Magisk Rooting in 2021 - Galaxy User Guide

This is Hello Friends: Today I'm going to tell you how to root Max for the New Year first of all. There is no software information about the phone,. We click on the number where it says fast. I didn't need you anyway seven times because I opened it, you will become a developer,. As you can see, the development options are active here, I click there, free air unlock, mainly for Samsung new devices. Vote for this unlocking, I would be happy to unlock it. Merci ; this place will be on this way, also in new devices, namely 2020-2021, We are in the last months of 2019 because it is cloudy on almost all of the devices.

Is this ambassador on old devices, after unlocking orem? We go down, we turn on USB Debugging, Then we will connect our device to the computer and we will open a new one from here monthly. The computer connected our English peripheral with the phone. After connecting, my phone became clear from it with glasses, There is an exclamation mark, we fix it. We right click, we say, update driver of the computer.. You have what you want 2220 after browsing, click on Mtp USB device and then we go update, as you see, and look at the screen of the phone as this, you give access to the phone, it turns out. Manisa apk We click on my computer then on the towel of our phone from here to here. We are going to throw a mod here and I am ready.

You can download it from the internet, generally use the latest version, here Oh Mobile-20 APK. We will throw it, you can do it from the internet friends, I am capturing it here and when. It automatically comes up with its original website. You can download the APK directly from here. You say it on your phone, persist on your computer, [Music] Now. Put our bet APK into our phone, We open our phone's spike. Here you need to specify permission settings. This is here Max loads, and now we open it. In case the device is not present, we need to make this point. I opened it here before Friends sometimes just throwing the APK part of the phone to root some devices some devices, this file, this device, in my hand, can only be in this file.

70 program needs to be installed, right click We, and use open archives from here As you can see, you are plus for me because I just got this file, but you can just throw apei and you can do that too Yes, but we threw it out this Friday, it came, it is a pain. Here we select full from the options and say: OK. Let me show it again here: after passing, this is no confusion, choose the recovery mode. The important part here is that we must choose the file. We have to choose the file, we click It directs us to the memory of the device. Here is the important part: There are three dots at the top. We should show internal storage. This we showed in e-school after clicking 300g. We clicked and asked the name of the device. The name of the device is the memory here we click on it.

We entered the home device, click on us, let's see, and now we created our yes ru - file where it creates our soul. As you can see, Dona said that we are leaving here and now come to download mode. This download data is blue. As you can see, we have created a file under the name speech. This is our soul file. I put it on [Music] sand desktop or the firmware of the device. I put the location [Music] and as you can see we have created a file here under the blue sporada now, then we will upload it to our device and how will it go on devices Hope Then we open the origin, ice, it is not. We will select and upload your file.

We will download from this, friends, some Russian files are selected by bele, that is, the software is selected to like it and created for APK, then draw the prison, then select ccs-c and start Elif only our device At this point we need to put our device in the download mode, here. My device will now appear as Samsung in the Manager and the Modems section. You can get it with tools and so on, ip, I will show you how to collect, Likewise, our device is on and USB debugging is on. Options are open, that color and so on, then I open, Architect, AVM If I enter the password of Turkey, the user Is the user I write the Samsung password on the video? In this section I will show you how to get our device into Download mode with a code as I said, then I will show you how to download manually.

As you see it yes, then we will press the Enter key and look at the screen of the phone because we need to allow the screen of the phone to be [music]. I pressed enter and are awaiting. See, I won't destroy the device because you allowed it before Doblo [Music] Yes, As you can see, we bought the device directly in Doblo. It receives in Doblo, friends, We can load our rest file. I will show you how to start it and see how to get the refill mode. I show you how to download it manually. Denn here is the process without the download mode. We can't root files. We can't install it. We need to download the device to install the root file. Let's, not waste time, let's not prolong the video, zty health love is tired We'll press a nail at the volume down and plug the cable this way.

It will also enter but that device has seconds. We do not let go, one end of the cable is connected to the computer. We have a nail polish in our hand. We link the cable, bless God. There are three more points. Let me remind you that sometimes the device goes into charging mode, the moment the device goes into charging mode, the moment it goes into charging mode, turn the volume down. Press Power to plug the cable. The King icon doesn't show up in the application. We will press the volume up once or pull your hand after it comes, of course friends. As you can see, I pressed the volume up once here friends. The important part is that this is the device. You can't root the device. You can't do any intervention on the device. Here's the thing we call U'ur driving.

For those who don't know, the Hope version is B9. It says: 9000, Jihad, device - code - and happiness - is here written, as you can see our 205 home article Now. We also received friends and how to get manuals and coded I showed you it's gone. Our file will be uploaded here so that no time is wasted. Here, friends, I will tell you something so that we do not waste too much time because after this file is uploaded, we need to format the device with We also have to wait for the device to turn itself on and off. We hold the Volume Up button with one of our hands. I pressed it from the computer on the stand. Let's say that I pressed the volume up and the pawra until installation is finished, I do not release the volume and the power.

I am trying to put the device into recovery mode. At the moment, [ Music] As you can see, I did not waste time on the device that you put the recorder, moto in. A lot of time is lost. If you watch a video again, if you continue to watch it, I tried to explain that part here simply, my friends, and when it comes to it, I put the volume down button with the volume keys. Bye by data, Factory vs we come Howerway we approved. We confirm then another gaset of the factory comes out at the bottom. You see, now the format is taken: volume up volume down we come to LYS, melon we confirm and what happens to this system after formatting. This Nova system clicks and we are waiting for the device to open [Music]. We will go here fast friends after the device is turned on,.

The most important part is with Rooted devices, especially after rooting on Samsung devices, These red text posts, for your information appear, It can be removed, after rooting,, friends, after turning the device on, after turning it on, after the device setup screen, it will be connected to WiFi, after it is installed with connected wifi. Then the debugging produced by the device is this messenger. We will see it and the Hatay it produces will open up. After that you can install magis manager apk and check the spirit. On Samsung - series - devices,. After hitting the A series devices the device will be debugging USB and it will be mine after you open it.

You still need to open the baby and open it here with minimal adem, write USA liewood Reko data and press Enter once for the device to be active, but in high models in the series, root is active. We will immediately open the developer options. It says: Yldz, we click seven times! We click on the option Develop. We click OK to complete the installation, We give the necessary permissions, come back again, press the? installation '' button and after that the suitcase is loaded . It wants the first installation from us, we will say OK to it. We have said that the device will restart itself. This [music] is on, look at the device again and we will go with a drink. Friends, I will show you there, The red texts here show that the device is root.

Root is done and these red texts will come out. Yes friends, our device is immediately on,. So now that we are in the menu, we click on it and click [Music] there, This is the choice that we get from here as root. Comes, we click paint, we say allow, and it won't bother me. Look now, I forgot another way to understand. If it is root, friends, we will connect the device with the computer. We understand that it is now root, so there is hope, but let us be sure. To get the cable on the computer, the cable is connected. ), but we keep our bananas and the minimal AVM is open. Comes, guys, here, is the important part : you always have to click subscribe on this computer [Music]. It was not a problem because the banana device allowed.

After that, we write water, space, and space, and we break it down as you can see the guillem. We see that the last version 23 episode was forgotten. Thanks guys for watching the video on my channel Don't forget to subscribe,. Don't forget to like and comment, I will try to upload such videos. As long as you support my channel..

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