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Hello hello everyone back to me Vega Okay, in this video, I'm still with the Samsung A520 I want to share with you This time. I want to give you the latest 16 tips and tricks about Samsung, A5 2017 and hide about the Samsung a520 Kin, you don't know it or you've never tried it. Okay, let's move on to the first one. Menu, Drinks, Your Settings, just choose the notification Hi, Here there is a short pop-up setting. That is a pop controller, right? Usually someone talks, press it again. If, for example, WhatsApp or there is Social Media around, Oops, Facebook or whatever application notifications usually appear as that, we can customize. Take a break, love hotel like this or an eclipse, Hi Toei, Eclipse or spotlight, Hi However, if I'm a civilian, the fireworks are more natural.

We can change the color, for example a woman wow sisso. The color is green red '' hi - It looks pretty orange, OK, so that's a feature called a short pop setting, hi hi. The second is the animation scale. The animation scale is used to speed things up. Using a good example we open and close the application. If we open the application the application immediately exits without animation, it's an easy way for you to set the settings and then you activate developer mode. Select your device information son, in this software information, you are seven times for the version number. Hence, there is no need for Developer mode to be activated. I have also activated my developer mode. If you have not been active, follow my method.

If you have selected the developer option, activate it. Now you check the blue color. , just select it directly to the animation scale, writing Hey, mangadati, one style, animation, window animation transition and the duration of the animator. So you move the three or choose the 0.5 if the default is the one. To open the application and to close it, you simply feel it. For example, here I try, for example opening Instagram immediately pops up,. There is no such thing as a delay for animation. So try YouTube, it's a good riding on the motorbike or I open the gallery. Now twing comes out or I open. What do I open? Twingle second come out and for connection speed it depends on your signal, yes.

If that is the Arema Scale on the Animation Scale, it is only for the opening and closing of the application. The third is the always displaying setting by the soundtrack like this hi. A notification appears like this. When our screen is turned off a lot of the time. You already know but I want to tell you again: I teach you guys to open jukes, Hey nah here, just select the name: uh Hi, lock the screen. Now you can lock again on this screen. The name is always on display, manehna, HW soundtrack, click, If you activate it, you can immediately or you just click here to set it first. Here are three options for setting yes, for notifications or appearances.

It is fun to appear so we can play Activate Nisa only for 10 seconds always on display, so that our battery doesn't waste too much I think it's over because of your wife's reason, Just turn off the sound for 10 seconds,. If I always choose to show what I'm wearing a Samsung A520, right, there is no LED of notification so I select it, which always shows, so I'll. Let the lesson display continue like this 60, or show it - The best feature is like the style of clock. Imagine the color is like this. The fourth is the WhatsApp application. Key, scholarship, 10000, yes, the key to the WhatsApp application is for this woman, There is no such thing as an application, lock, feature. The way is then to just install WhatsApp application,.

Now the WhatsApp application, you open it, you go into the settings. In this fingerprint lock, follow the settings. I think this is me so you first activate it and you immediately choose the one that locks automatically, because when you want to close WhatsApp application and you want to enter again, it quickly asks you to lock again Hi Well. You don't have to wait a minute,. So that is the feature of the fifth WhatsApp application. There is dual messenger, now two - Messengers -, so for example, we can make our messenger application two like WhatsApp here and have made it mine. Facebook Messenger and Telegram Now later. That is an application called Messenger on my cellphone, Samsung a520,.

It just goes to settings and then you select advanced features, now you just select it in this advanced feature. There are four messenger applications, yes there is the power of the facebook telegram and its own messenger. Facebook, Messenger, yes I, here, only want to activate WhatsApp, when Ivan is here. Facebook is the same, install it with Telegram. Now, let's install it, let's check Facebook. So when you open both Facebook, you only need to ask to log in,. I asked for a new legend or a Telegram Also I made a telegram which grouse, this APK doesn't use medicine. You need just login, which is Okay, so that is a feature of the Dual Messenger. Probably the sixth is the navigation bar We can remove it so that we change it to a gesture for operating our mobile phones.

I don 't like the name of the navigation button on the Commerce. It's like this, so you just open to settings, and then choose the one that looks like this scroll down here If you guys want to guess the previous menu, then it's just fine. If you want to go from bottom up to your homescreen menu, you just scroll, including snf - fulfill, just hold it like that. Okay, Memories left. There's no name What's the navigation button looks cooler, it doesn't exist. The navigation button again with the right hand, e Hey. That's the movement and the gesture at least, he has, he has, Now this movement and restore, there are several things. I want to tell you guys, just choose the advanced feature: here. There is something called movement and gesture.

There are now several modes, of moving and sliding. What are some tips for you guys that you can see Neng lifts up to activate, for example, I am activating for example? If we put our cellphones down again when we pick up the cellphone it will immediately turn on, Then it will automatically start and you can use our VCD or our fingerprint instead. Turns on and can be opened using Chitato's fingerprint,, the first cheese,, second cheese. There is a moment, hmm, tap 2 times to turn off the screen, try to make both yes. When we see that our cell phones are born automatically, stay alive and die.

This is it we can set it if you play Messenger for example, Whatsapp, how about watching this movie? We can make this one so the screen stays alive when seeing ; So if you tap two times to turn the screen on or off, I'll give you an example. The screen will turn off Hey Thordi definitely. There's a death to live for, pin again, guess again Now. We just have to open it with a beautiful fingerprint, the code for the features OK, so the third one below is a warning when the phone is lifted. Silence with a gesture or swipe. Your palm to take this, usually below is a screen shot of WhatsApp damage, palm of the hand, Hey no,. This is a motion and swipe feature. This is the main Le that has an application drawer.

So the application is inside the homescreen, This is the entire application on the Samsung a520 mobile phone, front player or main screen, right. This is only a partial application, but now I use the settings, but you can also choose the settings where the application is in front of all the other options, so that you don't have to enter Sweep like this to open the application. So it's easy, you don't go to settings and then tap Just, look at the one on the front screen. You just choose it, okay hey sorry for the short pause, Then just choose to go to this front screen. Here we can customize what I just selected with the front screen, and the existing application is born. Monsieur, we open the application. Our application brought up. Normally you just use the front screen now.

Also the applications are all on the front screen... If there is a menu right out front of the main home screen, you don't have to go back in the application menu. The 9th is a feature of the side button. Hahaha This button is side tomb. Ol, this side we can customize. The first thing that you guys open is the settings then go to the advanced features. This advanced feature is called a side button,. We can now customize this side button, for example press twice for Bigsby face or open or quickly. As an example, the application gave God a prompt instance of opening the camera. Now it's as if Gage is turned off, Yes, I press twice and still Hi. He goes straight to the camera menu. OK he goes straight to the camera menu. Then immediately he opens Bixby.

We can choose the Power, Off, Reset or Emergency mode, or we can choose to activate it. It's as if J.Lo Bixby is already off when Bigsby comes to the rescue. If I normally select the sweet one, turn it on, turn off the power It is like a normal cellphone,. Genetics, red klatens, here, there's something like this, white line, white line, both Tibetan, I, scroll. Then go to the fb panel,. You can open up the settings for the YouTube Chrome Messenger. We simply drag it down, we change it or I want to open it. Let’s just be healthy, let’s just test which one. There's a second ROM gallery that I just added, it's a feature of the 11th ETS panel at gmail which is the screen recording and screenshot setting. Deep is also useful for those of you who want to capture the moment of playing your game.

The screen is logged by the default feature from Samsung. Then you choose which advanced feature. Here is a screenshot and you can click on the screen recorder. If you activate your screen image, tool, hide it. When you activate the status and the navigation, delete the screen image at the same time as Ghost, activate the navor format, Draw, the screenshot for your eyes always choose JPG or JPG so that the quality is better now, and here is a screen Recorded and the sound of our mouths - chattering is also heard. We change the sound to the media sound and check the microphone sound, it is the same as the video quality, I always recommend 1080P or full FB, so that the display from your screen recording is sharp, So we can hide the application on the Galaxy A5 2016 you open it in hi.

Then select your front screen Now you scroll only your front screen until here is the hide application. We can choose which application we want to hide. The application I want to hide is the YouTube application. Let's see YouTube right, so I will shut up using the alphabet. The text is in the top left corner, starting from the letter a, That's a feature of hiding the application. What is the name of portrait mode? We don't have to activate it, so it automatically rotates. It's then landscape mode like this Hi, it's modern every time,. The straight model is the southern landscape. If you want to open the application you simply scroll the screen. These are the applications on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 cellphone, so the main home menu application is like that.

It's actually like Portrait Mode It's a new thing, the landscape mode is also good to play. You guys play it like this, order Escape, There is also an application for all landscape models, So here I changed the setup, which was originally from above and now I'm okay from front. Let's continue on 14th it is a feature of multitasking, we can open multiple applications on one screen of our cellphone I'll. What is the name, it's open in the background, so I'm here to enter multitasking, email YouTube, let's just hold the design application, it's already opened, it's displayed uh, my layer menu. Here we can also produce it, to reduce it Well, Google an example like that.

Okay, I also want to open another one, for example Instagram, which is already open, Instagram, Hi Ho, Is it like you can't use multi-window, now Instagram can also use motivindo. What application is this OK Google Chrome Hey nah, try Google Chrome? It is designed that can Google Chrome so that I can open YouTube, Facebook and Google C Home. If you have high mobility like multitasking, you have to have many applications on the same screen, that is you can take advantage of this feature. The 15th is a feature of the splitscreen, a screen. There are two applications on a screen Yes, We want to screen in with YouTube, separate this, The Facebook icon button. Let's buy the atomic button, hold off here. There is an option to open it in split screen: view.

Now let us click on it Hey, tomorrow I'll bring it over what I brought For example I want to open YouTube so I can play Facebook and YouTube at the same time, Yes, we can zoom in from Facebook or we can process the zoom from YouTube for the size or we can reverse it. And therefore is it really easy for the split screen feature. hi hi now is the 16th a feature of bixby vision bixby vision is like Google the old Glenn. Now the application can be scanned by the Samsung cell phone that was revealed, so it is called Bixby Vision and that is how you open it to the camera and then select another one. Usually he already has to go directly to our marketplace. What's the name of this story, for sale, the characters in shops are Zalora, Lazada, action figures, figures.

It's like this sort of scanner, it's a barcode scanner, not a barcode, so we can also look directly for photos in the market, for example. He immediately appears there is an action figure selling for 44,000. If you don't know the name of the item, just take a photo, He goes straight to your favorite marketpress,. It is fun, Hey, so it have 16 features of interesting tips and tricks for you. I 31 Go p is a lot of it on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 52, that's right. It's already been three points, Abbas, just write it in the comments column on this video, okay, you'll see in the next video. Vega goodbye, Bye,.

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