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Hi hi hop meet again, hopefully Faisal How. Still thinking about the Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra? I feel really at home using this cellphone with HP Flexi until now. The performance is also the most advanced It's loud, yeah, especially since he's already using it exynos 7885 vs Snapdragon 8.45 which I reviewed earlier. Many people have been asking me via Instagram how is my experience. Experience using this smartphone for games. I wanted to answer this question by telling you how to play games on this cellphone. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the game?, I'm sure I'll be playing some of my favorite games like the latest 4G free, Fire free game.

So, the successor, [Applause] [Music] Hey, the first game I played chord is already adjust the graphics and the maximum graphics on the smartphone. This is very high, Ultra Hi, so the right is right: k We can play at SDN 1 Utara and continue here. The game launcher can display FBS information on GPU power. The temperature of the phone that is used is already a gaming, so we can get information. Cellphone is like So, Yes, very high Max Sorry, not Ultra, so Already On, on the right. When we play the DS21 Ultra game we get the graphics settings in CoDM. The screen settings have also been set to an adaptive refresh rate of 120Hz, but until now, the settings are still in the FPS.

There's a difference, yes, between adaptive, isyraq and refresh rate that has been set at 120 hz because it seems like 144 is rumored to be supported for GPS. But if it is 20-one ultra Fauzi, we even get a stable, 60 fps. There are pluses and minuses because it is adaptive, restless, if you say Samsung J2 is one of the cars so the battery lasts longer. It lasts a lot longer because it resets to a faster refresh rate, which will drain your battery or it is like, Hey Okay. I'm still first in the right place so this is one of my favorite menus. If it's Crossfire you know it's soft after making mistakes, where did you make it and where is the game for Sniper? If you eat this map, it becomes one of my other favorites'caves matches. This is a cruise ship. We still get a stable 60 fps.

It is, nothing more, nothing more, but for a smooth experience, for the cut ant experience, I'm still for a smooth experience, but for a smooth experience, I still prefer the MS-10 t-pro, which I tested in the video. The smoother FBS is also high in the 90's, smoother. We continue to provide color.. The quality is good, therefore SWOT uses a screen called Dainik AMOLED UX. The resolution is qhd plus, so yes, the color is definitely more,. This is epic, epic, negotiable, closure, mythomane, I. I think Anjir lu Epic was killed hey? Ah Epic. first impression in the m-plan code,. The Bhishma method is really good, friend Hi, I'm playing this game. We get a stable FPS at 60fps, then playing the game is smoother. Mi-10 T- Pro is more fun.

Now it's on the main page of the Papji Mobile Game, Let's play TDM as usual, no. The game play is shorter than Battle Royale. Taking too long for you, Battle Royale can take 40 minutes on your own. Now, for the moment he is still 40fps., Hey bro, 60fps. But wait, in the middle of the match I will change 't to extreme ants. Try with this why. Are you shooting with this or use your index finger to keep it in the corner? When you say like that, it's, you are clumsy Because If you use your thumb, HI and you have already taken settings, cdm and the characteristics of yes This is also a habit, right, hi it's already starting to want Ting to have fun. If your butt looks like that, I hope, I'll sit there and look macho.

Teduh Hey Dada, Ajeng, [Applause], hi, hi, hi, backlinks, Twitter, lock, Hi Teguh, CS6, YT [Applause] in Sentul, hi, hi, Hey, guys - My sex is done. Behind karma is real Hi, let's say 40 Vs.. We try to call it extreme. Try it, stupid. We get Bena, it's better, but when the ants are extreme, the graphics are more robust. We want extreme smooth with a much higher framerate, or graphite is right, but the frame rate is lower. Is the Earth here, everyone joins Boom Oh, the one who fell must be killed: Yes, God 31. This is Coy 32 sorry, it is forbidden. But if it is stuck in a position it is okay, Oh my goodness. What usually hurts you use ba? It looks like Come on Let's Win in this video.

Don't be shy, hello, hello Hey Let nangela not embarrass this individual, implicature eels Hah, won again: bro OK, I'm. Really, my MVP is more like a burden on the team, It's a garden: uh mulu, hi, eh it's not a burden on my Anjir team We get 60fps if we for example get the right one, we get 40fps, but it is still the same as in [Music]. Fun to see is Xiaomi MI 10.pro, which I reviewed before You. Let's try to play free fire. I have recently played free fire a few times, He used my phone and then suddenly he installed free fire. When I tried it was fun so the graphics were really good. This one does look cartoonish, but the graphics are just good. It's not boring,, Hey, ff ff hole,... He said FF Free Fire Global Free Fire is more vulnerable.

We get 30fps, not more than 30 vs because I used graphics that I am using ultra high average hi hi hi hi hi pretty it is hard. The graphics are like twenty-one is so pretty. The details are good, but that's it for smoothness, The game still gets 30fps You are on an expensive phone like this. Well Hinah, this is complete Hihuh. This is a shooting coy. In fact, it's already fun at The Woods, that Arit orders a brawl. What's the name, hi, hi, on an Android phone if the division isn't and we're excited, right on the PC, eh, hi, just news click. What is Hesoyam a cheater, Azmi, and others? If we have to use mods on our cellphones again, it is hard to find a mouth. Never mind, it is okay, but the important thing is to look at you: Hi free fire can be played in BS.

It helps Ultra Mp3 Vps with the highest graphics with right-aligned graphics, Hi, easy code, Panji is already free, fire. Finally, I want to try to run the stumble, game, guys, so we're racing. Hey, one of the new games on Google Playstore I knew when I entered the recommendation from Playstore. It turned out that the gameplay is very similar to Volt. This is a really cool game for fun! Then try it out on any potato phone on a potato phone, Although the specs are mediocre, you can try this game quite smoothly, especially on SDN 1 Ultra. This is the first time I have played the game,. Let's see if for example in the gameplay, when we play Uh 115u. It makes it fun for us to fight over it.

Know what was called Takeshi Fort, which was broadcast at the TPI? Takeshi, right? [Music], Hey, you are still young . So there is something here : how many stages are there : in the first stage where there are only 16 players left, the next eight players will only be one winner. Then of course it will be more difficult, it should be, but also because there are also passing the last test. It's simply that simple The excitement of the rambutan is the top of the [Music] Hey, Oh my Gosh! Oh I bought it, ah, ah, anjayani, idih, nalangin. It's really hard to give up, Hey, you can get through it, It is like liming again, again, again, again, again [Music], again, again, Hi Ho, Hi stick here. So when we finish we can see the other players. I normally laugh at people's behavior - people yes,.

There are those who continue to try or there are those who emit everything, oh, it is great, Resma Coy,. It's decided which of the players had given: up, I, think, 100fps and above is crazy, but it's a light. If this is the strategy, we'll wait for someone else to fry the Henna first. People here are pushed and pushing, I've already beaten me first, don't hunt and soul Oh yeah, that's great So! If this is our strategy, don't let it fall. So don't let the seat fall. If you win, you're satisfied with that style. If you fall into a game like this, ah, it's Sambal, guys it's fun to play, guys you stomp and try that out! Hello, I played 4 games earlier on, starting from pubg codm previewer. The last guy was stamped in the midst of an earthquake.

The conclusion is like how is my experience with playing games on smartphones. Tell your friends to be honest. There are no problems, no lags, bro, that's how it is,. There are no broken graphics when playing games here, but yes, There are some imperfections that I first felt for a smooth or smooth experience. Yes, I still prefer my school t-pro to be honest, with a 144 Heart screen, I can still play COD or Pubg mobile games with FBS and above I expect a 120hz screen from the Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra, right? It was like that, but pubg mobile apparently doesn't have the highest graphics, only Mr. Levies, Jo dm., at the highest graphics It is stable for free fire, 3, blackbeard is also stable, but for Sambel guys, which is, incidentally, light.

I expected this to work at first, maybe 60 PSK or nearly helping SPS, but it turns out I don't get it,. Wow I do not know why I played HP games in a row on this cell phone,. Actually my left hand is not comfortable because heat is really annoying. Even though when I saw the information in the game booster, the game launcher was only 38° ; OK? That is the drawback of SWT Ultra for games but the benefits are many, starting from the Dainik AMOLED UX screens on the Smartphone. There is no match for the Amoled screen by Samsung, so don’t fight with it, the quality of details. The performance of the exynos 2100 is also really good for playing original games or not I.

No lis, no broken 4A Hi, I'm running smoothly playing games on this mobile, so that it's right and right m Hi, overall, I just really like this Smartphone for ningame, yes, There are pluses and minuses, but the minuses that I explained earlier, but this cellphone is really suitable for those of you who may need a maximum HP performance to play. Games for various things like work, editing, video, photography, etc. 21 Ultra fight, Lex video, gives comments, shares, don't forget to subscribe to the TV channel, follow the cassette I and join the rubber commodities by registering via WhatsApp in the Non-Stop Description Column [Music]..

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