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Hello, s21e is launching the fake fast cell phone whose specs are instantly confused as to who the target market is. Isn't it because the specifications on paper aren't tempting, because I see that the target market is in contact with many Samsung cell phones, which were released first in 2021 and have proved successful,. [Music] that enters from the design used to be muddy and wet,. The camera module shape was mis21 without any accents in material and color, but it blended in with the body like a 52 SPG, while it is a little more complex than the a52f Fauzi, but the class is larger than the regular s21. The s21e has an aluminum frame in terms of color choices. Yes, I prefer the evil s21e and the hangout is more premium than the a52f, while the size is larger than s21.

So for lovers of compact smartphones, s21 by the last answer, if you like more God, you have quotes, or it is funny, yeah 5 2 next performance is an important way,. The advantage is that you can play longer because 78 species how to use the battery and it is cooler than the exynos 2100i in the regular s21e vs. 21. Then the Exynos 2100 is here, how is the experience of The Eve and the regular ds21 a bit similar. You do not have to be grandiose to play with Minel whitelight buggy gadget, Andi Suwangan 28 : Just Dayat Don't play cwdm every day - impact - gasoline for elwave, Hand, I got phenomenal battery life and the price is much cheaper, while talking about power,.

If what you are looking for is alkaline battery life, tutoring is cheaper, battery lasts longer, steady, s21e V I can only shoot MP3 up to just five hours, including gaming, for a while a52e there, no need to ask on and on, Bro 778 G It's really solid about that, even though battery capacity is the same as s21e [Music] In a moment. For those who like to ask, someone wants to pass, where to buy and sell a second cellphone Of course, the trusted. Seller's cellphone has a good reputation and those who have my own friends. The goods are complete, not only cellphones but also many other interesting gadgets like anti-mainstream ones. There are all mobile friends, not only Felly Tokopedia but also in Shopee, Bukalapak and Akulaku.

Don't forget, too, to follow the social media of your mobile friends on IG, Tik, Tok, YouTube and Facebook to get the latest updates on gas g Hey. The regular s21 is more complete with features including recording video Okay and the sensor capabilities of the telephoto lens are better, especially when we want to zoom, but the s21e V is surprisingly good also. How come the Ultra White camera has a wide 12 MP coverage and has good results and fans are quite wide and relatively sharp in good lighting conditions. The main camera is excellent, especially in terms of sharpness and Mike. Lynch moto can still be good under difficult lighting conditions such as semi-, bekleed or indoor lighting, even with telephoto as long as it is three times the optical zoom.

The results are already flexyflight, don't forget to both OS bro, great [music], Hi Love have. The phone is also good, can use the main and telephoto lenses and vice versa. The objective image quality of the order is in line with the normal auto mode with a fairly neat background. The turning on white helps the exposure to increase the sharpness of the image and to reduce the les noces. The lack of improvement is in the process, which is quite long even after finishing the initial jacket. The experience was like this, more or less, with white modding outlawed was still good, but if the details are SWT, yes, because basically the opening is narrow and in megapixels it is just stuck at 8 megapixels.

The main problem with the photos is the oversaturation of color on the bus, although there is definitely something wrong with it. I like mature photos like this, I, believe that if you watch a little it will suit my taste. Still okay even in dim lighting conditions and the imitation is quite wide, even though it is clearly inferior to the rear camera, The video is again cute in terms of stabilizer and quality. The PS and gadgets don't decrease, actually when it comes to video. Samsung is rarely rice fields, especially in entry level meetings and above and don't forget the front. Camera can also record Abdul forte 60 SPS like that. 8 million can record a revolution on the front camera Porsche 60fps, steady and crazy [music] for the third screen.

Smartphone This is just as good by great and the amoled screen generation is 52 ice different from the usual S21e v or x21, but subjectively I don't really feel it Hi. Everyone both are good, typical of Samsung AMOLED water but it seems that in s21e, we can only choose fresh between 60/120 heads,. There is no dynamic option like in s21, though it is the same and for the sake of kamole to action. Essentially, there is no need to make decisions based on this screen. Unless you want something else at least Feel free to choose, 52 ice, the smallest normal s21, the middle one is 6.4. This s21e Oh Yes, the usual s21e vs.

21 screen is already protected by Gorilla Glass pictures, while the a52 Ice Gorilla Glass 5, the rest of the specs are the same All three already have IP67, as well as Happiness 833. I already use a serum speaker whose quality is like a figure :. If you want to use the SD card slot, which only has hardware support for A52F, the three of them Hajj and out-of-the-box. Cool, Samsung is updating the Android version. ufs 3.1 is now the regular s21e vs. 21 then about the price on the cheapest online market. Turn it off for typing or Tajwid like pretending to buy? Which one do you need? The s21e V is a regular s21 with a larger size, but the hangar is similar to Galaxy A5 2sw.

Searching for Samsung phones with the same Luk, keep using the meetings that are all stable and have solid battery life, and you do not mind the camera a little below, but luckily you get a much better price, it is better to take the Samsung Galaxy A5, 2s, I. You can take a peek at other vendors who sell smartphone with Snapdragon 870 IC., [Music], set alarm..

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