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Okay Guys, I'm back with me, Anthony Golan Daniel, my review for Samsung Galaxy A6 2s that I've been using for more than a month. A02, here are the millions of Samsungs which just launched in early January,. What are parents and daughters using because there are a few things that I liked Boxing Order yesterday and I also want to know about the quality of Samsung's millions of phones,. This is the 4GB ROM 64GB RAM version, and I like what I'm seeing first about this phone, of course the body. I immediately liked the recovery because his daughter was beautiful hair, it looked clean and also had money that could shine. - Peteng Trit is also a modern theater and it's not tacky,.

In fact, the paint still uses polycarbonate but this film is a bit different when the HP projector is turned off to have a file similar to a dipper or bucket, but this one feels solid and a bit soft and it gives a solid impression, it's comfortable and doesn't feel cheap. This cellphone has important features such as a triple SIM slot and also a USB type-C port. He doesn't have much of an email message for me that afternoon. Here is still a face unlock that we can use to quickly unlock his cellphone, and this also makes the bed cover look more like game, because there is no need for a hole for the fingerprint sensor on the back of Lupus. This is because maybe this is a million HP, with the most beautiful body I've ever tried for a year.

It has become different recently from the current million phones, most of which have a slightly fat body, and the diesel is a bit pushy for cats itself. It's not really that great, but I think that the white list from the B cover could make it look more. The front looks more minimalist, I do not know what kind of protective glass this is when used. Sometimes it gets a bit dirty because of the oil in my hands, but luckily the screen response is good, so I use it. I've never been bothered by a screen response that is late or pretty standard. Yes. The screen has a size of normal at 6.5 inches with a resolution that is considered sufficient on XD Plus, bro. I can be made comfortable with the screen this week, yes.

Because apart from the good response, he also has a good breakfast and the colors are pretty.. Pls Yan I, don't have contact,. The picture is quite high and also a lot of physical activity. Perhaps if we don't tell people, people can assume that this cellphone screen uses AMOLED, because the color actually looks better than the usual LCD screen, or yes, it has peep, which is usually OK. This cellphone has Ellen certified and that makes this cellphone able to be used for streaming netflix at XD resolution for a million cellphones, in my opinion, a fairly rare feature, and this should be considered for those who, like serialska bands on netflix.

The sound is not too loud, but the quality of the guard is quite good because it sounds clear and doesn't break, so it is reliable enough for everyday life. This Dolby Atmos audio feature is the only feature I've found vs, millions, yes, Samsung and not on other brands of cellphones. I like this video when I listen to Spotify because the sound is louder and the bass is also louder and I. or watch it on a cell phone and your needs are to have a good speaker girl, because Hilman has improved abiotic from millions of speakers, just normal and okay. This cellphone has 3GB to 4GB of RAM and has 32GB to 64GB of ROM, just as you say Dian yesterday's box.

If it is too late for long-term use, maybe people who like to take 4 gigabytes of RAM 64GB ROM, like their children or girlfriends, will suggest it so that the deposit does not get full easily. Also uses Oneway to uk pray. This Tuparev version feels very compatible with the chipset of the cellphone. The problem is that when I compare it to a cellphone with the same chipset, the performance of this cellphone feels smoother, using Snapdragon 450 and in terms of numbers is not the best., the strongest and already quite old I'll. Definitely try it, because I feel very comfortable because, as you said earlier, what kind of performance is this? I honestly didn't expect the package logo anyway.

I don't know what Samsung's name is tidied up if a fake Snapdragon 50 can still be made good by 2021. What is this, but even though it's stable, I don't recommend this cellphone for playing heavy games such as COD pages or infection generators, maybe because of Palace Mapulu. For gaming I'm nesting a Samsung phone that uses Exynos 9610, as it is pretty good for playing heavy games, but luckily for games with graphics that are not too heavy, like Mobile, Legends, or Free Fire. This material sometimes I use for a mobalejen, because I consider myself quite comfortable playing this cellphone and the battery itself. This cellphone has a fairly large battery, namely 5000 Yamaha and can last all day long.

Yesterday I tried to stream YouTube non-stop and it turned out to last for 13 hours for normal use then. It can last for six and a half hours to 7 hours on a single charge, used long all day, and my teacher had enough to watch eh. So we can use a Galaxy, Note or Galaxy S1 charger for a Samsung cellphone. It's different because they have the same potential as me, even in super fast charging clothes. Even if the team is charging, it will not get louder because it still takes about three hours to get to 100% of its low state, so the cellphone can't be charged. This is really a 13 megapixel lens that we see he often tells other stories but I like it.

Ms is in its position because the photos have more detail with lower noise compared to cellphones which both have a 13 megapixel camera. The original download is indeed not satisfactory, but at least memorized. It can still take photos of food court products in the same conditions. ideal, Hi, Gracia 02 es, also is not a strong cellphone in the video sector, The record ability is just stuck on 30fps pen without image stabilization, but I can't complain either because the Tata has the typical shape, OK, now we're out and a lot of testing the ability of this HP, but now it's cloudy.

b30s from a five megapixel cc camera, how about the video quality of the front camera, and, just like anything else, there must be a compromise that makes this cellphone price super, affordable, Thailand I'm comedy this cellphone is quite right, because the battery lasts the screen is OK and the camera can take good photos under certain conditions,. One thing that makes me feel at home when using this cellphone for weeks is that the body is very comfortable to hold and the contents are also nice to see for spec heads or gamers. That is solid, Yemen and is also cool, and maybe that's just my opinion for the Samsung Galaxy Star 02 ice Thank, to watchers we meet again in the next video, far [Music] Hey guys..

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