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Hello David : Bonjour, Hi, guys and happy new year 2021. In any case, career health, any quality, even a better cellphone, will also be more expensive and advanced than what is being used now, but yes. So few people have a benchmark for the price range of a cell phone. Why entry-level cellphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are here to answer the needs of people who are willing to spend a 2 million cash for a cellphone with just enough specifications, The important thing is to keep the work going smoothly and of course, the important thing is that the price also makes comfortable pocket. Bro, I have often been promised that it is comfortable but hey in the end.

Php is stuck at 2000000, basically for the 3 gigabyte, RAM variant and the internal 32 gig price is 1.8 million and Conchita increases it to 2 million. If we look at the Galaxy 02 Ice from a distance, maybe the design will make people a little bit fooled into thinking it is a more expensive handset like the Samsung Galaxy S series in its class. Maybe it can make people automatically misunderstand, because the shape of the HP exhibition is quite similar to Galaxy SWT, whether it is a compliment to Galaxia 02 es because of the design, So it looks okay more luxurious than the price or an aesthetic Galaxy that looks less, Ma'am, because it looks the same, yes it depends. This is my personal story - I am the SWT for people who use as Goddess-driver.

Definitely curious later about the Galaxy S7 which told me from the teaser that the camera shape will be different, but that's what we will discuss later, first we focus on the ice 02, which is on the back. Polycarbonate, that is, is given a pattern of stripes like this, just like HP Serie A, which is a higher class. If a cell phone with an iron level uses already USB type c. This means that we will not find Samsung phones that use micro devices in the future unless there is a better, maybe a million, might someday. What is different from here, Hey dear, pull this cellphone already using the SIM tray, which also has a triple slot, can dual nano-sim, + micro SD. If, from the display itself, there is no jutin from the Galaxy 02 tomorrow.

The neck veins are six and a half inches with SD Plus resolution aka 720 P, finally pls, LCD and design using the infinity-v model, That's a cool term for Samsung for the Bangs screen model, This section does not bother the team. Because phones with a higher level like the Galaxy 12, which we discussed yesterday, use the same screen as yesterday. If you explain A12 or A12 yesterday he used the MediaTek Helio p35 chipset, while Galaxian o2sb used Snapdragon 450 vs Snapdragon, glad to hear that for his own performance, Isn't it good to play ML Savage m.job? It supports high frame rate mode and is also patient. It does not feel hot. The battery lasts about half an hour, since this battery has a very large capacity at 5000mh.

Now when I use this phone for playing pubg, M I'm quite happy with the performance of this Snapdragon 450 because it can get a high speed setting if the mediatek helio p35 broke last night. If we play it for one game or about half an hour then the battery also reduces more or less to just six percent steady. The performance of other applications is also smooth, even though the response is obviously not. Queensland HP, which is of a higher class. You continue to exist, k a 2 MPa macro camera and there is another 2 MPa live focus camera. Is the picture quality good for me. It's really normal, it's not surprising for a cellphone that costs 1-2 million dollars. The color does not feel like that and the cool name is also a bit tight.

So there are parts that seem too bright or it is too dark, or it seems like it's not balanced and details are also normal. When you make the quality of the mouth clear, it's also less noisy and the details are also less We have to be slower when shooting in darkness, because it is prone to shake. This cool photo using Galaxian O2s must take more effort. If also the front camera can record 1080p, the contrast is a bit high huh. So again it's the same as the photo. If the dark part of my face looks a bit club, he seems really war.

In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy, is a 0 2 ice by Samsung in 2021, very simply using H It, only the entry level, but this entry level is like giving a new standard which says that even cheap phones must have smooth performance to use for playing game streams,. It shouldn't look sloppy until it becomes more expensive, at the very least keep it cool. You already need to use USB, which means you already have at least 3 gigabytes of entry-level HP. If for example you're looking for a cellphone with a pretty camera and Larry is especially sharp.. Yes, it's okay, less than two million have got a Samsung phone, So my little review about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 es Lex London, Fancy Deni, and I'll be following it in the next video yo yo..

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