Installation Guide and Review by the Official Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Glass Screen Protector - (Case Friendly ) - Galaxy User Guide

Shane is here with the minor accent! If you just got your Galaxy S 9, the first thing you'll want is to protect the Gorilla Glass 5 with a screen protector on the front. Like the Note, today 8 and S 8 have dual curved edges. We are going to take a look at a case friendly screen protector for the Galaxy S9. This is the elixir - sentinel case and screen protector.

Let's go ahead and get started so that one of the best options that I have found for protecting the Galaxy S 9 is the Sentinel Case in glass screen protector combo by Elixir. Elixir just donned the glass screen protector by itself and when you buy the screen protector all by itself, you will get two in the box. Here you only get one protector and case, but this will give you 360 degrees of protection.

How do I set the case in side, for now? I like that they include instructions on how to apply the screen protector. We have a microfiber cloth and an alcohol strip, and then we have the glass screen protector right. Any dust that remains on the phone will get trapped underneath the screen protector and it will cause this screen protector to lift out.

So we just wipe it down really good and try to remove as much grease and dust as possible and then hit it with that micro cloth to dry it all up. If you go ahead and remove those with the dust absorber you want to be pretty diligent with getting all the dust removed because those will cause the screen protector to lift as soon as possible. We'll go ahead and prep the screen protector, so we need our guide, stickers and you do. Place these guide stickers on the front of the screen protector.

Next we will go ahead and apply the screen protector, so that you use the stickers and do your very best to align everything correctly once you feel that you have it properly positioned go ahead and press in the center of the screen protector and it will apply on to your device. One thing that you'll notice about the screen protector and the thing that makes it case-friendly is that it leaves only a slight lip on the sides here.

It's still very colorful and you're still able to watch HD videos on the display and as you can see there is no quality loss with this screen protector. In fact, you may even forget that you have the screen protector on the phone and that's gonna protect that Gorilla Glass 5 from all these nasty scratches. I have here the official Samsung ultimate device protection, a stand alone protective cover so we will go ahead and test that out. All right, I can already tell that this case is going to have a much tighter fit and it has a more protruding edge.

It might therefore be a little bit challenging for the screen protector, but we'll try it. Alright guys that pretty much wraps up the video. If you liked the video then give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for more content like this in the future. You can find more from me on droid miner I. Come follow me on Twitter, a droid moderator, thank you guys for watching be blast..

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