ML & Revew Samsung GALXY book flex (indonesia) - Galaxy User Guide

Hello Guys I want to review Samsung Galaxy Books Club, which was released yesterday. Yesterday the nursing three was clear. Now I want to review this as long as it's been around for 5 months, so we are just opening it, OK, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, as long as hey. What's great about this laptop is first of all that it's delicious, it's simple, then the screen is really simple, Actually, the cream is 10 touchscreen so you can use games,. The specifications are verte processor. I am using Qori 5 - Ram. Later at the end of the video we change our clothes for 1, tera I also bought it. 1Tera Memory is running. Try the direction, hi juve, always success. Friend, the cellphone has also bought the 1tera ssd memory. We will disassemble the laptop.

First test try, play test game, I play games using bluestacks. Let's open the brush first, let's play the mobile, Legends, Hi loading, oh yeah. Let's open it immediately, checked Mobile Legends,, hi, uh, hi, just installed mobile legend. We'll immediately return the laptop, it's ready, it's cool, it's great, hi! It can be folded, it can be reversed and it's really good - just start. If you make this picture, the money is perfect. It's really stereo because the right and left speakers are really good, but it's really different if you play with a triangular cellphone deck car like that. We have taught the balmond auto to die, OK. [Music].

It can be 10, it can be 10, so you are already 10, like a cellphone. It is really good, just try the glass engraving. Come on, that's it, great, factory, kyt, dragbike, [music], hi, it's important! Let's continue to play and. Hello everyone, let's test the drawing. What's the name, using paint, right here, there's a pen, and later we will test the drawing. Let us test the drawing; let us try back again. The bestek is first ex-exec e boss, Let's try the pictures in photoshop first, okay, here it is at Craftstudio. Here, a note opens instantly. So if you want to unify, send a message like that to whom, it will be later sent to. Press the middle button. Hey hi, I remember the middle button. Oh yeah come on to stock up bye..

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