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Hello guys, David is here and this is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and there is the S22 Plus too. We will judge features of the camera in the camera. Yesterday I was writing a video review of the S22 Ultra and said that the camera is a really strong part of this phone. All you have to do is to take out your phone out of pocket and open the camera. Taking a picture. The results will be of high quality. As long as I use a Samsung cell phone : Sometimes I feel sorry for Samsung, They have given us a lot of features that we can use, but we forget about it because the auto already makes us happy. This time , so I gave the opportunity to the features to maximize the cellphone so that I'll finally try the 22 features as the name implies and the result.

I have a somewhat mixed opinion about the camera features of the cellphone. Let's start with the simplest one first,. The Auto Mode on the S22 Ultra or S22 Plus which uses a 108MP Main Camera and a 50MP Main Camera. This is one of the best cameras we can get on a cell phone. You want to take a photo during the day in a dark environment, in any situation. We just need to take out the cellphone, open the camera, and take a picture. There is the 10x Optical Zoom feature on the S22 Ultra with its 12MP camera. It's easy to activate. We can sign the symbol 10 on the camera and the camera lens will be able to see farther than the naked eye. I emailed from my friends when I posted the results on my IG Story. Right now telephoto cameras are crazy, and the S22 Ultra is also one of the best.

Something that has been around for a long time. In midrange phones. Flagship is still rare,. This is front and back portrait mode. All these cellphones already have a portrait, feature, yes a feature that allows us to make the background blurry, so the photo becomes more aesthetic, and there is a bit of a DSLR camera style. The portrait mode usually makes the photos smoother and also the bokeh is less tidy. Fortunately, I had a try yesterday. The results seem to make me look more handsome like that. If you don't pay attention, people can easily be manipulated into thinking. This is a DSLR camera shot!, very neat! This is an AR doodle. How to activate it just go to the More section, AR Zone and enter AR Doodle. Its function is yes to make objects in our camera.

We make our own and he follows our movements. It's similar to the filters on Snapchat, TikTok, but we create these ourselves, usually girls who like toys like this. And when I asked Windy her opinion. He prefers to try ready-made filters which were processed by programmers in such a way. He wants not to draw his own images. Even if it is the image itself, the tracking is a bit more smooth. AR Doodle is emaciated. This is one of the features that I will not find. If I do not intend to look at the cellphone. In the edit section, and you must sign the option again. There is only one icon of Object Eraser. Its function is to remove objects that we don't want to be in the photo. This is very similar to features on the Google Pixel that I used to discuss.

It turns out that Samsung has also exists! oh well. With other cameras, you can take photos. So transfer it here and we can edit it. The sixth feature is Expert RAW, which praised I so naturally in yesterday's video. The app can be downloaded at the Galaxy Store. This function is clear so we can take photos with as much data as possible in RAW format, so we can edit the photo more flexibly. If we use auto mode and compare the photo in Lightroom with RAW format, we can. The only fee is that the data size for 1 photo is very big, Then there is the Night Mode mode ; this time we'll take an example in the video using the S22 Plus for the demo. The features we discuss here are not only available on the S22 Ultra.

The Plus also exists and the usual ones also exist, except for the 10x optical zoom. There is more to the hardware problem. The value is C. One of the features that I can only remember if I'm not in a hurry. Why use Night mode if the auto mode is already good? It's like crowding around so that it is like ignoring the cellphones underneath. I need it buried under it, but I don't need it. This Night mode only has a few benefits. If we actually take pictures in a very dark space then there's a little difference! The 8th I will show you the photos from the S22 Plus at night, You now know the reason why Night mode was rated C. Because There is already an ordinary mode with an S value, so that you don't have to be weird about what features to activate.

One of the signs of a flagship camera is that it's given a nightly atmosphere,. This function is more like framing by example. If you use the main camera 1x, it looks too wide. We can use 3x optical zoom for more stable. Framing without having to sacrifice a lot of quality, that's what I use most of the 3x optical zoom. Next up is the AI Photo Remaster featu e! This- is one of the features that the name already sounds like. Very convincing... We asked AI to make our photos even better. Select the photo we want to improve, then choose "remaster, picture " He will analyze and edit according to what he thinks is good. Sometimes there are photos which are better when edited, but there are also those whose results are the same or even better.

It is natural that there is an AI that 100% improves our photos, The software has been sold for sure separately. I gave it a B because I could not test it directly, because I don't have a pet. The point is this: portrait mode - will know if we are taking pictures of animals like cats or dogs or anything else, a fish? And people who love taking pictures of their pets, Of course, the results are good but if we try it ourselves I don't know. Continue, Single Take! At once we can record a moment in various modes. This is a feature that sounds cool, but it's important for moments that can't be repeated, like blowing out birthdays, candles, or surprising people, sports. The reaction is irreversible.

But I just gave it a B because it really works in certain circumstances and the results are a bit random. We are sure that we just want to record a video or just take a photo - it's better to choose that one. Instead of relying on the Single Take. If you want everything: confused, just single take. We have been discussing the features of the photo. Let's move on to the video features. Almost all video content has begun transferring nowadays, The features get even more important if you already have a cell phone. The 13th, feature, auto mode first. Record, a simple video. I've said it already: Quality in the video review yes, If the Samsung S22, Ultra or S22 Plus recordings are good, they can record at a 4K 60fps resolution.

The front camera can also be 4K, but it is still not the best for now. If you push it a bit, you can get A+, but it's definitely not S. The feature. That makes me quite surprised by the video recording on the S22. Series is not when it is used in the dark or the usual, but it's just right. Gratulate Light Those who look directly at the sun are so happy. It's called the Super HDR feature, which activates automatically. If a small plane passes by it can still record well. If you are recording a clear, bright sky. This is a feature which will make the video even more beautiful. There is a Pro video that I don't really use. There will be people who will really appreciate this feature because it can give you the freedom to set the ISO.

The shutter speed and focus can be manual and the mic - direction can also be adjusted. No S because it can't be used by many people easily, If a good video is uploaded to IG Story it is ruined! So, when I read the 16th feature, Samsung claims that now is live. Videos on IG Story are much better. So leave that assessment to you. On the Samsung S22 Ultra, I've taken some videos directly from the application. Please assess @gadgetins for yourself. Will make a poll about it. It makes everything cooler, right if we record in slow motion. Especially the action that can't be slowed by the eyes, so that's its function. We often forget to turn it on and when I record using this feature I feel happy, even though the recording quality is definitely lower when compared to normal recording.

It's an A or not S because the slow world at HP has always been like that. It's like it didn't develop as long as it exists. This is a feature that I thought was really trivial. The first is a video of portraits. I think it's trivial because I'm likely used to seeing the results of portraits, videos that are not neat on a midrange cellphone, right? It turned out that when I recorded my S22 Plus using, the results were really good. The blur was neat and the bokeh wasn't too flashy, it didn't flicker. You want to record an aesthetic, dreamy one. We also can adjust the intensity of the Bokeh. The value of the Bokeh is S. 19th Feature! This is also a feature that we can find on other HP cellphones. If I'm not mistaken, Samsung was the first to introduce the name Super Steady.

Its function is to really stabilize our recordings, even if we record them running and running while holding them with our hands. The results will be super stable. The recording mode is stuck at 1080p resolution which doesn't look too sharp. So for me it is better to record using 4K 60, 4K 30 is really stable. The Super Steady is only used in super rare situations. Feature 20, Director's View. We can see a preview of each lens from our camera, so that we can quickly know which framing is the most appropriate. No need to change lens mode. This is a feature that makes us feel like we are directors. We can see multiple cameras at once in front of our screen. You can also activate the dual camera if you want to activate the front and rear cameras.

Then, the next feature, 8K Video Snap. This is a feature that I said: earlier I don't understand why it exists. But when we turn on the 8K recording mode, which I do not recommend because the video is very small, it is really heavy and keeps getting stuck at 24 fps, because 8K is super heavy. We can take pictures in that mode. It is called Video Snap 8K but I don't know. It's not like snapping with the auto camera, which was the first feature. The combination of 8K features that no one will use except for experiments and shots that feel like screenshots is making 8K Video Snaps get a D value. Auto Framing. This is useful for tracking our faces when using our front camera. Wherever our faces move on the selfie camera, they zoom there too. It feels like that.

This is a C grade because I never thought about what I was using it for and the tracking response isn't very responsive either. Should be polished by Samsung again. Probably didn't get a D because it was pretty funny? That is my assessment of the camera features on the Samsung S22 series! To try this, I realized that in this cellphone there are many weapons ready to make an already good camera even more powerful. If you use it in inappropriate conditions incorrectly It will actually reduce the results compared to just using Auto. The results are not good. Are you ready to ask what camera you took? Want to keep in auto mode because you don't get dizzy? There is no harm in getting more features, and the results can also be better.

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