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Hello guys, but here is another three-level Samsung Galaxy A6 2PM. This time the Samsung phone is different from the Galaxy 02 es we discussed yesterday don't go back to yesterday Galaxy A6 2s which costs about 1.8 to 1.9 million. If the Galaxy 02 is the official price of Adi 1499 million the difference can be up to 400 500 thousand and the position of Gallaecia 02 is clearly below its brother. If you buy a cellphone during the Freestyle period for example, the difference will increase even more because when Freestyle arrives on February 21, there will be a discount of Rp. If you buy a new 10 million Rp. Free original Samsung earphones is worth Rp. And there is a Telkomsel Timex package which he has heard that we are a city of eight and a half giga a year So.

The total is 102 gigabytes at a monthly price of 50,000. It is cheaper than the regular quota, because when I checked the usual 63,000 it got 7 gigabytes, so eight and a half IDR 50,000, that's okay, I hope. The quality of this cellphone can be as attractive as the Bundling package. If it sounds pretty good from the specs because fast I read immediately it cramped because normally that is the problem with this entry-level band. This cellphone already has 3 gigabytes of RAM and 32 internals. So the lumen feels right and by the way is the only variant. So we don't need to worry too much, there's 4 gigabytes or how many, one variant and the price is only one type.. We immediately see the box, so it says Galaxa 02, it looks like this variant is black.

There is another called Denim Gray, so there are two color choices. There is also a Samsung logo, and it's a bit different on the left of the Samsung Box, which usually has a big Galaxy on it. Maybe the 2021 trend is a Samsung box? It s all like this right? There's the Telkomsel package that was earlier comparable. For example, if I suddenly use this one at night, isn't it difficult, right here there is a code from the cell phone, SMA 022, efs, les, etc.? This is a variant with black, rom32 and 3GB ram. Now we will immediately pack it for 2021 if we count it as cheapest Samsung cellphone, starting January. The one year ago - whether you were still interested in or not - buy a new one for example.

It's definitely cheaper, but if the new one is maybe five months old, I would be a bit disinterested unless there really isn't a successor. This is a short guide to SMA 022 SDS and the English version is available. -v brow display with bangs,. For some reason it doesn't say: 5000mh,, it's cooler, it's sold at 5000 m. It's just not a dual battery. The leaf part used to have a charger okay. This is not mainstream speed but it's not too fast for a 5000 m battery. It may take only about three hours to fully charge and recharge. There is a cable of this type, yes SBY, but it's still a micro type entry, yes HP, - The current level might just be pantry leveling. Finally, this year hopefully is the last one.

We open it first, not just to be a bit barbaric, It has a resolution of 5 mega pixels, from the texture on the back. It reminds me of the texture of the galaxy. Arnold has a chair with lines like this and he made it from polycarbonate aka plastic, I made the exact same plastic that doesn't try to make it look like glass but does not come to that. It feels like the foot is like Embrace or indeed, be proud of the material he uses and here I have a succession. Here there is a Samsung logo, where there is also a small inscription. Maybe the codes on the left have a button power. There is an I SIM tray which should support two Muslim cartoons and a unique micro SD card Yep.

These are two simple business cards, one unique micro SD card can support memory up to 1 terabytes, It's why I bought this 1 terabyte micro SD card for purpose. I do not know if it's a fad or not because the price for a memory card can be three times that price so it is impossible for anyone to install 5000000 memory on a cellphone that costs one and a half million dollars but that's it. It’s just for fun because yes it is just fun and it’s quite unique because when I looked, there wasn’t another cell phone that could support up to 1 terabyte e at a price like this,. Yes, a microphone, btip emmetropy, and here there is a speaker. This guy is one of the people who had a 1 terabyte flash drive plug into a 1 million cellphone.

If he supports 1 terabyte for example, then it also means that we don't need to enter 1 terabyte but we can, even though 51225 6184 is more flexible. If you want to enter school assignments. If we want the image engine to enter a video, everything is possible, maybe there. If you want to find one of the unique advantages of this dual Galaxy A6 or it can be used as one of the so-called tricks traps in Koi. So people can't possibly be a mobile phone used only for settings, at least for Indonesian social media may be stored important information, but suddenly, when I checked it, it was there. If, for example, this becomes a hard disk, so for example, if we insert it here, it is a 1 terabyte hard drive with a small size that if it crashes, the data doesn't disappear.

So maybe SSB, because it is OTG, so we can plug it into a computer and we can transfer data, yes. It's like a hard disk that can make calls, not a cellphone that has the capacity to save,. This is the earliest appearance of the Samsung Galaxy A6 2.0 Then boxing and now we want to see how it performs, even though I really don't expect too much, it's the same as when unboxing or discussing other entry-level cell phones. If he can, for example, just run smoothly, I'm really happy and yes, I can recommend it easily now. He has a screen size of 6 and a half inches with a resolution of edge plus da n. When I see this, the color is good but no. It's not typical of Samsung which is like Flex or 45 million that has a real color.

That costs one and a half million and is already acceptable, the standard, But you can't say it is really good. The paste holds really well if it's from the chipset itself when you look at it. Maybe this is the part on which you should pay the most attention, because it uses MediaTek mt6739, So when I saw the performance of Antutu 8, it's a bit difficult - can't say it is high - or can't be said to be higher than the others? So if, for example, you expect really fast performance from a Samsung Galaxy, 02 phone, maybe not on this phone, not for playing heavy games, not for playing games like this, I haven't tested it, but it looks like if you look at the score, he relies on a battery that lasts a long time if the neck is an ISP or minus.

I think what we can use is smooth middle and balanced. Medium This is standard for entry-level HP. Celine is usually only the performance. Every cellphone is different, even though the settings are the same Is it Galaxian? These methods can produce performance that can be good for playing although it can't be competitive, but there aren't a million cellphones that are good for being competitive. Because of yesterday's maker we had Baso. Yes, but it sounds like it's hot singing Yep. So it's cool to play pubg, because when you fall, maybe it's not up to 10 frames per second, so yeah, or because it's in water Try on land if. If Mobile Legends runs at first smoothly, you can refresh iframe rap.

Can't there be a deactivated FB mode, Steve India's bible in smooth graphics, There are those with the high PS1fun mode which are good. There are easy, FBS effects, there are hsds models, but still not too fast. This is smooth, with a note that the frame rate is not high. What's important is that it is stable and doesn't break. Let's look once again for enemies, which means that Mobile Legends can now be played on all cellphones. Even though the thread section is quite large for us. Wow, the climate is crowded, The water is easy to have so it can be double murder for those who play Fanny, it's a bit difficult to play using this cellphone because it moves fast. If you use the standard, 90% Hero is easy, the sheep is ready for Mobile Legends. Wir don't have to try a lower game.

I have t earlier if, for example, mobil jens I lag, I need to try Hermi software, which is the lightest, but it turns out. Then I took a sample picture for a while to avoid the night. It's already half past seven in the evening so it is set. Last, eon - I took God.. The picture that can be captured is very sharp. Now the picture can be re-captured easily and pasted with his cellphone. Even when he captures the picture, it's not too much waiting it does not lag, Let's press the camera button,. He can immediately take the picture, not instantaneously, also but that does not make you wait because there are cellphones like that, and it makes the process of taking photos very annoying. This is good and the results are respectable.

Then it is always stuck, and it is already compatible with the degree as the entry-level HP. My face here doesn't look like our chocolate is a bit pale., I'm pretty excited but maybe it's so small that I kind of forgot to put it on the side, Thankfully Kevin was there to remind me - maybe because for him this is the most exciting part as well as a videographer who is generally tired of seeing the memory on the camera or the memory on the cellphone's battery Now there is a cellphone that can accommodate 1 terabyte of memory, Even my flagship cellphone has never been given a mem. I probably don't want to add more money and usually 128. Maybe you have to add more external memory so that you can use it longer, as if the memory by the application is full by video and photos.

It's like a cellphone, we can't do anything anymore. We can't have sex, pictures, can't take videos, can't take photos. This storage is still 32, 14/3 2giga because it's internal memory, which means that where is the card SD 953 giga this is the first time I've used it, it's pretty sexy and you can show off an appearance like that It's really like flexing. 1 Terabyte of RAM costs 5000000 more than the cellphone, but just for fun and to prove that Samsung Galaxy Anugerah has features that are too much and probably won't be used by many people, okay? Who use it to look at it to prove it, who knows, Samsung said yes just that but it didn't turn out to be a guy. My conclusion for the Samsung Galaxy A6.

If, for example, you want to use this cellphone to play games, let alone competitive ones. If the level is still low, maybe it can still be done if the skill is great, but if it's high, even smooth HP, will definitely have a lot of influence and Galaxy Anugerah is not suitable to make social media use Maps because of the big 5000 Yamaha battery for online learning, bu t online schools can also be light and the ram is also 3 GB. It can't be anymore and fortunately, Samsung can still get numbers, so it is. Unboxing for Samsung Galaxy, A6, 2lt, Fancy, Deni, liked it and we'll meet again in the next video yo yo Hey Harno,..

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