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The galaxy a21 was first released in June 2020, which makes the device about a year and a half old at this point, and it is pretty amazing how quickly time flows, because I remember it was really not too long ago when I first got this phone and had a chance to compare it to its predecessor which is now the a20. Since then we've also gotten the a22 5g and I'm sure that a23 will be right around the corner. Since it was launched, this device has been a huge success at the different prepaid carriers in the usa. Now the a21s, about which I will do a similar follow-up video, was also a huge success, but that phone primarily was launched outside of the us in international markets and then the a21 was pretty much meant for prepaid carriers and then also as a cheaper option.

Now this particular device I originally bought from t-mobile at metro and it still holds up very nicely now with the Galaxy A21 we get a 6.5 inch display, so a pretty large screen. It certainly doesn't look like 720p at first glance, which is especially impressive when considering that it does have such a large display. Typically, it would be very easy to tell if the display is of low quality with a display this big and a resolution of 720p, but in this situation samsung really pulled it off very well. Now we have a 20x9 aspect ratio, more narrow, but taller form factor here, which is pretty similar to many of the devices launched over the last couple of years.

This form factor is becoming more and more popular because it actually works with how most people nowadays use their mobile devices. Of course people are using their phones less and less for phone calls and more for video, chats and social media browsing on the web and for example, having this higher display on your device comes in handy because you can see more of your feed in a single frame without having to scroll as much as you could. This device features a 79.3 screen-to-body ratio which is pretty decent overall. You probably already noticed that we have pretty slim bezels on the sides and top, and then the bottom of the device has a little bit of a thicker bezel here, but in general I think the phone has a good practical design.

I'm especially happy to see that we do have a hole punch for the front camera. The front camera is now 13 megapixels and definitely take a look at my a21 review I did here in the channel quite a while ago, as you'll be able to see a variety of different photo and video samples from this device. But in general, with my experience using the various cameras here in the phone, it definitely takes good enough photos and videos that they're worth keeping and posting to social media. Maybe the only situation where the cameras would be inadequate as if you are using your device as a tool to go along with work. So, for example, maybe you are a realtor and you want to take pictures of an inside of a property that you are about to list.

I wouldn't definitely use the a21 as the camera to take those photos, but if you just want to take a picture here or there, maybe to preserve some memories during a vacation, this phone would certainly be fine for that. Now with this device we have 32 gigabytes of internal storage, which is definitely not too much, but thankfully we do have microSD card expansion, so you can add at least a little bit more storage to the device. We do however have a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, and this device has also face unlock feature. So yeah, I'm definitely a big fan of this fingerprint sensor and in general the placement is also pretty handy.

Maybe if it was just a bit higher it would have made things a little better, but overall it does work well and I am of course glad that we now have facial recognition here. There's a 16-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel ultra wide angle camera which allows you to fit more content into the frame. It's especially helpful if you're photographing or taking video outdoors; for example, we also have a 2 megapixel depth-detecting camera to help with portrait mode so you can get those nice blurred backgrounds and we have a 2 megapixel macro camera for close-up images. So the ultra wide angle camera comes in handy especially if you are like I mentioned a bit back at vacation, there is a huge building you want to take a photo of.

It's definitely going to be a lot easier to capture this with the ultra wide angle camera compared to just standard DSLR, but at least you have a lot of options here, so you can go whatever path best suits your needs then go to the more tab where we have macro and then we can get very close and have things in really nice detail. So you know that none of the cameras that this device has are necessarily the best out there compared to pretty much any high-end phone. At the same time, I do appreciate that we do have a variety of different options and features and abilities here, and who knows? Maybe you can justify paying for something more expensive than your next device if you get this phone and you use the ultra wide angle camera.

Essentially, you know that this is in the sense of being a starter phone that you can try. All these features see what you really like or don't like then if you want to move things to the next level, you can always upgrade to one of samsung's top phones, like the s21 for example. Now with the Samsung Galaxy a21, we have three gigabytes of RAM and the Mediatek Helio p35 processor. Since then samsung has more and more often added mediatek processors with their lower end devices and generally, that's not a terrible thing either, but for doing simple tasks like phone calls browsing the internet, occasional social media usage and text messaging is also a great thing.

I did a geekbench 5 benchmark test with the phone and I'll show you the scores from that test right now. To get a better idea whether or not the samsung galaxy a21 is going to be a performance upgrade for you because it is possible that it won't be now. I wouldn't really expect to get 4k video recording with a lower end phone like this. We now have a 4 000 milliamp hour internal battery - quite large battery relative to some of the competition out there - and we get 15 watt fast charging which is definitely a welcome thing. It's one thing to have a battery that is maybe not huge, but if you can recharge it at a pretty rapid pace then that's really good.

Let's take a closer look at the hardware here so that even though this display is generally 720p, I am pretty happy with it. It gets decently bright and things do look crisp and clear here. So overall there are no complaints and I also appreciate that we are getting that hole, punch, the front camera and then you know that we do have a little bit of a thicker bezel bottom. But if you look at the left side of the phone it's not really that big of a deal. It has kind of a glossier finish, but we'll talk about that more in a second on the right side of the phone. We have a speaker USB c port for charging and data transfers, a microphone and a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the back of the phone. It's really the biggest downside of having this black piano finish on the back of the phone.

So that is something to remember and then, finally, before we end this video, I do want to show you really quickly what comes in the box. In here we go quite a few things, so we have quick start guide in spanish terms and conditions in English terms and conditions in spanish. ... but these are both really decent budget devices. If we come further we do have the adaptive fast charger featuring regular size usb. We also have a sim card removal tool and then we also have the usb cable for charging and data transfer. In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy a21 is worth buying in general in 2022. The biggest innovation might be that more and more lower end devices do have 5g compatibility.

If that is important to you then this would probably not be a good option for you, but in general the a21 is still a very capable device that offers pretty much most of the capabilities you would expect from a modern smartphone and there are some aspects of this device that are even better than some of the newer budgets from Samsung, such as the fact that we actually have this hole punch for the front camera. So the point is I prefer this type of design, but unfortunately it seems like Samsung is sort of moving away from it, especially in their devices that are 300 or less, and they are moving towards almost cheaper designs. So I'm not sure why that is not a huge fan of that, but we do have the a21 and if you are able to get one at this point it still is a decent option.

In the description below I will now link to it so you can look at some various options. If you want to get this phone used or renewed or refurbished, there are quite a few ways to get it in that manner but I hope that you enjoyed this video..

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