In this video I want to talk about the Nokia casing, the previous one. You already fit the Samsung Galaxy S2, one plus Now. We want to talk about the Samsung S2, Ultra version, so the bigger version is the older brother Okay before that, going to the video If you give us a like and you share your video, we will discuss it. Ok, now I bring the version from Spike Nadia desktop spigen. How many can be one two, three, four, five, six seven now 6 casings from Spigen for the Samsung Galaxy S2 is one Ultra,. There is slim armor, earlier there was a racket. Armor is more basic, glutinous. It seems that Mayangs viterna is crystal-clearly wrong. So the only difference is that there is glitter and it is clear, like that next, the Ultrabite which was Night Black.

The team answered me, Black, here, lipid water, right, okay lastly. Again, OK, this is Spigen Galaxy S2 is an Ultra with water discharge. So packaging is still the same so he uses Spigen packaging. It’s new, folks. This is the writing, liquid, er and S1 ultra; below it is the Me Black variant. Just open the barcodes, scanners. It's different, the version of s21 and sw1v scanlux are more or less the same. This birthday he painted almost like a nail, it's more like 21. Now it's almost the same here this photo, he's only that he's still the same, there is a special for the camera, guys, Bachsin, so the camera won't come in later But. You really changed the camera model,. If this still shows all the camera modules, the s210 trainees are as wide as they are,.

So for those who are tweeting, there are motifs of the lines here or the fighter is here, turn left and right. Write Hi and the CEO. The chest grip is paid, so the game is better because there is a texture, keep it like this. On the bottom, Bro, on the right side, there is a power button and a volume button, part of the top of the microphone ceiling. There's also spiderweb media, spiderweb, and there's also aircushion writing technology like usually down here. Okay, if it is for sl21 I, don't know if it is really big, so it will be a little bit. Maybe it'll be a thumbs up later for the story, but we unfortunately met a small opponent with a big animal. Maybe you can guess what it will look like if you use the Jup casing iter from this talking Okay, here are the details, hi, okay.

Let's continue with the base case, then the next casing is of Spigen Ultra Hybrid Ultrafit, So if the full clear one is Bang Opi, it's like the liquid one, Crystal Later, it will only have a price So if there is a price on the back, it's safer to protect your mobile phone, you are diligent in spending the night, okay. Let's open the thread, the flesh is still the same, namely aplastic, and the box to the contrary. If you use the ns21 plus and the regular s21, it is a complex one but you like big screens it doesn't matter. The camera is very different, the same as the S1 Plus and regular ns21. It doesn't look like one fruit, ice, yesterday, right, info. The market information is that the camera is just clenched. The tool on the left remains empty.

On this side the Vikings are at the bottom and on the right the power button and the Enno volume button speak. So there's a texture like when we press the power button, it's better for typing, it's also better, but the volume number is plain. So it's a hybrid type, so the softcase on the side works nicely behind. There is an air cushion more than like a tree. It doesn't directly impact your cellphone, so it's still stuck then the enclosure. If your cellphone is silver, if you use it at a meet like this, the bus will be really cool. The sound is dead, [Music] OK, continue to the casing, then the third is cool.

These three are clear, full of clear only the glitter glitter so it's really suitable for women who like glitter, but if it's a guy it's a problem If you also go into detail like this for the Spigen liquid crystal, there is a glitter inscription until there will be glitter for the packing, more or less still the same front and back Hi OK, Let's immediately focus on the lover on the annealing. The clear is given the same thing as wife's alcohol or wet tissue, yes, for real cleaning. It is like paper instructions on how to clean, teeth. Alcool, white, 1pcs let's first frame the Uzbeks, it's cool, it's cool but for girls it might be just a little balky if the Indian one is full software, full softcase.

The handle isn't slippery Ajeng The problem is that if the softcase service is not slippery, what's more, the mat is more anti-slip. So it's not slippery, countrified On, on the side of the softcase the handle is only allowed when it fuses with the crystal. It's like someone holds it, so for the handle, it's better if it's usually soft. If it is now placed on a table for details, the left side is the same. It says only activity because this case is clear, so that it is transparent and the bottom is like this. The right side of the power button is also the same as the texture. The volume number is still polished so it doesn't have a texture from the top to the top, but Hey Then.

If it's a liquid crystal inside it must have a dot painting or microdot so that the phone doesn't stick too much to the casing and usually make a watermark. When you make a watermark it is bad itn't turn out as it normally would. For a crystal like this, if you put it on with the silver it's cool. This is the Neo Hybrid which is a variant and metal is. Thus the color is quite gray to silversilk. If it's MW, it's a hybrid type, yes, guys. If you help the governor, it is still safer and stronger. This is cool, the camera is actually nice so it is automatically safe. You don't have to go straight to your camera. He asked him, hold it to meet it is slippery. It says: aircushion technology, Iyo bike, aircushion technology, Hi So.

If you keep eating it's usually the same as the crystal, it is written here, If this cellphone does not exist, why not Hi or yes OK for the casing? The logos were made with him, so plain is the. The top president has a Type C port and the speaker is Tiny. In this case the power button is not as textured as before, so the power button is clearly written as the volume button. If you hold it, it is like a normal button. If the previous has a PH texture, This is a Crystal Venom Test: Clear Here's, the texture So. If the new high-grade is plain, if the real texture is like churches, it is also better. If we hold the power button, the file is better, if I think about it.

First it's clean Okay, so for details on a Neo Hybrid casing like this Hi The color is cool,,,, It looks really fierce, but it is not good Yes, it's a little balqis and it's a little slippery. Normally, the surface is smooth. Hey, make it a little bit more clever, but for the design, for example, in the factory is really cool.... It's not slippery and it's safe, for the armour racket. The top is like a camera module. If it's a model camera as presented like this, it keeps turning red. Identify the hundreds of points together. How about me? I prefer top and bottom carbon to something similar. If you make Clipan it is still really comfortable. It's a bit balqi, but it doesn't matter,.

The important thing is that the money is good for the usual casing: details, you'll be surprised It has texture on the side, so there are lines at the addition, so that we hold it. There is no speaker in the Armor package on the left, but at least on the back. It has Spigen written on it, and which button is the bottom propam - pot the same as the power button? It's the same as before, so it has a toothed texture, you guys. If you press this, then if the volume button is stacked with the e-tron plynindo aircushion gang, this technology now, if mp3geisha rides a technology cat, this is hybrid, you are the one If there was an air cushion, if it is a new hybrid, it should be Amanzi, for example. If your cellphone falls it's because it's a bit thick, guys, with sp phlegm too.

Hey, maybe I did the math from there, it's cold for the details. Prefer your medicine, OK, OK, Let's move on to the next casing OK, here is the last - one with a card slot - so it should be thicker Okay for packing. This is for the slim armor Hi, so he dropped the case, Hybrid GS type Why. Is it a grade type because he has two Hi so carvlog sings, Hafidz plastic? Now the plastic is on top and the softcase comes in,. It is, yes, it is a slightly soft case. I was surprised that the armory was showing a little little, It looks like it's rough, only when you hold the VCD it is smooth, but the slim one. If you hold it, it won't be slippery. All the softcases are digitized, guys. Then that's the goal, for example, at this point. The root of the slot is active.

The glossy finish is out, so it's a bit slippery. The side is made of texture like that so that when you hold it for camera it does not slip around The next day the brush slots and the camera will be higher in the base of the slot. If you put it on the table, it is true that he does not want to lift the top or doesn't want to. For, 'Slots,' you can hit it.. The system is slide, Yo, wes, more or less. He can fit 3 cards here is the writing or quarto, put more in three, You can drag it a bit, so that the detector for the contents of three Gingers in Sidoarjo is condition three although it can't be entered, only in Sidoarjo, so that it won't be too difficult to get out later on. On other televisions, inside spi on Derweb. There are also writings about technology, guys.

This is Ferguson, technology in front of the air, Hi. More important, this display is empty, the speaker is moved behind and the bottom is still the same. It looks like new hi-grade, so it has no texture. If this turns out to be really, it is going to be a bit heavier, for sure. If you put it on the Zenfone, the selfie is a bit thick. This is the back like this, Joe, it's tasteful. if I don't really like things like this I, like the ordinary, so I like it at first. If Sis is in there, the slot is like this so it says it is weird. The writing is slim Armor, CS Sleding, Swoosh with dual card Sturridge. This is for the slim Armor TS. This activity costs yellow hand marks but he said why, but if you hands that are too over oil are certainly leave it while touching inches.

There are fingerprints here: OK, this is holding a slime – Armor CS – which is a black colour variant – and it's pretty okay, enough. Let me prepare 6, you can choose one or maybe the ones who, like all six, you can check the link directly in the description. That is enough for this video for those of you who haven't subscribed. If you haven't turned on the notification you can turn on the bell first. Don't forget to like comments, share and subscribe to me. Alvin See, you in the next video dada..

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