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For the last six months I've been using the galaxy fold 3 as my daily driver. This is actually the first folding phone that I've used, and how I feel about it today compared to how I felt about it before I put my SIM card in it, while the benefit of having a phone that unfolds into a tablet was always obvious to me. Like a lot of people, there were initially certain things about the phone that I thought might be deal breakers. I was worried about how thick and heavy it was gonna be and the battery and camera were obviously a step back.

But before we talk about that one thing, we had to put some perspective behind the so-called deal breakers because I am tired of hearing about them from people who have never used the phone, so deal breaker number one that you hear all the time is the crease and I get it. The conclusion is after doing so: Oh man, the crease is horrible, but that's not how you hold the phone in normal use. It's one of those things that everyone hates to hate, but after using it for a while, especially on the fold where your fingers rarely move across the crease, you kind of forget about it now. The phone looks cool, but I feel like it's going to break up.

In fact, I'd go as far as saying that the fold 3 might actually be more durable than other phones, due to the metal strips on the outside of the hinge and the raised lip on the main screen. Obviously, when it comes to dirt, though that is a separate issue, because this phone does not have that dust rating. It is also not necessarily rugged by any means but holds up when used regularly by man. Oh it's a hot day today and the hinge is as good today as it was on day ; in fact, the only real knock I have on durability is with the screen protector which seems to affect pretty much everyone. It starts to peel after a while. I've kept the screen protector on for the sake of this video.

The third impression people have, especially if they hold for a quick second, is whoa. It definitely does not interest you to drop this on your face while lying on the couch, but it's not as bad as most people. Thought because you know that one of the things I really didn't like about the phone was how narrow this cover screen was, it turns out that samsung knew what they were doing because by having the phone be this narrow, it makes it a lot easier to grip with one hand. And while this phone weighs more than something like the iPhone 13 Pro max, it actually feels more comfortable to hold in hand and then when you open it well it becomes a two-handed phone.

You can split the weight by two and unlike a traditional Candy Bar phone your hands are better spaced, so again, it just makes it a little bit more comfortable to hold than maybe something like the iPhone. So the fourth knock is the battery and the camera and yes the fold, and that's a tough pill to swallow when paying such a premium, at least for the camera. You can check out our rankings on our website to get an idea of how this phone stacks with the one you have currently if we already tested it, but for me the battery has been more than enough. Most days I end up with around 15 battery left with an average of four hours of screen time. Also while your mileage for me may vary, the battery has not been an issue.

It doesn't inspire the most confidence right now, since I do drop into low power mode every day, but at the same time, in the last six months, it has never actually died on me anymore since all these so-called deal breakers have never really made me want to quit the big screen and go back to something like an iPhone, but there is one thing that may actually get me to disable this phone. I have never made more mistakes on any phone in the last 10 years than I have on the full 3. It feels like I'm Goldilocks or something, but I've tried a number of different keyboards on here and just can't get back to my normal typing speed without sacrificing accuracy. I type a lot on the phone I take notes.

I sometimes type video scripts, so perhaps it's a bigger deal to me than it would be to you, but we're talking about one of the main ways we can interact with the phone. Having it has been an absolute game changer having the ability to browse the full desktop version of websites has led me completely to stop using my ipad. In fact, after a month of switching to this phone and watching videos on here I sold it like that. Well, let's say that your screen time is going to go up and that a lot of battery complaints go up. It's because you use your phone more and then there's also something special about being able to load up a pdf like a restaurant menu without having to scroll around every two seconds.

Even though fold three isn't perfect, what makes it really good still makes it worth it to me anyways..

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