If you wish to have a flagship cellphone of Samsung like the Samsung Galaxy S 22 Ultra, for example, you should understand Karang. But friends only have a budget of five million or a quarter of the price of a Samsung Galaxy S 22 Ultra phone. Hello guys, Ibnu Muttaqin,, meet me again. In this episode we will talk about a Samsung flagship that was released in 2019 — the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 —. This variant does not enter Indonesia. However, what it feels like to use this Samsung Galaxy Note 4G in 2022? This is the reason why I chose Samsung Galaxy Note, this tempeh of course.

In my experience, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at a price of 14 million, and used around Those four years, The cellphone is so addicted to the Samsung Galaxy Note series, guys, but at a fairly expensive price, tens of millions of rupiah. In my opinion, it is pretty dreadful, especially now in the era of Corona. We must be smarter in managing finances, therefore buy a Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra, which is already available, but for friends that actually think about the price vulnerability of a cellphone, because this phone is quite pocket friendly yes, with the price I bought around 5.3 million people, for example.

If you check on the marketplace, the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note N5100 is in the range of 4.8 to 6 million If for example, friends with PNUP grade, the size is bigger, you can select Samsung Note, ten plus Yes, Guys, at a price of 6-7 million or there is a difference of around 1-2 million, Why did I choose the n version authentic instead of noteplus? Because my experience with using Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is that the dimensions are quite large, which is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note Plus. Using the cellphone with one arm - it's quite big so it's a bit tricky and I want to try it, I guess What! Do you guys think the smaller size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Plus is? The next reason is because this is a flagship phone from Samsung.

It certainly doesn't disappoint, especially since I'm a fan of the Samsung Galaxy Note series. I want to upgrade from the Samsung Galaxy Note. Samsung Galaxy Note 8, with a price difference of 1-2 million approx. Can we get that if we compare it to the Samsung Galaxy Note plus? If, for example, on paper the size is definitely different, then the battery capacity is also different for this Samsung Galaxy Note capacity. I International There is only one simcard, for example noten series that enters Indonesia in short order. The morning version has 12 gigabytes of RAM with 256 GB of internal storage and what is more important on this cellphone. This cellphone supports the 5g network already. This Samsung Galaxy Note, 3, guys [music], here is the phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note N5100, this tree.

In my opinion, it is quite patient on the wrist or in the palm of my hand. I bought is called Aurora Glow. The color is glowing like this on the left and the unit. Also sadly, there is a volume up and down then at the top of the table. There is a SIM - tray - slot here. The Sp is blue, as are the guys, here's the back here a camera module, There are three cameras here and also here is a flashlight, and if, overall, the unit I got was pretty smooth and really like, and if I think it's really worth it, I bought it for 5.3 million, but I get a smooth unit like this, guys, and what I like is this phone already under the fingerprint display. So, if for example, we want to unlock the cell phone, we stick our thumb here and it will automatically open or go to and lock it.

In my opinion, the screen quality of Samsung's cell phone is. There is no doubt that this will spoil our eyes when we use this cell phone everyday. Then here is the inscription, then on the side here it says Samsung, Galaxy, Note N9000 inside what I got here. See, here is a quick start guide I got,. This is fast charging 25 watts. This should be original, because it was pretty fast when I used it to charge it. Here is the irvis for the headset, guys, etc. What we can get depends on the seller's taste, selling spools. If it's a solid, smooth unit that is how it is and everything works normally. In my opinion it is still worth at 5.3 million now, It's about a week, yes, files when I use a cell phone. It's not there at all, Ma'am.

Yes, the camera is also solid and is not slow because this is a flagship from Samsung. First comfort felt that the village is more complex than Noten. When I use it with one finger, it is quite comfortable, the screen is really good. This is a Super AMOLED screen from Samsung and also supports HDR Ten Plus, in my opinion. This is the most solid, plus the cell phone has two speakers, so our experience is using this cell phone when we watch YouTube or when we use it to watch Netflix, it's even fun, because there are two speakers, guys. In my opinion it's pretty good with a 3500mAh battery capacity.

For example, this cellphone is used if I use it from 100% to 15% and use it for light activities, for example, scrolling through the school on Instagram, watching YouTube a little, then listening to a song, and then it lasts for up to seven hours, boys. But if we use this cellphone for more strenuous activities, like playing games, we also take pictures. Is it so, or a video of a somewhat long duration? or the battery can drop even faster, guys, but so far I have a complaint about battery life in this Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone, guys,.

What makes me feel comfortable again Of course: the quality of the camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note ten, this page guys because of the camera, it can record up to 30-60 vs., and there is also live focus for the video It is there bokeh effects like that if I use it properly and also if we want to take photos in good light conditions, lowlight. Well the Enfone is still very good at producing pretty clear pictures along with the photos and videos I took from this cellphone, guys. Hey [Music] guys, Here is how the video quality of the front camera looks. If this is the rear recording this is for the 30th vs I I use not a gimbal with my hands and like this I am walking pretty fast,. The result is Hi Jaan, this ultra white camera, like this. And now, we can set this blur result.

It's quite thin and you can change colors like that, so it's pretty fun. There are effects like this, colors like this or using effects like this are also pretty funny, and the left and right sides of objects other than us are black and white. If this cave is quite unique, the features of mobile phones, especially if we remember the price is in my opinion only around five million. What makes a flagship Samsung cellphone more comfortable, especially the Note Series, then. In my opinion, the SPD is a feature more advanced than my Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which used to be SPT. It can be connected via bluetooth, so we can play with the SP.

For example, we want to increase and decrease the volume or we want to change from front to rear camera, and the emoticon feature in my opinion is quite fun and also quite useful, particularly for friends who travel a lot or take photos, but your friends are traveling alone, so it feels like you have a personal assistant when you want to take photos or videos with an S pen. That is already connected to a mobile phone which is placed throughout. This is still worth using in 2022 even though this is already a bit old, yes, it is three years in 2019, but what is good about this phone is that it can still support software updates from this Samsung that I am using,. The operating system already supports Android, 12 and I.

Maybe that's our review about the Samsung Galaxy Note size - I'd like to say thank you to friends who have watched this video from beginning to end. If, for example, this reef is useful, then you can share it as much as possible with your friends so that they can also know the features and benefits of the product we are reviewing in this episode..

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