Jujur review | Samsung Galaxy A21s | 2.2 Juta

Hi assalamualaikum, another hello guys, see you again until you are tired this time for a full review of the Samsung Galaxy A21 Ice. For those of you who are looking for a Samsung cellphone, the price is relatively affordable and it is cool, for example. I mean that Samsung is a brand that can make you cool,. Indeed, the budget is a bit loose, willing to pay more for a cellphone with the same specs from other brands, read: it's not kicking people, it's better. There are various reasons why it is considered to be more prestigious, comfortable and familiar to wear, believe in the quality of the product, believe in the service center, even small things like hunting for vouchers, at Samsung, gift, Indonesia or reading other Andi S free magazines, for example.

So in the world it is a cellphone and mainly in Indonesia, said that the Prestige of Trust and Comfort is combined to write. Samsung will appear in the top ranks. The price now starts from 2.3 million, a little less even for the 3GB RAM variant and 32GB stress and the third is a little stormy, because at first glance the graphic design of the e21s looks like the HP Samsung cellphones which are more expensive. The white light can be reflected, so it's colorful here, it is very different from the function of the E Series, for example. The number of rear cameras that there are four for this bright 2020 looks too expensive. Why is it cool that you used the Pancal model, so that it is more slang, but yes.

There are three factors - that is all that truly stands out in this Samsung Galaxy h21 Ice. It is easy to describe S the amsung galaxy for me. A 21 is here with only one sentence : a cell phone from the Samsung band that is affordable but usually luxurious, right? If you come out with a question like that, if we are Brothers, because we are both members of the union, the kicking people, it is better - that Indonesia won't connect. If you watch the Samsung Galaxy A21 TV, then. This is how smooth your viewing is, the review of the Redmi Note 9 for example, or if you want it from Samsung. It's better called the Samsung Galaxy M 21, which is Price to Performance It is much better. Yep, the hashtag is better than this, but I'll save it later in the conclusion, so it is clear.

For the price race of 2.3 million 48 megapixel Samsung, S5 KGM, one sensor with the same sensor, for example, Sa The, msung, Galaxy A5 is more expensive. My blackout is also Galaxy m21, which I mentioned earlier, Redmi, Note 9 and many more. This is a best seller sensor with a cheaper cellphone camera. His brother, Redmi Note 9, which uses the exact same sensor, the results are hot in my eyes, dear Samsung, whose character is bright, bright and sharp. Sharp wetan is a bit better to look at, especially in low light. You can only go fast and just give up what's actually the same with Ariel Winarjo 20, which is more or less the price of returning with the same camera sensor as well as the bright, bright and sharp moves, Samsung is back, overall.

It's still my personal preference to come back, especially in the low light photo hehehehe. The results are s: The elfie isn't bad, the standard isn't bad, but it's also not good for the price. Khair wants to call it only full sd, video. Here it's not very stable even though the closest competitor Redmi Note 9 can provide more stable videos. From this VCD is an example of video recording from the Samsung Galaxy Oh, the A1s with the Redmi Note 19. This is an example of video recording from the front camera of a Samsung Galaxy, a 21 Hi, Tech Hi, Okay, move from the cool camera from this cell phone is that the battery life is 5000mh,.

It can take two days and two nights if it is normal without gaming, there is already flash charging, even though it is only 15 words long. It is good to be able to fully charge this cellphone in less than two hours and 15 minutes, plus the performance is this chipset, latest generation exynos, yes, snis-850 Yes I used a more modern fabrication of 86 m, if the old version of SMS still has 1000 m by, This is the only variant for k, yes the entry-level class is not designed for this game. If your game is still in the same class as League of Legends then White Reef is still being modified here. If you play pubg, you can join the crowd when invited to Mabar. It's still OK.

Although there is a chance that you will not be invited to Mabar again tomorrow, the sensors are complete, pay here. There are magnets that make navigation comfortable with Google Maps, and the performance of the recipe style is also very accurate. Netflix can already have trapezoidal slots with high resolution. It's complete and already supports volte, I have used USB type-c and the blocking quality is pretty good, loud and not shrill. Although, according to my ears, the quality is still slightly below Redmi Note 9 speaker. Let's move on to the points that you should check first before deciding to buy a Samsung Galaxy a 21 here so you don't regret any of the money, which is most likely it's. A shame that the screen resolution is still SD, 720p.

It is not full SD here and it is not super AMOLED. YouTube viewers will also look less sharp, especially the pictures. Even though I gave the phone an ultrasound screen. Second is that the memory is not as big as its competitors, which on average has given a combination of 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, There's a micro SD swap, because Wulan, I mentioned the next points that I have not had the best performance in its class. Isn't a gaming cellphone and the video recording isn't as stable as the Redmi Note.

The main weakness is back to screen resolution y Even those who are still elementary school, How about the those of you with a Samsung cell phone and a better price for performance, You can name more steel for about 200-300 thousand US dollars to get a Samsung Galaxy M 21 for around 2.5 million But. Only if we look at the specifications, you will be able to be more competitive on the Galaxy M21,, The screen resolution is full GBPlus, it's Super AMOLED. It has a combination of 4GB, RAM and 64GB stress with a different configuration of the camera module. Camera results should therefore be not far away from the Samsung Galaxy Alas.

This is only the Samsung Galaxy A21 Ice that wins at a less expensive price and usually a prettier one, because the toilet cover will look one level more luxurious, Here Kwee is an m21 rear camera is only 3 now. There are four here, so it looks more expensive and the m21 front camera isn't there. That's why I called galaxie, 21 here from the start. The Samsung brand is cheap and usually cool. You just need to be smart and adjust accordingly to your needs and budget, which you have the key But. If you don't need to be from Samsung Redmi Note 9 then overall it is still the best cellphone in the 2.2 to 2.3 million price range Okay. If you believe it, check out the review of the gaptek flower, medicine, Redmi, note, 9 Thanks for looking, I hope. Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi, wabarokatuh..

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