Is Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro lebih Baik daripada Apple Airpods Pro?

Hello guys, in this video, I am back in relation to Kevin Dero project, In this video we will review the Samsung Galaxy battery, so. Let's talk about the case now. It is physically mad from the casing so it does not trace fingerprints. But if you look at this Galaxy Bass Project, for example, the condition is glossy. Surely you look like you are pressing it so that you have to clean it often, but for this size travel words are small, as batches or earphones are ruined, in general. it's heavy and if you don't trade if you for example don't and it also has several tips that you can adjust for your own ear size and also there is a USB plug or it also has wireless charging support. Your cellphone, charger or you, for example, have a pretty big wireless charging feat.

So, if you can charge your cellphone with all the sad Sibas, yes we immediately get annoyed with this feature being a wolf on this battery. You can then set the Equalizer, and also in this application you can activate the 360 audio mode, where this is a referred mode supported by al Sibas Pros. You can watch our films for e ample. Where is the pressure like someone is coming in when you move your head. So it's not static in one direction and that's what I think is cool. In the application you can find the Galaxy BassPro. When you press the paint it will automatically sound. Also in this application it's a one stop solution to set all modes, all features, all sound quality for the Galaxy base.

This is also a expensive bottle like the Ready for Leader Pot brand, Pro Rice. This Samsung has a Galaxy Baspro where it has its flagship Feature, namely Active Noise and Discouraging MW also, but maybe if, for example, you know more transparency at the airport Pro, where I will discuss a little solution for this mouth transparency, namely so hi. It's like opening the mic, so he uses Michael outside of all this basspro action to record or take sound from outside so automatically. You can't hear sounds from outside, so the goal of Yi is to pick up sounds from outside so that you can talk to people. It's true that you don't really blog like that, and there were those who were there before it was called active noise cancellation.

Also, this is the main feature that was originally inaproc from both Apple and the Galaxy Baspro, so epic noise. This noise is also really good for voice blogging, which turns the engine on. If you learn, it blogs, static, sound, for example, airplane noise or sounds that are noisy or static outside. That's what active noise is meant to block, but in my opinion, for example, there's a lot of chatter from people who can hear a little bit, but mostly you use this while listening to the song, so automatically the sound from outside is more to the blog. You can configure how much intensity you want to block and there are four levels for the emote that you can set.

How loud is the intensity of sound you want to hear from outside, or how clear is it? Well, in my opinion, because I am also an airport user, the mouth bone pronation is a bit robotic. It's hence more artificial than the transparency mod of the airport, Pro. But again, in my opinion, like technique, what's the point of this cipoti to hear outside sounds? Well, he does his job very well sipping all of the characteristics of this Pro and for operation. It provides using the sensor staff so or there are four single taps, Brother, Freeport and also hot where in this hotel, this time can be used to set the mode, for example, you guys from mtmwood then much Now you can use it from taken hold and for example, single, double and triple.

It was a technique to pause then to pause next or the track exactly. So the following is, according to me, from the settings of all actions, then from the features of active noise and also the way of operation, these are Tread power. If you are a device of Apple that usually uses Firefox and then faces your iPhone or your iOS device this is the same with Galaxy Baspro, so you are Muslim. You have activated your bluetooth and then logged into your galaxy. The limit and wear it and pair it with your cellphone. There is one feature that all Sibas Pros rely on namely auto-exo to detect voice when you, for example, use this in active noise mode, and then you, for example. Your shop is using It's a basso with a noise effect.

You can talk immediately so he immediately moves to the mood bucket, so I think it is because it is really set and it is very flexible then. You guys can hear it immediately and can chat about my life.. You can do it or more Galaxy, where OK, where is the political, sound, here?, Slimmer's body used to be I'm not a very oval Jew, but this That's, my opinion, what I normally use TWS to airports. But then from Xiaomi and now from Samsung, I think the sound is, you have to admit, for this price. I listen often to songs that reply a bit and the language is really kicking. It's like you are listening live music, that's more or less what it is and what is the tension then, for example.

I also used this Yes, using a Samsung TV, so I'm sure he's much more optimistic than you guys using a laptop or other device. Okay about the political sound he is also in Aji, like on the Indie packaging label directly in Kenya. He's sure that it is a really good afternoon for him and for me as well, because I've been using this for more than a month, and yes, in the future I'm using that one. The solmix quality is the sound I took directly from Sheikh Galaxy Basspro and also comparison with airpo This rt Pro is the result of recording on Samsung Galaxy basspro,. It is claimed by Samsung that the appstore can listen to a song for five hours non-stop, with the active noise record on.

If for example, you use this without turning it on Masnya, it can be more or less Abdul 8 hours and also with the casing. That is really good and my experience is that I can charge it once every two days, I mean after I listen to it, It's new 2014 with the case: okay, that's more or less a review of Samsung's Galaxy bass Pro so. But in my opinion, the lack of it isn't as optimal as if you used a Samsung and so I think you have Samsung devices or tabs or smartphones Well. Suppose you are looking for a TWS that has Hi M with a bunch of cool features, and it also crashes, it can automatically switch on, for example. Hi guys, Bokefindo Project will see you forever..

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