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It's time for everyone to talk about one of my favorite phones that have ever come out and that is actually the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Now this specific phone came out a couple of years ago again in 2018 and it will be four years old in 2018 and in my opinion, this was one of my favorite phones ever out, especially from samsung. This was the generation right before samsung started switching up, and this was actually the third in line to be last or at least in terms of the note lineup from samsung. You know that release was at the same time- and that was whatever samsung had at that moment, all the features all the power to the battery. They just threw it into one device and it was the note lineup and I'm such a huge fan of it.

Now I wouldn't recommend it picking it up today, but there is the s22 ultra that should be coming out. That's going to be like the note, lineup replacement so I'll update you guys how this one goes, but I also leave some other phones out. I would suggest that this year in the description below can get that from there and support the channel. The only reason that even looks remotely dated are the bezels on the top and bottom there's no whole punch display and the lack of like 120, hertz or 90 hertz, but even that you know when I look at it now and like i mess with it. It's really not that big a deal and I'm actually a fan of the way this phone looks and you know, the build quality too. Now you have a Usb type c port on the bottom that still supports Samsung decks, which is awesome.

You have that s pen, which is really insane to have on this type of phone also. It's like a stylus - you know what - I'm sure most of you know by now and you also have a microsd - card slot which is super crazy. Now, as I mentioned before, when you have something like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 you get such amazing io. As of this point, by having a phone like the Note 9 you pretty much get a solid phone with solid ports on it, which is still really cool. You have that fingerprint sensor on the back, which is in a pretty strange location. They've since been brought to the front under the display, but this was one of the last Samsung phones to bring this type of capability, and we also have a dual camera setup on the back as well.

Now you have the ip certification, you have very excellent build quality. For the most part, this phone is still pretty big and has a really good half to it. I'll definitely tell you - you know what it comes down to in this type of day and age. You know looking phone it doesn't look ugly but it still looks pretty good and, as I mentioned before, there really is not too much to hate on it without a doubt.

So in terms of that that covers it up outside camera wise, you know we have that dual camera set up on the back, a 12, megapixel wide angle lens and a 12 megapixel telephoto lens, and on the front I guess we had like a dual camera setup, an 8, megapixel wide angle lens and then a 2 megapixel iris scanner, which was used to scan your eyes and stuff. You know it still takes pretty decent photos. I have not had too many problems with it, but like I mentioned, the main downside of something like you know note 9 is that a lot of these applications like you know instagram and tick tick and all these types of focus-only apps like camera.

They really don't utilize the full Android experience and because of that you really get not that crazy class of a camera in those applications. However, it is actually really good with something like the Note 9 stock camera app. They just throw them in this type of camera, and I think that Samsung did a really good job in terms of these specific features in that sensor, though maybe the only downside - I can think - is like that front camera. It really is not that great anymore, but I still think that this back camera is fairly decent with the amount of features it has. Since then, I think it has gotten a few security updates here and there, but it is pretty much outdated and that's kind of a disadvantage when one purchases a phone.

Like the note 9, you would want it to last as long as possible and in this specific situation, that's not really the case. If you plan to buy a note 9, you are pretty much already obsolete, and that's exactly what the problem is. As I mentioned, I don't want to recommend a phone to people you know when it is already old in a little bit of time, and that is pretty much what's going to be happening with this type of device. You will be getting a fairly old device when you already buy it, and it is only getting older, which is the sad thing to think about.

It really doesn't make too much sense to pick it up anymore because of the longevity and although it still has great build quality, beautiful display and pretty good cameras, it really isn't getting updates and there is absolutely no reason to pick it up. Even the Note 10 is a much better phone nowadays than this one, simply because of its software updates. So in terms of that that lays out the performance of it up there now, this device does have that qualcomm snapdragon 845 chipset, with six gigs of ram on the base model and then eight gigs of ram on the top models. I think one Ui also kind of slows down things a little bit, but it is really not that big of a deal and I do think that this phone is still a pretty good phone when it comes down to it.

I think it is still perfectly fine for basic apps and everything and I mean with that big panel it makes things look so beautiful even in 2022. On top of that, as I mentioned, I mean if you are doing heavy games or applications as well. There's really not a lot to see where this phone I ever felt like, oh, my god it's so slow or it's super whatever. You know that you are no longer like the fastest phone in the world. For you probably know a little bit more money, but it is definitely worth the upgrade like you know. 5 is probably a better performing phone than this thing is now, in terms of that this pretty much covers in the performance segment and now wins it with battery life.

When it first came out this thing had a pretty big 4 000 milliamp hours battery, and that was actually a pretty big size battery to have on this type of device. So I'll definitely tell you that you know that the battery life of this phone at that moment was pretty good. Now it's definitely showing its age a little bit like I mentioned when you get a phone like this, you know that you are not getting the best battery life, but it's still a pretty decent battery life for sure. My particular model has gotten a little tastier, and that is kind of what is the problem, but other than that.

I think it's quite good battery life for pretty much considering age and the price, but even something like I mentioned, like a pixel 4a or especially a pixel 5a will be faster battery life than this one for sure. So in terms of that, as well as to be completely honest, I think the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is in a very strange spot hardware wise. It still rivals a lot of the you know: 700 800, even a thousand dollar smartphones that we get today, but when it comes down to software it's still very outdated and that's the biggest thing to keep in mind. I don't want people to buy a phone if it's already obsolete shortly after buying it, and in this specific case this device is already outdated so it makes even less sense to buy it.

I think the galaxy s10 would be another beautiful device to pick up, but I think all the phones from 2021, things like the iphone 13s, the 13 Pro specifically pixel 6 pro the pixel 6 or you know the Galaxy s 21s. Those would be really good phones to pick up, but I would most likely stay away from note 9 from now on out of the lack of software updates. So in terms of that, this pretty much covers up. If you guys have any other questions or anything like that, let me know in the comment section below hit like button, tell me so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button. I love every single one of you guys more than anything else. I hope I'll catch you guys in the next video... till then [Music].

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