In 2020, Samsung Galaxy A10e Review (Big Price Drop! ) Still Worth Buying? - Galaxy User Guide

What's going on guys, my name is Wade with tech daily and in this video we're gonna review the Samsung Galaxy a 10 II. Overall, for the first quarter of 2020 in the United States, the 8ne still ranks fourth in the list of the best-selling. So I'm going to show you in this video everything I like and everything you should know about the Samsung Galaxy 810 II in 2020, and hopefully you decide at the end whether this is a phone that makes sense for you now. First of all, I want to talk about the pricing and availability of this phone a little bit more.

Since that's one of the main reasons I wanted to make this video, '' as I have already said, when this phone launched last year, its full retail price was around one hundred and eighty dollars and some places had it listed for even more - Don't get me wrong. Retailers such as t-mobile are still trying to charge close to 200 dollars for this thing, and at that price it's absolutely not worth it, but other prepaid carriers like simple mobile cricket and boost have this phone listed for well under $100 brand new. Some places may even offer it free if you sign up for a new service contract. If you want to go with an unlocked, phone Amazon has discounted their 8ne listings down to a hundred and forty nine dollars.

If you don't mind going with a refreshed device from Amazon, you can get an eight open box for just a little over 100. You can snag an eight for a fairly significant discount at just over a hundred bucks for most places. That's an insane deal for this phone and, like I, some places said, sell it even cheaper. That's pretty much reasons, one two and three, why I think this phone is still a really good purchase in 2020 and if you guys are interested in doing some comparison shopping of your own or maybe you want to pick up this phone for yourself. On the video description below, the current prices are down and be sure to check them down so you don't miss any good deals. Physically, the 8ne looks pretty similar to most budget phones released this year even.

V teardrop shaped notch setup, cut out by the camera, which is fine and towards the bottom. These design cues were the standard last year and are pretty much what you'd still see today with phones released. You can tell pretty easily that the a-10 II is an all-plastic phone, but what you'll notice is that I have my a 10 e for almost a full year. In last year, I think Samsung ended up doing a nice job with high quality bumping over inexpensive plastic devices. It is nothing fancy but a simple glossy, hard plastic, but it works and with a phone like this it is more durable than glass. The a-10 II is still available in this dark dark brownish hue, but that's not really a big deal and sizewise I think the 5.8 inch form factor is probably another one.

One of the main reasons why this device was so popular is simply the kind of phone that seems to fit everyone with a decent screen to body ratio, slim form factor and large, but still manageable screen size. I think the 8 comfortably sits in almost everybody's hand. Actually it is a fun fact that Samsung has not released a phone smaller than 6 inches besides the a01, which in my opinion isn't as good of a phone as the a-10 II, so that makes this 8 even more attractive. If you look on the left side, the a-10 packs a sim and SD card tray, which is great to have and down below, there are a headphone jack, USB, C charging ports and a decent single speaker setup.

There's only one thing missing from the 8ne hardware-wise and that is the fingerprint reader, but instead you get face, unlock which now works pretty well on these budget phones. I think a physical rear fingerprint sensor is almost always the better option. It just keeps things simple and easy to use and it's the more secure setup but considering everything else, this phone has I can look beyond that I guess and, as I said any year of owning this device. Now, if I had to pick the other big reason why I think that this device is so popular? It's probably the display itself on the paper, the actual screen, the specs aren't exactly over-the-top. But when you actually look at the screen on this phone, I think it presents a lot better than specs make it sound.

It is actually the perfect balance of size and resolution for this price point also, the coloration of the screen in general is just fantastic. It's not bright, bold AMOLED of some other, a series phones but it looks great I know not. Think that a lot of the average consumers do and with this kind of setup it visually makes the screen look more attractive at a glance. The 8ne is the kind of phone that provides a viewing experience above its price point. I think there are phones and this is just a prime example of that attendee offers an excellent viewing experience for the price and, in my opinion, the screen is probably what attracted a lot of buyers to this phone.

In regards to specs, the 8ne is a mixed bag of budget internals that perform better than expected but might be limiting depending on what you want this phone to do inside. You get the EXCI notes, 78-84 processor paired with the Mali g71 GPU, just 2, gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of built-in storage. This is the kind of phone that is perfect for someone who wants something: simple, texting web browsing, social media and a handful of other third-party apps with 32 gigabytes of built-in storage. For me really is just two gigabytes of RAM I thought that was a little low even last year, but specifically for 2020 and again, you can't necessarily expect a whole lot, but actually if you did push this phone a bit with tons of apps or even venture into gaming it is possible.

There are a few games that don't run well on this phone like fortnight for example, but plenty of others that play pretty well and are attached to a 3000 milliamp battery on the 8ne I. Think you have the potential to power through a days use. The specs aren't crazy. It is managed by everything else in front and paired with a 15-watt, fast charger and the USBC port. That's not all that great and there are a few decent options on the software side, such as pro controls, panorama, HDR, shooting and 1080p video, but you're missing pretty much everything else. If you really care about pictures and videos, this is not a problem at all.

But if you're even going to take some pictures and videos once in a while, I think you'll find the a-10 II just isn't up to par and with the selfie camera. But there are things here not as bad as it may seem at first : the 5-megapixel selfie camera produces OK photos and good lighting. Probably a little pale and void of color, but clearly usable, not bad and it's probably the one thing that this phone has going for itself when it comes to pictures. If you want a simple budget phone, that's been discounted from around 50% and offers a great display and few compromises. This is probably the one Samsung 2019 - A - series phone I'd recommend for 2020, simply because there are no other replacements yet.

There aren't any other devices that are smaller and less comfortable in the hand but still pack decent specs and features. The a-10 II is pretty much it and I fully expect this phone to continue to sell great long into 2020 and beyond, and if you're thinking about a new phone and want to save a little money. Let me know in the comments down below and let me know what you think about the a-10 II, especially if you have one yourself. I'd love to know your thoughts but hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. Be sure to follow tech daily on Twitter and subscribe to the Tech Daily youtube channel..

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