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Hey everyone, in this video I want to help you figure out which tablet you should get to create digital art with. I have a 12.9 inch ipad pro with apple pencil 2. This is the 13-inch microsoft surface, with the slim pen 2 and this is the 14.6 inch Samsung galaxy tab, s8 ultra with the Samsung s pen. If you want to save time, check out the text review that I have already written. Let's start with the pricing : the official retail price for this tablet with eight gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage is 1, 000 and 100. Surface Pro 8 has been out for several months now, so you can actually get this at about 100 to 200 off the official retail price, and you have to factor in extra money for the apple pencil and the Microsoft steam pen.

If you are looking for a versatile tablet surface pro, it is the obvious choice because it works under Windows and you have nothing to do here, because you have this enormous variety of desktop apps and all of these desktop apps are full featured desktop apps. We are talking about Adobe photoshop, which is the full software. My tablet flickering on the left side because there is some hardware problem and you also get extended desktop mode, so you can connect an external monitor to this tablet. If you want to do live streaming, then install obs and do it. While recording your screen at the same time, you can connect a microphone and choose the microphone input, so there is nothing that Surface Pro 8 or windows os could do my only argument against Surface pro.

I was only able to get 6 hours with auto brightness with the ipad pro and the samsung tablet. If you are using the tablets outdoors at maximum brightness, the battery life will be shorter by a to two hours for this three. For example, there is the Sidecar feature that allows the ipad to be used as an external display on your mac. There is an address where you can share files very easily wirelessly with the tablet and Mac. You can use iCloud for backing up your mac as well as the tablet and if you have movies from itunes, you can also watch the movies purchased on your mac on the ipad. If you are not using a mac, it may be better to choose the Surface Pro 8 or the Samsung tablet.

My final recommendation is this: choose the tablet based on the software you want to use in terms of drawing capabilities and the variety of drawing apps. They are matched to android and Google Play Store equally, however. So we are talking about apps which can allow you to set text typography. I feel that if you are not using a mac it is better to have the Surface Pro 8 or the Samsung tablet, but that doesn't mean that these two tablets are better compared to the ipad pro. It is just that with the Mac and Ipad Pro, when comparing drawing performance and the variety of drawing apps that are available, I would say that these three tablets are almost equally matched.

Ultimately, my recommendation is to choose the software that you want to use and also think about what else you want to do with your tablet other than simply drawing, because when it comes to drawing these three tablets are almost equally good. The main downside for the Samsung tablet is the lack of graphic design, apps and vector apps. So if I want to do something related to type or typography or layout, it is very difficult to do those things on the Samsung tablet because of the lack of graphic design apps. So that's the bottom line, and now let's get into the details of where I'm talking more about the user experience, so I have been using the 12.9 inch ipad pro for several years now and I have used a Samsung tablet for many years.

I have used Surface Pro tablets on and off over the years but this year decided to buy the Surface Pro because the pen performance has improved significantly more specifically, there is no more diagonal line jitter when you are drawing diagonal lines slowly. These are all big tablets and are portable, but they are considered heavy, especially when you compare them to 11 inch tablets. So the weight of the ipad pro 12.9 inch is 682 grams. This is 728 grams and this is 891 grams so this is noticeably heavier than that three anyways when it comes to weight, I would consider these three tabletop tablets when I draw with them.

If I have to carry them and draw on it, I won't be able to do it because they are just too heavy and when you consider adding a case to the tablets it's going to make them even heavier. Instead, I mean, take a look at your current workflow and see if you need to bring out tablets or not and about that. My first iPad Pro was the 12.9 inch iPad Pro from 2017 : the one with home button, the thick bezels and the one where you must charge your apple pencil at the bottom. This is not the m1 ipad pro I have the m1 ipad pro and the drawing performance and experience are similar to this older model. This tablet has four gigs of RAM, and it is still very responsive when it comes to drawing that you can create.

Very detailed illustrations are very big files with a lot of layers, of course m1 ipad pro with 8 gigs of ram. I like the form factor of the ipad because it's a 4x3 aspect ratio which makes it very usable in both landscape orientation and portrait orientation, and I use this usually with a case in my home. If I hold this with my hand the tablet quite easily, it gets tiring, so some of these sketches were actually drawn out on location. I brought the tablet to your sketch outdoors at locations and it is heavy, so as I mentioned earlier, if you need portability, go with the 11 inch tablets. Apple iPad pros are using apple pencil 2 from 2018 onwards which attach to the side of the tablet to charge and for the parent.

The drawing performance of the apple pencil is fantastic. The ipad pro and apple pencil is probably one of the earliest portable tablets that give such wonderful drawing performances and experience, which is why many digital artists like the ipad pro. The main thing I like about the apple pencil 2 is: Let me show you it's actually this specific feature. It is clearer more specifically that when you draw a line like this, the strokes start thin, get thicker and taper very smoothly and sharply. This is something that is quite difficult with the slim pen tool and the samsung s, pen I have just switched to the Surface Pro 8 and the Slim Pen Tool to show you what I'm talking about so that the strokes don't taper as naturally compared to what I can get with the ipad pro.

So if you take a look at the strokes here, you can see that the width is almost consistent with the ipad pro, you get thin thick and tapers very smoothly, but here you can see that the lines do taper, but not as smoothly as the ipad pro this line. If I remember correctly, the price is 129 now for slim pen 2. If you do not have type cover, you will have to buy some usb charger to charge the pen, thus it will be an extra cost. The pen with the tablet, the slim pen tube, has minimal initial activation force and has good control over pressure sensitivity. The only thing I do not like about this pen are the tapering strokes. They just don't look as natural; if you need that extra amount of precision with your line, artistry, perhaps the apple pencil is the better choice.

The slim pen also supports tube sensitivity and has fabulous palm rejection. However, customization for these two buttons is very limited, and this is the line quality that you can get back with the samsung s. Pen. You can see the lines that don't taper, as I naturally don t even see the thin line. The samsung s, pen has very minimal initial activation force and has good control over pressure. Sensitivity has excellent palm rejection, and this pen does not require charging, and you do not need to connect the pen with the tablet - it has been paired permanently and it comes with the tablet. So you don’t have to spend extra money to buy this. So when you are drawing there is no tapping sound as to how smooth or slippery pens are.

When drawing on glass surface, I would say they are equally smooth with the apple pencil and a slim pen also. So if you want to, you can apply a matte screen protector over your tablet for that extra tactile experience when you're drawing. If you apply a matt screen protector over the Samsung tablet and draw the SAMSUNG's pen, it will peel off the rubber tip. Like really fast, I no longer use matte screen protectors because they affect the image quality of the display and have already gotten used to drawing on glass. Ratio is more important but when the display is large, this three tablets are considered. Thankfully, the big aspect ratio is less important now because despite the aspect ratio of the display you still have a lot of space to work with.

You can have room for pallets on the left and right sides and still get a good amount of space to work with these two aspect ratios and work great with both portrait and landscape orientations. It looks a bit weird, but due to the sheer size of this display, it is still very usable in portrait orientation. Canvas to work with the same applies to the ipad pro. Let's talk about the variety of apps on ipad versus android and windows. The variety of drawing apps available on the different platforms is not the difference between the three tablets in my opinion, because you can get a huge variety of fantastic drawing apps on these three tablets. The differentiating factor is for me as a visual content creator what other apps are there.

The ipad pro has no advantages when it comes to graphic design, because the mobile apps you have in this are not the full features that you can get with desktop apps, for example. This is a page layout that I have created on ipad with adobe illustrator. When I immediately open the app, adobe tells me that some features are missing and the tools and the functionality you see here. It is a subset of the full features that you can get with the desktop app and with the desktop you can use keyboard and mouse and the pen. If you want it to be much more productive when it comes to graphic design work on the surface pro 8 compared to the ipad.

But it's for me with mouse or keyboard and the pen on the surface makes it easier on windows to create graphic design or page layout such as this with Android. Currently, it is not possible due to the lack of graphic design apps. If you want to create a thumbnail youtube and put some text over the thumbnail or the photo, it can be done here clip studio krita. You can even out the photos and do selections and all that, but when it comes to [Music] typography, setting paragraph style wow, there are many wonderful and capable drawing apps on android. Currently however, when it comes to graphic design, it is lacking, and let's talk about the things about each tablet that I don't like quite so much about ipad pro.

The ipad pro's file management system is extremely basic and there are a lot of bugs with the files app. You can do anything you want to do with the file system, on windows and android. The other thing I dont like about ipad is the lack of support for an external monitor. If you connect an external monitor to the ipad, it will just mirror. There are just a handful of apps that can take advantage of external displays, for example with procreate. When you draw on the tablet, your art can be reflected on a larger screen. As you can see with windows, you get proper external display support. So you can drag your windows from left to right and back so this is just a much better tool for productivity with the Samsung tab.

So when you connect an external display to the tablet, you can actually use this as desktop mode. The thing I don't like about the Samsung tablet is that it is actually not about the Samsung tablet, it is about the Android ecosystem, it's the lack of graphic design apps. That's the only thing I don't like about this tablet, which is the lack of graphic design apps from the Android ecosystem. These three tablets are very capable in terms of hardware, so I don't think you should choose them. I have a lot more to say about these tablets, but I don't want to make this video an hour long. So go check out the tax review that I have already written in terms of value for money, these three tablets.

They do provide good value for money because the surface pro has been out for a while and you can get this on discount. I would say this would be better value for money compared to the ipad and Samsung tablet simply because it's more affordable, relatively speaking, and it runs Windows OS. So it is more versatile compared to ipadOS and Android. That's all the information I wanted to share with you guys regarding these three tablets..

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