Monster Review: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Indonesia!

Hello guys here, and this is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. I've been getting HP for a week, with the initial intention of continuing to use it permanently to replace the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus I've used for the last year, just a little flashback. The reason I can ask Samsung Galaxy S6 type for that long, Although there are many temptations from other cellphones which are no less good because I already feel the physical PWK of the cellphone as a whole, starting from the shape that fits really well in your food and then the water that feels comfortable to wear is good in the eyes and the camera that I stamp as social The media grade class is really good for taking photos and sharing it on social media.

I also added extension plus because that's why I have to admit that while using Estianty plus I feel some weaknesses that are the most present in the performance section, which is already loud. The name is also selected, but when I bandi I wish with some other flagships the numbers were not that high. At that time, we compared it when we tested the cooler for HP. You can already see that for me who seldom plays heavy games. The cellphone has the maximum performance, especially since the price cannot be said to be cheap. When Samsung Nalina stationeries, especially the Ultra extension that is the highest class, the part that I want to test immediately is in performance. 2100, which at that time was launched specifically for the move.

If we look at the benchmark numbers I got from three popular applications, the results are convincing. On the AnTuTu 8 benchmark of exynos 2100 with a score of 560 thousand. Desi 0990 gets 440 thousand digits, Benz 5 Exynos 2100 gets 1051 for single octa-core and create a temporary Multicor x09 9800 single-core 2. Mark Westlife, Exynos 2120 scored 53, hundreds if x3990 gets 4200n all xrank collection of 2100 Ultra Extension have a much faster performance than Exynos 9900 diestreni, plus the difference can be around 20% according to Samsung claims even better well. You can do it, namely for over a year as another flagship and paste it for the ice. Playing games also felt really smooth.

It's still good, especially in Ultra extension settings, which we can use, is extremely safe to check everything right and the SPS. In Hayes settings with the heaviest gasoline pressure, The best is that it's still extreme smooth, not because the chipset isn't strong enough to lift higher graphics, but because of the choice to play on stream or something else. There is no big possibility, because the game developer is still not optimal. Yes, basically, I'm relieved with this chipset because this is the part I hoped for from the start, if it doesn't develop it's a bit grisly in the afternoon. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S tention Ultra has also brought many upgrades in other parts.

If compared to the extension yesterday I used the penel on the screen that I still use the AMOLED type I am sure this is a Samsung flagship that can produce super-rich colors and the maximum brightness level is brighter at 1500 minutes so that outdoor use can be more comfortable with the fixed resolution, byxdy plus aka, 1440p or gecko, and this 120hz re-fill rate,. The difference is that the 120hz refresh rate on the s21 Ultra is not always stuck on the screen. If we scroll more and where the smoothness of the screen motion is very important, 120 mode should be active, but if we type or watch YouTube pictures or videos that are stuck at 60fps or even let the cellphone hang out, don't forget to turn off the screen.

There is no movement so the screen speed will decrease to a minimum of 11 frames per second to save batteries as we will not feel the effects of this Ultra Extension, It feels more flexible in the system and one more thing. We are now given the option whether we want to activate high or high refresh rate or both. Yesterday, I could only choose one. I personally still choose one, not both, except Gabut. If you want to spoil your eyes watch YouTube videos in high resolution while on this is High Resolution mode. When you don't use int, scrolling, I have lowered the resolution to flash, plus this has continued to save the adaptive refresh rate that goes through 120hz Abby, but I still really appreciate the choice to activate both.

This is Samsungs effort to make the phone loud I can maximise if I get a full day of screen on time, which I get for about 6 hours,. If I use it for Google Maps, half an hour, she eats nine percent when I use it to play the Regency Nintex game. Half an hour runs out 10-12 percent, If Tengkek Mobile Legends game is an hour to eat. 10% is also possible by simply playing a jingle yes, but if you play a super simple game like Chess for 42 minutes, let it be Eat. When watching Mister Jogos's video which compares the standard battery to another Ultra Exsif, the system is switched to the next. It is both cooler than the aesthetics of the Iris Pro.

The camera shape is different from the design of Samsung's cellphones, which feels like the same part of the frame makes me remember the character of the board in a cartoon like this or like a detector. This Dragonball power level is unique and the back of the Ultra extension also feels luxurious. The thick Dove glass material from Gorilla Glass pictures plus the black color combination is stupid,. One of the Samsung cellphones with the coolest design makes you want to be photographed and uploaded to social media.

So now I'm showing off the part that I'm not comfortable with from the design of the Samsung Galaxy S7 10 trainee, yes, the size and weight for me are quite excessive even though my hands are already big, but it doesn't feel like a PDA to turn off the cellphone for long, It is a bit stiff - the screen size is 6.8 inches plus the net weight of 227 grams, without the casing. If we add a casing from Samsung that has Sp, it makes the weight. If added to the total it can be 270 grams more for me personally. It doesn't feel right and I'm sure this weight and size will also be considered for most candidates, others users, before making a decision to purchase or not. If you have decided to buy it because of the large shape and the heavy weight.

Not a problem because there are even some people out there who feel at home. Use the Samsung Galaxy fold which is bigger and heavier, but they like it yes, enjoy the collection of yells. If, for example, you are ready with a large cellphone size because yes, the Ultra extension also has a reason why it looks like this slime, so the girl who was already clearly large must have a big battery. Last night we also spent, like this afternoon. It makes us feel like we have a Note series cell phone, and the large shape is also necessary, so that the camera system can be more fierce, more complex later on about the camera. In more detail, we will discuss the essence of today. If you want more technological features it must still be wrapped in a more body.

I hope also that one day, maybe 23 years in the future, it can be wrapped in a more complex form now with the technology as good as this Ultra Station, which can all be evenly distributed. Just like in SMTown Paris, everyone uses one.ui three straight from the box. Luckily, I have been trying one piece for a long time, because xplenty plus. This has also been updated to female three, but it's still appropriate for a while to be free, because it looks hard.

Saudi is clean again from the previous version I clicked the action section, which was shifted so further down so that the reach is better, If we want to make widgets, some applications can be faster by holding the shortcut for a moment, and then the volume leader can also display the full settings for each sound, such as media, ringtones and alarms. What I mentioned earlier was only the top Tri, because Deni is already quite long and we haven't discussed the camera yet. A real DSLR-System has a lens, yes. If there is a school telephoto lens, that means the zoom between 1-10 will be consistently sharp. But if there is a 10x zoom lens on a cellphone, for example, it will only be used to zoom 10 times or more.

Up if down - For example - three times seven times - the cellphone camera will still use the main lens, which is zoomed only once in Hybrid is the term used for those who understand photography. The type of lens is still fixed and has ice. Ultra has a lot of fixed lenses whose mm is long so that the division can be easier : the main lens for Zoom 1-2 points nine times a triple lens for zooming up to 99 times and 10 times for zooming up to 100 times, so it is consistent in the quality of the photo itself. My name is still the same as the Galaxy S6310 camera robot, social media trends are pretty good for uploading to social media, to Ig, YouTube, to ig, to tik, tok, and others. If we turn on the settings the colors are even richer.

The details are already available and the quality is still good when we're in low light on the MOSFET. It is in line with what we hoped for with Samsung's sexy camera. The cellphone will automatically lock the subject we want to photograph to avoid that the image runs off because if Zoom is far away, it shakes a little. The Single Take feature that allows us to get many types of photos and videos with only one. Click, can now give us more types of photos and videos than the previous version. Also directors. At the same time, we can first see it, so we can know before recording something. It is good to use which lens, but you don't need to try it.

If we want to go crazy, recording with the back camera is also possible using the 24fps recording mode, which makes the detail of the image sharper. If we don't need fpi resolution because of the altitude and it consumes a lot of data, we can also activate the mode on all cameras for t60p. If it is like this, it seems like just joining the three hi hi hi, hi, hi, hi, hi and front camera. Of course you can already do 60 SPS if you are not too surprised, because Samsung's front camera has always been pretty good for recording video, For example from the last section, It seems that if you continue to the Ultra extension it is soccer, but it really is full of features. But if you think about it, if you wanted to use a cellphone like that, you still haven't bought it.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra recommended? This cellphone must be included in the list of the design. The final quality of the screen is the best, fast and sharp, as well as the performance which can be compared to the village champions. There is no special reason why this cellphone is not recommended, except for one thing which I mentioned earlier which was clear from the start. When we saw the cell phone or heard the name Ultra, the shape is big. This also made me decide not to use the Ultra extension as a Deli driver. Pwk., maybe later I'll try the Ordinary Extension to continue the search for the next Deli driver, so drive gadgetin for the Samsung Galaxy S10, one Ultra black lens coating here dislike dislike and we'll meet again in the next video yo yo..

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