section and will allow you to do some other cool things too. So you're gonna go on to that galaxy, app store type luck. From what I've been told, this is an app that's developed through update from Samsung, and there are additional features that they create for the phone that if you want added customization, you can do it all through this app.

They don't pre install it for the sake of space, so the app I use is called multi star, an app within good luck and what multi star does is allows you to do some cool things with Split Screen. These are sort of micro apps that are within good lock. You can do the little pages kind of like old-school look here or this is how iPhones look or you have this nice multiview that stacks the recent apps just like that so you've got some cool options or you can do a really clean design. So that's just one of the main things you can do with good luck. It is a great app for you to explore and really play around with and see how you want to customize your phone.

This is just a widget that will show up on your home screen, that will let you to retain basic notes that are great to have in front of you. So for example, I have a shopping list on here that I add to throughout the day so I have eggs milk butter, let's say I plan to go to the store tonight and I'm just kind of adding to this list and also every time I swipe over I'll see it so I won't forget to go and get those things from the store to ask. Once you install the app, you'll hold your home screen to tap on widgets and then you have to look for this option. That says that a sticky note would hold down on it and then you could drag it to your home screen.

You can resize it to make it bigger or smaller, depending on how big you need it and then just tap to add a note tap just a to do list and that goes. That's a really cool app that will just help you to leave mental notes for yourself. If you want to have three things then I have to do this week or whatever it's just great to have it on your home screen. It's gonna be an app called speed test. This is a great app to help you test the speed of your internet network.

You might notice that your internet is really slow in a particular area and that is very important note for you guys if you are ever in an area where it is slow I would tell you to turn your mobile data off or put your phone into airplane mode and then take it out of airplane mode, and that will usually reset your mobile internet connection and sometimes if the connection is bad, it might help give you a stronger signal if it is still bad. This is a great app to open up to actually test to see whether you're in the area that has low coverage. Now here's a little tip that a lot of people don't know when you use the Samsung App Store.

They have special deals in the cities you will not find in the Play Store so go to the Galaxy Store and search for Shutterfly Samsung has their own Shutterfly app. It actually says on the little description it's kind of hard to see but it says Shutterfly for Samsung and in this particular app they have exclusive deals that you can get because you are a Samsung user that you don't get if you are using the regular Shutterfly app. This is the exclusive feature specifically for Samsung users, as you receive unlimited free prints if you print in four by four or four by six sizes, so that you could have pictures of an upcoming or a recent event that you attended.

You could tap on this and select four to six allows access and then you can enter and add all of the photos from that particular event and for free to have it all printed. So for you guys who have loved ones that want to meet for a holiday. Save some time, guys, moving on to our next app. It's going to be an app called a robin hood. This is a really cool app for those of you who want to make a stock trade and it's an app that doesn't charge a fee to do so. You can buy and sell stocks and they don't charge you I want to say that for most of the trades they don't charge you now we gonna have a special link that you can click and if you use our link to down the app you actually get free stock and we get free stock.

So if you're interested in learning about trading stocks this is a great starter, app to download and again if you use the link in the description of this video, your free account is free again, and do not pay anything, you would get free stock and we would get free stock so kind of cool if you're interested, check it out, if not we'll, and move on to the next app. There are almost 25 different languages in the app and they basically have daily activities. So I can choose with this cool app, say i want to practice Spanish for five minutes a day. For example, this lesson and it will give me a bite-sized lesson that lasts me for 5 minutes, so it depends on how fast you want to learn and what you want to learn.

It's a great resource, and they have all those different categories of things that you can learn. Words I have set from my goal to be aggressive, so I try to do at least 20 minutes a day, and it's just a great way to sharpen your skills, learn new vocabulary. So this is a great app to use and again, on my personal phone i use it all the time and we have one last app for you and then we are done with the video and for those of you still watching thanks for hanging in there, I hope you are enjoying what we are going through. This last app is called my Vegas and this is a really fun app for those of you that like slot machines and that is why it's called my Vegas, which is basically for playing slots for free. You actually accumulate points that you can redeem at Vegas hotels for comps.

He literally took his entire family to Vegas with the comps he had now earned playing the slots. I don't know how long he played for, but for those of you who have slot apps like slots on their phone. This particular one actually pays you in a real way where you can redeem the points again for comps at different hotels, so definitely check this app out I played it for a long time and it's super fun, there are all sorts of cool games in it. So anyway, guys this has been our must-have apps for the Samsung Galaxy, a 10e and a 20s. You found the video helpful, make sure that you like it this year, if it was helpful, click that subscribe button and stay tuned for more videos. Please let us know what apps were your favorites and which ones you are interested in trying out.

We'd love to hear your feedback in the comment section below. Thank you for watching again..

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