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Hello guys, but here is the Samsung Galaxy M20 1m2 from the name. It's clear that this cellphone has the status of a sister of the Galaxy m31 and it must have been there too if the specs will be lower than the m31. But what's interesting in my opinion, this cellphone worth more than the galaxy m31 How? Couldn't you enter a recommendation? Yesterday HP Mid-2020. Now Bang David wants to say that there is an M21 that is more worth. Yesterday, dear recomend m31 to everyone who wants 3 million cellphones with batteries, the biggest one doesn't have an opponent because it's 6000mh bro. The big battery is also backed by a Super AMOLED screen.

Ok, so it is good ; it is an easy choice, but yesterday we were left wondering whether our Samsung Pen was dizzy or suddenly alpha, The, Galaxy m21 appears, which has the same advantages as mentioned in Salem 31. Just now at a cheaper price of 500.000 Wow or we don't have to go far to compare the inside first, from the outside. Bonding material is also used, both polycarbonate with gloss finish and both on the back have a fingerprint sensor. The variant that we discuss this time is the color of the item. In my opinion, this part of the RAM and internal storage is the most different part of the M21 from the m31 which has 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. The problem is that the main advantage is that the cm21 battery has the same 6000mh capacity.

Km31 and m 30S I have read some testimonials from friends who are already wearing the 30S and are happy with the 6000mh battery, which normally lasts two years if used, huh, according to the doctor's account healthy love is a unique name,. This mass of Irawan plays Pubg M, smooth extreme for 6-7 hours and still 20% left. I'm really happy to be able to read testimonials like that.

The problem is that if I test a new cellphone it is at least a week or two, if I've used it for months, it's definitely cooler, I'm sure the review From that testimony it was also discovered that the battery with large batteries is suitable for all kinds of people who want to work just to keep up with social media, It's okay, I'll chant again if the online object that is usually called when talking about my big battery isn't I have heard of, but I'm curious. Maybe those who have experience like that can comment below too, but it should be very big battery capacity appropriate, it is never wrong. The infinity-O screen that is used by the Dm21 is also hard to find.

The pencil is already Super AMOLED, besides being able to produce black colors that are more real than IPS, because the black color is obtained by turning off the LCD. It could have been even more durable through the use of its mouth to also use the Always On Display feature. Just pretend that it won't eat a lot of battery Oh yes. It also has a Dolby Atmos feature so that the sound produced by our substances can be more real, most of this is from the wired or bluetooth set. Can there be a headphone jack all afternoon, because this cellphone also has a game? While we are playing games and Gamebooster can also monitor the temperature and the remaining RAM of our smartphones while playing games.

We can also record gameplay if I actually use Gamebooster quite rarely because I rarely play serious competitive games. I'm almost always just a fan - I enjoy the revelation on M2 - This, Yui, that looks simple and is one of the reasons why I chose Galaxies to stop Plus for Dewi drivers. It is also exactly the same as the one on the Galaxy m31, which we use to play KFC games. Strangely you can Hybrid and Ting Raffi ts for playing mobile legends before that. 31 The difference is only in the memory capacity. Internal memory is the same as the number of camera lenses m31. There are three lenses minus the macro camera, but the mask is red on my cellphone from Ahok. I thought that it was not an important lens, since there is no macro camera with good quality Wow.

If I could save hundreds of thousands by eliminating others, I am very happy in addition to the macro lens, the difference between the m21 and m31 cameras is in the resolution of the main camera, lm31. It's all the same 8 megapixels if the Ultra White camera is still the same. The difference in resolution make the results of km21 look different, And don't you think that the pictures are still pretty good for a standard, 3 million, especially when it's clear, it's already really good. When you are doing a lolet the details will disappear until a slight effect appears, like the photo was made using good watercolor hi hi hi for the front camera. The result is also not noticeable Jombang, hi, beautiful, hi, Samsung Galaxy m21, in conclusion.

If this cellphone was launched before we made a video recommendation for Eid 2020 yesterday, this phone will obviously be included as an alternative to m31, It seems if you don't really care about the resolution of the front camera and the back. Microcamera and smaller Ram, If for internal memory he can use a micro, SD card, The rest is the same starting from the chipset, which is the brain of HP and the Amoled screen technology is the same to the plus size, The main advantage is the 6000mAh battery which is not reduced. Ip features are also similar starting from the headphone jack,. The taxi supports fast charging, 15 watts. There is no NFC and it also uses a SIM-card system.

Omitting some parts that aren't really important to save money is more excited than the official price of 3199. You can check the link in the description, so the gadgetin video about the Samsung Galaxy m21 Lex liked this video immediately disliked and we'll again see at the next video is far Hi Adem hapsah tungkek Eh, 11, 11 Sep..

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