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Hey eat the phone, use of course, select back the iPhone or Samsung [Music] j100 with the afternoon lecture. Okay It is a Samsung Galaxy S 22, and this is iPhone twelve. Yes, both smartphones - This price is similar to 12 million,. So the question is which one is between the two Okay made it, eh? These two are similar to the Samsung Galaxy S2 white, the price for 128 GB is 12356789. For the iPhone 12, 64 GB is 12 and half million, the 128 GB is 14 million and for the highest or highest. It still seems that the iPhone 12 is still more expensive than your Samsung Galaxy S2 and before anyone asks why?! Wouldn't you compare it to the iPhone thirteen? The first reason is that you do not have the unit and the second is the 128 GB variant, just from the iPhone thirteen or iPhone 13.

Let's continue, in terms of design,. Just according to your taste, both are made of glass and also have their own characteristics that you can see immediately if what smartphone you are holding I personally prefer SWT. Why? Because this design looks more expensive when you line it up with an iPhone. Twelve different stories are when it comes to the pros, because the iPhone Pro series has a crazy finish and the luxury files are just fine, but whatever your choice in design is. It is merely a matter of taste because of this assessment. Both of them have a 6.1-inch screen area and the bezels are balanced on both sides and both have an aspect ratio of 19.5 to 9 which feels like fat from the image. Both are good, but in my eyes I see the colors of the iPhone.

12 are lighter and your Samsung Galaxy S2 is l. The color is more out. Or you have an iPhone 12 which is normal in colour and the Samsung Galaxy S 20 which is too oversaturated for saturation. I find it better for me personally to watch than iPhone 12. It does not mean that the iPhone 12 has a bad screen, but if you have to decide where it is good to me, my choice is still Samsung. Moreover, in this area the Galaxy S 22 is also superior. The refresh rate is already 120 Hz and shows a brighter screen brightness at 1300 next, compared to 1200 mics on the iPhone to add. The advantage of the iPhone on the screen is, of course, you : the screen density which is up to 460 PPIC, while your Samsung Galaxy S2 is at 425 PPIC.

I can see it only that it is, my eyes can see that both of them have the same detail in the picture. The only difference is the brightness of the screen and the refresh rate. For the security system the Samsung Galaxy S 22 face unlock and a fingerprint on the screen, while the iPhone 12 Face ID for face unlock and face ID on this iPhone can I played it, and it was already at a different level. Only the white Samsung Galaxy S2. This is also pretty because there is a fingerprint scanner whose reading speed is already very cute. Hey, okay! The configuration is like this Snapdragon Edge : one versus aborting beyonics. Of course, there are different generations, yes and obviously Snapdragon bro.

The difference between the two won't feel like, They are equally comfortable to use both Samsung and iPhone for their own RAM, 8 GB on Samsung and 4 GB on iPhone I. The daily management of 4 GB of RAM on the iPhone is also quite good, so even. It will still balance the 8 GB Samsung Play Mobile Legends a little bit if you want to open a lot of applications. Divas get here both the right-aligned settings, aka transfer 100% high. This is safe to use on both of them and FPS you get. This is also stable, continue for PUBG This mobile also has both the highest settings namely extreme edyar and Ultra XD Frame Rate Ultra carscoop on both defaces. It's definitely safe, as there are many flagship smartphones that it is impossible to miss.

This feature: Continue playing petrol, mp7, Raja I feel more like the airport in Bayonne, on the iPhone This 12 is faster than the Snapdragon in Kennedy, the Samsung Galaxy S fenty seriously. The frame rate on the iPhone 12 is stable for a long time than the Samsung Galaxy S2 NTT, which takes only 5 minutes to complete. For up to 20 minutes there is no throttle on this iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy S2 Institute battery has been reduced by eight percent. The battery is reduced by eleven percent. This is the effect of battery health on my iPhone 12, which is already 88 percent. If you look at it, the screen on the time table on each of these iPhone 12 devices lasts for five hours, 43 minutes, while Samsung Galaxy S Fenty is five hours.

39 minutes similar to the charger itself, the Samsung Galaxy S 22 Dadi is 25 Watts, while the iPhone 12 is 20 Watts for speed in the first 30 minutes, the headset was able to charge up to 54 percent Then After an hour, the Samsung battery was already charged to 80%, and the iPhone was 80% full to full charge. This SDN Tito took one hour 10 minutes, while the iPhone 12 took more long D1 hours, 35 minutes. The charging speed of this iPhone has been lowered. What is the possibility to extend the battery life? While this iPhone can receive updates 5-7 times, its major, which means that this iPhone 12 can get updates until the year 26 or 2027. The absolute advantage of the iPhone is unquestionable.

Samsung Business is equipped with a triple camera setup, while the iPhone 12 is equipped with a dual setup. If this is for key for G30S PS the result is this, is the stabilization of the two still the same? If this is an example of front camera the results from Samsung are more perverted, while the iPhone 12 is wider. Also it's better to see it, only if it is a color problem, I prefer Samsung. The iPhone is too yellow and the immigrants feel less magical Hi. I know that, but it's because I'm modifying. It's like now that Autoclear was on the iPhone : OK, OK. Also, with the 12345677 smartphone these both have their own pluses and minuses.

One thing are separate between the two - yes I do need to suggest : This is an iPhone to dive into the ecosystem because it's really good I just used iPad and the airport Thank you for those who have watched this video, don't forget to like comments and share with your friends so that your friends can get useful information from the afternoon lecture, okay? Those who had watched this video to the end have arrived MPA in the next lecture. Bye choose which one is Android, iOS [Music]..

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