Today we have a very special event. Samsung Flag Alfa is a laptop from Korea. Let's talk about what the advantages are of this laptop. It uses an aluminium species, so it looks very good. If this is the button power here - and these are two- you accountable three means. With this three Thunder Bolt, you can connect your external GPU. If, for example, it feels lacking you can use Nvidia and connect to a laptop. This is for external GPU support. You are potted and this is not a Sinshe, yes - transfer, and this is for the memory card. When we make the enumeration, there is a clock and a date. This is helpful for you who are very organized, and you really like age to manage your time in such a way.

It looks like a small feature but it is very important to some people. We will turn it on Let's start 1, 2, 3, 123456789, 10 Smash. It takes 11 seconds to make it from condition. Why is it called the galaxy flag? Maybe this flag means it is flexible for this screen, yes. This screen already uses shark skin technology. Practice on the Samsung technology on it which claims is able to provide sharper and brighter colors, and if, for example, it is very black, the color is black and the contrast is very contrasting. yes and the bezel is very thin for this screen Yes. Yes, 4 mm facial, but it is indeed flag like me, maybe because.

The position can be folded like this or if, for example, you still feel more or less pleated like this, so comb him like that Hi it can be for ve vertically or horizontally hi hi. The touch is here even though it is made of aluminum, but Samsung. Really thinks yes and when I use it it feels very smooth for the keyboard and keypad, yes So, for example So if the speaker uses gay rights the quality is good, and this can be used here to charge your wireless equipment like this, What's interesting about this laptop is that you know that Samsung is one of the largest battery manufacturers so they have their own factory. So for this battery, the quality is very good for the Samsung Flag Alfa. This battery is about Maha with 65w.

We know it is the best so a lot even other laptop manufacturers are. Nothing delay, no like, almost the same as a regular pen, is tiny and thin and light. This laptop is very thin, around an inch so that this level is suitable for those of you who want to have a laptop you want to play games or for large graphics, but you I don't like using a laptop like heavy and thick gaming but you have a GTO at home. This external GPU is right. You are a lover of the Samsu brand and are quiet..

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