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Assalamualaikum, everything is back on the same lips, here it is, and in this video, according to this promise, we will discuss the Samsung Galaxy Note series smartphone that experienced a price reduction as of September 2021, I'm curious. What cellphones are there, let us go into here : The first Galaxy Note series that has fallen in price is the Samsung Galaxy Note and, like Jehu on the president of Samsung, Electronics Indonesia said that the flagship Galaxy Note cellphone has become the aspirations of Indonesian consumers who crave a quality update to carry out daily activities with high mobility and rather heavy dynamics. The point is that Samsung has granted the wishes of the Indonesian netizens who want a lot of cells when it comes to phones.

But the problem is that on your replacement night to buy further, the Galaxy Note Enlight has a 6.7 inch screen with fxdd + Super AMOLE resolution. This device has a 12 megapixel, White Angel camera with evercore f137 and dual pixels autofocus Ultra White 12, megapixel camera with abajo FT 2.2 and a 12 megapixel telephoto lens with or cure 2.4 and OS support with 32 megapixel resolution, selfie camera. Instead of using the same processor as the Galaxy S, T, L, Samsung Galaxy Note LED chooses an Exynos 9810 processor with a battery capacity of 4000 500 MH and Android 10 are priced at 8122018, 128 GB. At the relevant time, the price has dropped to around 1.3 million,.

It is considered for specifications six million 900 rupees and the updated Samsung Galaxy Note Enlight price is here because the painting on the next Samsung Galaxy Note1 Ultra is enough to sticht it, which at first glance looks like it has large dimensions. This is normal, considering that it is the most sophisticated version and has the highest specifications in the Galaxy Note series, the white catfish, measuring 6.9 inches with a body ratio of 91.4 percent, the same as other Samsung prostitutes. Note1 Ultras comes in two versions of the Snapdragon 805teen chipset for the United States market and sc09 90 for the global version of, of course Indonesia gets the Exynos version.

Actually there is no problem with the performance of the 0990 action, especially when paired with 8 GB RAM, Lpddr5 and storage in Ufs tripoin Oh, which has a capacity twice that of Aswandi Ultra, which is 256 GB, which is used to play games ranging from mobile legends to pubg mobile with high graphics settings. The way to paint is a little lacking. Another feature is the performance of other features, namely the fingerprint sensor industry on the Galaxy Note 10. You both use ultrasonic technology, but the idea of finding the case that Not infrequently these HP users have to put their fingers longer, sometimes up to a second more, until the screen lock opens up for 16122018 256GB.

Now the price has dropped to around 5.2 million raised 11000000 799,000 rupiah for the specs and price of the Samsung Galaxy Note Sony The latest Ultra has the following design: [Music] Nike tablet Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which has been officially launched in Indonesia since 2017 as a light product. It is certain that Samsung has high expectations that Samsung Galaxy Note Edge can captivate the hearts of Indonesian consumers. Samsung Galaxy note1 hopes not only to inspire people in Indonesia, but also in the world. This was provided by the President of Samsung Electronics Indonesia. Because they want to be able to inspire people in Indonesia and the world says Zenfone, Samsung has increased the capabilities of its latest Galaxy Note xtandi.

This new capability includes the smaller digital pen tip and the number of Conan applications increased from six applications to 10 features and applications. Another interesting thing about this smartphone is that Samsung is the first place to use a dual camera and a number of other supporting technologies. With a price of 399 thousand rupiah for the variant 6/256 GB. At the time of release, the price was around 7.2 million, which is considered 6299575. The updated phenotype is in the Tanlife Plenary Center, This time it is the Samsung Galaxy Note and the flat glass Innocence series is the Galaxy Note series. The difference between the two is in terms of screen size and some aspects of the specifications.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Plus uses the Exynos 9820 5 chipset, with an internal memory capacity that can be extended. The most noticeable improvement is in Samsung features text how the Samsung Galaxy Note s sunblast has been able to move files easier to a PC, drag and drop and the cellphone can still be used as usual, connectivity between PC and smartphone is also promised to be more concise in a sea of mirroring or di play notification messages and call notifications as additonal info. It turns out that the Samsung Galaxy Note plus has a special edition of Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker, released back in 2019 for those of you who really like old movies. But this time you should have the other Samsung Galaxy Note iTest at 1604, 2014, 12/2 hundred 56 GB at the time of release.

Beat [Music] has not met Mr. Erick Thohir before the video to the last product in demographics, First let me know if it is on TV In the next video we will discuss Samsung Galaxy HP, price rules which are famous for having the Galaxy S series features but at a cheaper price. Now, the Samsung Galaxy Note series, which has experienced the highest price drop, is the Samsung Galaxy Note night smartphone with an FM digital pen which is claimed to provide the latest performance, which is able to accommodate unlimited creativity and entertainment productivity, The Samsung Galaxy Note main advantage Nine lies in the van with bluetooth connectivity, which enriches its functions.

Research says that 58 percent of ordinary users use smartphones to access applications related to work and productivity and more than a third of users reportedly state that they / they balance work and personal life by using two variants of 6GB RAM and this card. Games coupled with a cooling system feature so that it is more maximal eight percent of when playing games Samsung also cooperates with fortnite PC games so that users can enjoy these games through Android devices, and it is claimed that Samsung is the first Android device that can play fortnite games, but that used to be, guys, before the fire nation attacked other games, there was Mobalejen..

The afternoon was also not less maximally played by using the Samsung Galaxy Note Mini so that the note series approached gamers for quality. Playing games can reach 60 via it depends on the game being played, can support up to 60 Vyas or only 30 Vs and with a 4000Mah battery. Maha users can play games for five to six hours priced at 17142921, slim apple, Unand, GB. At the time of the release, Vera went down a great price of 9.5 million raised to 8500000 rupiah for the specifications and the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note Minecraft Dead has the following design: [music] Previously. He rhymed for the last time, huh, huh I don't know. The writer is having fun with, but before that he doesn't get tired of reminding you to always check the website.

So you don't miss the latest information on the latest gadgets, developments, Swalow sandals on Ciao Bella's Ferris, wheel, [Music]..

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