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I have been asleep for about seven years and I'm new to this, but the smartphone is perfect, like Samsung Galaxy S7 plus fygg [Music] Yes, I can confirm that this cellphone is perfect etlis for me, which kills your experience even more, because I was very satisfied at first The. First time I hold this phone, I immediately say that it is really handsome. The language is usually not much different from the previous generation, but I prefer it like this. The camera frame, which is simple and can be contacted is also very fitting. In 2022 it succeeded in making it more manly but in the hand it does not feel sharp but it's comfortable. Also I used Gorilla Glass pictures that are Armor, an aluminum foil. It uses Gorilla Glass pictures on the front, but that's not the only thing.

lol and for you sakes x120e adaptive, refreshed resolution. The flash plus 6.6 gills I thought it would be too big, but when I use it it fits perfect in my hand. Recently I discovered that there is a smartphone with this thin bezel, so I can enjoy multimedia content, The screen quality will feel very immersive. Also there's no need to doubt that the color of the detail pan is very sharp and the brightness is up to 1700my. It's simple, it's used in the hot sun, like it can still show visuals with a vise The audio is also very serious, Flexi, especially loud and the bass feels great; there's another thing that needs to be done: I ordered an ultrasonic fingerprint, right? This is the fastest and most accurate fingerprint I have ever tried.

The performance is also really fast, even though it's super excited, netizens have been trying to get the MediaTek version,. But what is clear is that the Dragon agent composter is 108GB and can be upgraded to 8G H ai again with the Sandpaper feature and the 128/129 stories make this cellphone very good with specifications like that. It feels really light for SWT, that is a lot of Afdhal. The real impact you can just average 60 fps, but the optimal for accommodating SPS is on medium graphics so that it is smoother and the temperature at least doesn't feel hot and is newsted in the morning, If we look at the specs, the battery is smaller than the previous interaction, but the battery life that I get is very good for one full day.

It can be used without charging because I got Ashkelon it's about 7 hours and even then, with medium usage. My husband uses Zoom meetings to play games and it is also busy, so sweet the photos and battery can still be used for the day for charging. Bonia doesn't want to be complicated anymore, and can also charge wirelessly. It has been proven. The smaller battery capacity is not a problem at all, repent Erlavin, I got it, it has proven to be good and this makes the battery last longer.

First, cipsend parameter is proven to be fast, but it is also power efficient and also adaptive to reset, and third is of course the software has a lot of areas I like Wahyu, foreplay, Oh, it's based on Android 12 because it really spoils lux and features, Usher, I also haven't found a good one, and most important, Samsung also promised Prophet Yusuf Enno, four years of The plane is too concerned about the megapixel number because the results I get are beyond my expectations. I really set the tone very well and the immigration is wide and highlights are. The color saturation is slightly higher than original state according to my taste.

So if you want to edit or upload directly there is no problem even though the megapixel number on the ultra-wide lens is normal but the results are still good. How the color of the Antarctic lens is not blurry and the results are sharp though the gas is sharp. The main camera is a telephoto lens. It can be staged up to 30 times but in the cave. Building three times is more than enough [music] especially when it is used for red photos. The small ck is sharper, more feminine and the lighting is more certain Gowa, Brick [Music], while the front camera has a character that is a bit similar to the rear. Camera, wants to use it in the most optimal lighting or, if you don't want to, still send beautiful photos.

But when you use Forte Cave, it's more than enough to have a 30-fps FPS or Vodka. If it is a full key 20fps, he can only change because of the Ultra White lens. Try a little rawhide white catfish, [Music ] it's great while at the same time front is 4K at 60 fps resolution. There is no complaint, he also has a video portrait that you can give The Bokeh effect in the video is great. I'm happy with Starfruit and I do so as long as I use the Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus. It doesn't have any problems at all because it's already natural that there will be no motorcycle taxis in 2022 because Flexyflight also eliminates audio from a few years before. So it's natural that the rest of this cellphone is really good.

If you accidentally hit water there will not be a problem and the screen is the best. The performance is fast, the battery lasts long, etc. The camera is really good for photos and videos and fits the needs, If you need the Ultra variant, SPG, if you need something complex, then choose the usual extension. If you need it, it is normal I,'er, more certain SWT 12sho, that is all for the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus review. If you have any questions, just comment below later. We often get together and if you want it like tabby, Bang Nagasasra, the difference is I'm Farid, bye, bye, [Music], Hey, your dream, [Music]..

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