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New year, new smartwatch, it's normal [Music] Hello, Everyone is back with a computerized project review and right away in this video I'm shaking a new Samsung smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch for klaseken, which is one of the new watches for lines, because there are also for the Galaxy Watch. Likewise, the other Galaxy Watch is cheaper, which is also 3440133 million different sizes, if the plastic wasper I'm wearing in 46mm, currently. So it is a bit big while for some people the Galaxy Watch is smaller than this for size 46. You could say it hasn't made any significant changes except for the thinness of the device and shape of the buttons compared to Galaxy Watch three.

The shape is not much different from the two buttons on the right side, which are now shaped more like a box and don't miss the rotating bezel with sound. The screen is still glass using Gorilla Glass DX and there is IPSI certification for water and dust resistance, It's also good to plug it on and off, but on the other hand, Samsung actually chose to use a rubber strip like this, for me as a user. It is actually like a mighty leaf compared to last year's Galaxy Watch which was really good. I make as far I use rubber so that Oh Barry is easy to use. I also regret this stretch number 20 a bit, because I went back to the Galaxy Workstreet last year.

They used stretch to use a leather battery and instead of using the bracelet number 22 they bought Urap Paste member2 for seconds on the Galaxy S3 and now this is the new one, instead I'm using it 20, which means that my previous steps could not be used. So yeah, it was quite unfortunate in my opinion, but yes, I understand it is stable again. Speaking about the line features of the Galaxy Watch, including the plastic one, you could say it is a smartwatch, the most complete I've ever used, but before that I also have to say that I need a change that is quite fine, namely the software section. Samsung left the Taysen with this new watch, which is no longer in place, and switched to using Google's wear OS from first glance.

then like for shortcut widgets that can be accessed with Sweep or rotate to the right tomorrow. There is a notification on the left of another shortcut with a bribe from above and finally, the bottom is right. One of the advantages of using Wes is the number of applications that can be used.., vertical disclosure and Nias has a playstore. We have an application on our mobile phone and there happens to be a Smartwatch version. It has only smart things, Samsung, YouTube, Spotify, music and Google. The application itself is actually intended for sports or productivity shortcuts such as Google Keep or Microsoft Outlook.

So if you want to say there are more editor applications that can be downloaded including Watchface, there are a lot of them, but do they also use in my experience a lot, not outside of the number of applications and the like. From my experience, Galaxy Watch for classic is actually still running. Its function as notification tool is very good for smartphones. I mention the old demiglace Twitter that can all appear and can respond via a small keyboard, voice messages or quick response. When someone sends a photo, I can see the preview, and this fanfic does not change the blue tick. What they have on their phones for them, Stefan on WhatsApp, the phone goes smoothly, can be picked up via a cellphone or directly talk at the clock,.

We just forgot to install TWRP like that and Baidowi about the Galaxy Express Cikini phone that I am using now supports LTE aka can be installed Isim the actual installation It's really simple. If we follow the flow correctly and install, this Jang will be able to live independently without his cellphone,. We might have a picnic when the starfall is back with all sorts of things, This clock is for classic watch, Actually I am witnessing plates Z vol 3, but here I turn off bluetooth so that it disconnects. There is no connection between my cellphone and Jameel WiFi. The cz43 is just for demo, we're here with the history of yesterday's transfer to a short test. It is wrong.

Okay, so we can make calls around the clock without a smartphone - which may be helpful for some people - but maybe it's not as good as it seems. However, even though it is functionally an interesting feature, but because the effect is still very limited, its use is according to I, have the LTE or Isim feature on the Smartwatch. The original is still nice and not a must have, because yes, halfway by activating Isim on the smartwatch, you have to provide your own data package and credit so that it can be used as normal. It's also important to discuss tracking and health features.

The standards for providing calorie steps continue that all bodies have films, The body is still very large and quite precise when used to detect movement - such as when we use it for jumping jacks or squad - it still knocks and is then entertained. Samsung has also provided an ICJ or electrocardiogram feature. I can certainly measure it for my purposes, like the original device, which has a lot of wires, but at least it can be used as a reference. The basics may have been textiles, something that should not have been done, and after that we can consult a real doctor to know if something is happening or not. There is also a function to measure blood pressure. Also, those who like high blood pressure can also be measured through this clock.

So I'm not going to talk more about this feature and one other thing, of course, the smartwatch which missed images with tracking or sleep tracks for the detection as usual. It is quite complete, but there is an addition that is actually quite interesting and unique, and yes, it's important or not depending on each individual, all of which are here. If we, for example, activate glue we hear if it is detected when we sleep so there will be a graph as we can see there is even a recording of the sound. It's only like four minutes but at least this can describe that when we sleep it turns out that we are snoring.

Here are some recordings of the sound from now on in the experiment, so yes, it can be activated or not, depending on what we want and yes to skipping later at the end of the video I cashier, when the sound. By the way this actually records Mi, not after hours, but via smartphone, so it can be used. After sleeping, the phone must be approached by the user and placed on a flat surface such as. If there is a table beside the bed, one more before the conclusion, we need to talk about the battery because it is very important and for my Galaxy watch classic there are several use scenarios, for the first. The notification is always active on display is on a pi Isim I turn off this clock.

I can get about 32 hours, aka about a day and a half, whereas if it is always on display, it's shame to turn it off, but the notification stays on. The power is then longer for the next scanner, always on display The notification is also active, keep going and fill in other examples. The display turns on the contents of the battle notification flame. It's only about 18 - 19 hours Hi, it really is not even one day that the battery has run out and that's the scenario that I think is the most wasteful. For Smartwatches at the same price approximately, this is one of them that's, the most complete.

If you're looking for something smaller or a more minimalist designer l, Relax procedure ah, maybe you can see the Galaxy Watch for ID, which car goes back to each other's preferences and for those who want more info, He just spoke about the Galaxy leaking Persib versus Samsung Thanks for watching. You can look at Putri kwik again in the next video - okay too, and as usual..

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