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Hello guys, but here and this is the Samsung Galaxy Note2 Pultron, not Ultra 20 Ultra, and already is the usual Samsung Galaxy Note 20 plus. What is the difference this time with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. If for example you have often followed the Samsung Galaxy S4 Note 23 or already have a Samsung Galaxy S4, it will be interesting just think of it like no constituency, given the spen, with some developments so that it's specs he really doesn't get many changes that actually make the money increase. It is not like that because the chipset is still Exynos 9610, similar to galaxies tempe, both are the same and the neck is already the beauty.

Sd is already Tuke and 120 is also the same as Fenty, but the difference is that it is also 8 RAM, GB and Kaesang, but the difference is that the internal memory is already 512. 512Mb internal memory costs 20 million. A thousand silver is the highest variant, While there is also a variant of 8 Giga internal 256 RAM, the cost also 17 triple 9, so the difference is 2 million. There is no 128 GB end because the Ultra extension of yesterday was really chippy. There is no other option, but this time Samsung is listening to the 18 and it doesn't even exist. If the regular hotplate has 8 GB of RAM and the internal 2563 is the price of 14 4009. 2.7 million is a Galaxy Basel. If I'm not mistaken, it's Samsung's latest death, which has had the more frequent activity.

This is going to get a Samsung Galaxy Bedplus and there are things like cashback if you use Bang or what? It is just that if you, for example, buy the most bonus on Tokopedia, this time around, What is the difference between this cellphone and Samsung Galaxy S20 Not much in the camera section, even though he looks a bit different here. If the North is 12 Megapixels on the web and 12 Megapixels of Telephoto with five time optical zoom and it is digital, the end is 50 times not 100 times qwerty Ultra, maybe Samsung thinks - Ah,. If he's digital, he is always friendly, so it is only stuck 50 times.

So for those of you who already have an aesthetic, I have been using Tenkeyless for a couple of months, I'm not really interested, Same with the notes series, because I don't always use Aspen. As long as the note is just this is fine, on the back. Even though Samsung claims to be that, the color is copper. There are three colour variants to choose from and if the Galaxy Note is pointy, here is it. There are also three choices of color variants, the Gray Angangrin and the Brons one. The material is different if he uses Gorilla Glass 5, so it is shiny, so shiny perhaps Iqbal doesn't look lucky now. The sexy packaging costs, 14 and a half million dollars. Only when you hold it it feels premium compared to this meeting and luckily polycarbonate is more durable.

Note that he will later use a Gorilla Glass 7 for each layer whose size is 6.9 Isos. using Gorilla Glass 7, I have never heard of it. When I heard that, I went straight to Corning's website. What it is really interesting is that on this cellphone screen there is a new glass which already uses Super AMOLED for sure and the size is 6.9. It's big if l' man is wearing 6,7 inches Hi Gordon, the size is big, not bad, because both are Galaxy Note, so that is usually how it is. And one of the characteristics of Galaxy Notepro, the sp, which is this time unique from Esvandi, Galaxy Note plenty Ultra and not plenty, LED tension, so Leten there for example, The question of ideals comes together like this. The line will follow Slavina's direction, because she is digital.

20 choose super-super second or super-super. That means that a fifth of a second is very small, but you can still feel it if you pay attention. If you look at the ultradent Noventi minutes, it has been updated, so 9 only choose second, so the response is half faster. It's twice as fast to appear on the screen of this cellphone. Yesterday, the Apple Pencil, which hasn't moved to SD, is 20 seconds. In response time he has also finished 9 and he is on par with the iPad, which I am very pleased with. If from the quality of the tbsp still uses plastic, yes, Dr. Jester, who was the same yesterday, let's see just around it.

If you have been a Samsung Galaxy, Tab Samsung, for example, unless you use the notes, it's suitable here for upgrading, but if it's not quite right aesthetically I don't think it's as attractive, that's it. Suddenly, I remembered that there was one Hey I heard. This is suitable for professional content creators. In this case we can adjust where the microphone is facing. This is really funny for those of you who know about using this mobile device to treat content. If we come from the front, our voices will be clearer. Here is a bar, and it's really funny. So if we come from front, drum sound still looks pretty good on Pik if it is behind it. Chaque time he is not at the top again it decreases somewhat. Perhaps the distance has to be a little far like Romi and Mang Ellen So.

If we use a TWS headset with a Bluetooth connection or USB we can set whether we want our voices to be captured from where Sri made this feature, I hope that the concentrator can be given a restaurant or a note or whatever, because it's just software, not hardware, If it is hardware we talked yesterday about restanti and now I'm using aestheticus too. Maybe the Galaxy Note hasn't changed much for me. Twenty series of want the usual ultra-low one, The easiest way since the last 23 years is the easiest way to judge the note series, it is the Samsung S series given by the High School. Galaxy Note can be an option, but if, for example, you do not really need SPN I'm me because I've used Apple Pencil Samsung Galaxy S, it's free except A, Madam Menteng..

You want to throw this in the pool, you're free. First impressions of the gadgetin for the Samsung Galaxy Note. This kind of planet contains richland skating and dislikes Dancow again in the next video Young Lex..

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