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The packaging is pretty standard for 2011, because I mean that at that time phones were still seen as tools as opposed to items of luxury, just simple things inside, like a micro-USB, cable and, of course a removable battery. After years of palm-sized smartphones, samsung was one of the first companies to be like you know what it is. The galaxy note was more a test than anything else, so that samsung didn't invest too much in creating new different features for it. The 4.3 inch s2 display became 5.3 inches, and even though with today's screen numbers this sounds like a piddly figure because of how wide the aspect ratios used to be on phones.

Other people said that if you tried to use the note it would look like a fool, but the fact is that the note sold well for a new product category with 10 million units being moved. The case looks basically the same to be honest: the phone is first made of plastic as the first note with accessories beneath it, but this time, as well as sizing up their galaxy s3 which was released earlier this year, the note overclocked the chipset from 1.4 gigahertz to 1.6 gigahertz and they doubled the ram by two instead of one. I would say it was with this phone that the pen became more than a stylus air view, which allowed you to peek inside folders, and now you could select an area and take a screenshot of merely that.

2 re sat really well to me, whether it was the clear white finish or the feather-like wallpapers. I just felt like this was a really elegant phone and, as a result, the note 2 is actually the first note that I bought, admittedly way after launch when I could actually afford it, but I loved it and so did a lot of people compared to the roughly 10 million sales. Perhaps they also want Samsung services so these phones were just loaded with bloatware. In fact, the t-mobile version of the galaxy note 3 was pre-installed with 62 applications. This was also the first year when samsung really began pushing their eco-friendly agenda. Hence the pretty garish fake wooden box. Bloatware aside, however, the note 3 was actually a really good phone.

This was really samsung's note, cementing their powerhouse phone. It was one of the first phones with 4k video recording, it had three gigs of RAM instead of two for the galaxy s4 and they even fully upgraded the chipset from this phone plus the catalog of features from this s pen kept growing, you could already take screenshots with it on the last phone, but now you could write all over them and the stylus became a better alternative to typing with better handwriting recognition and integration with the rest of the software. I almost forgot about the note 4 which stuck with a very similar body and 5.7 inch screen size to the note 3, and I guess, just because it was externally similar this never really stuck out to me.

The Note 4 was probably the biggest jump over the series that preceded it versus the s5. The snapdragon 801 became the snapdragon 805 16 gigabytes of base storage became 32. Gorilla, glass, 3 became gorilla, glass 4 and they introduced optical image Stabilization in the camera and Samsung just shot from a 1080p display to a quad HD one. The Note 4 was very much a phone that deserved to exist plus it was around that time that Samsung started cleaning up the way its Touchwiz skin looked, because, let's be honest, its reputation was not good at all. This software looks a mile better than what we saw on the note 3. This is also kind of wacky but alongside the Galaxy note 4 Samsung also had their first ever phone with an outward curved display.

This is the Galaxy note edge, and I can remember really wanting one of these, even though it is kind of weird because of how that curve is only on one side. Before that, it felt like each year the note was becoming more and more impressive and more and more separate from the series before it. This was the first year that samsung began putting sleeves on their boxes, which makes sense, because it's likely easier to mass print and then transport sleeves as opposed to the boxes themselves.

I used this as my main phone for a while and I really liked it but that this was the year samsung began doubling down on their s series earlier this year, they released not just a Galaxy S6 but a Galaxy s6 edge and samsung gave those phones all the perks that the past note phone had's optical image stabilization, the gorilla glass 4, the higher resolution hd display samsung gave those features to their larger, reaching s series At the same event where they launched the note, 5 samsung also dropped the Galaxy s6 Edge Plus, which had an identical 5.7 inch screen size, which was simply that that was kind of the premium phone because it had the fancy new curved sides.

But on the bright side the pen now clicks into place within the phone and every samsung flagship released in this year was made of glass. Okay, 2016 was the year of the Galaxy Note 7 and this was a very interesting phone for a lot of reasons. If you've been paying attention to the prices of the last phones, they were all pretty much around 700. This thing was 850 so in order to charge their phones more they had to place them as luxury items. Hence the complete packaging redesign on this all-new black theme they have actually stuck with since they also started giving their earphones in a box, because I guess that makes it more special. We still had the same problem as last year in that now we had an s7 and a bigger s7 edge.

It didn't feel as differentiated as a note collection once was, but as a phone as a prospect as something a customer would consider purchasing. It took the edge displays of the galaxy s7 edge and integrated them by default bringing back microsd cards that the year before and doubled the base storage of the s7 to 64 gigs. It's also the first note that is ip certified against water and dust that is actually quite tricky to do with these phones because they have that removable pen, and also this phone is where samsung first integrated iris scanning that didn't age. Oh and of course there was a bigger problem with note 7. The first five days of this phone going on sale were glorious, it was doing great numbers, reviews were fantastic, but then suddenly it started exploding.

One report first and honestly when I saw that a Galaxy Note 7 had exploded for the first time. After all, when a new phone is released, people often try to find problems with it but then there was another and another and another and within 12 days of the phone being on sale, every single unit sold was recalled, 2.5 million galaxy note 7, Samsung then tried to fix them, they claimed they fixed them and sent them out again only for them to explode again. If you had one of these phones, it was like a suicidal ad campaign for Samsung. According to Samsung, the Galaxy note 7 couldn't sell anymore but still had a factory full of parts that they ordered for those phones, so they basically used those parts and built a phone.

That is basically the galaxy note 7 but it has rebadged on the subject of explosions as the fe, though 2017 was the year that the screen sizes exploded, and it is not that phones got bigger. In particular, it's just that the bezels have so dramatically shaved that the 5.7 inch display goes. This phone box is pretty much just an evolution of the black theme they introduced last year. All accessories have their places than sitting loosely inside and samsung has also leveled the earphones thanks to a partnership with akg. Like the last few years, the Note8 was pretty similar to the size plus phone just before it even had a similar display size, but this was the year that Samsung finally figured out the direction they wanted to take their note.

Phones in note 8 was where samsung their design language pebble-like curves for s, writing padlight boxiness. For the note and this establishment of a new identity, the removal of the home button and a new space theme for their entire galaxy range was supported. This definitely felt like a futuristic rebrand, even in terms of marketing. This is the year when Samsung finally started framing their phones as the fun ones for social media and the note phones as professional phones for people who mean business, and this separation makes total sense, see in the early days of smartphones. Samsung could just take one of their s. series phones and add a bunch of features we are missing and look like guys. Samsung has realized that this isn't a sustainable strategy.

It's much harder now to add features that cause a noticeable improvement, so samsung's just shifted to framed their series in different ways. This was actually the first Samsung phone ever with a dual camera setup - one normal and one two times optical zoom - The Dual cameras were okay, the Samsung flung the battery in the attempt to be extra careful and so endurance was not great, plus the fingerprint scanner was way too high. From that phone, 18 years on I just couldn't get used to it, oh yeah. The galaxy note 9 brought us back from the phone, which was basically a samsung, fixing a few problems and doubling on their new direction. The note 9 was basically a bunch of small improvements that made the phone a lot better to use, but just not hugely exciting.

They boobbed the battery to a very respectable 4 000 milliamp hours. They added bluetooth to the pen to take photos remotely and added in a dual speaker setup, bringing in samsung's audio from one of the weaker phones to one of the stronger phones. It created this two-tone finish that I remember describing it a bit like when you break the door of your car and the replacement does not match. This time, the writing ink would now be the same color as the pen. Now I would say that 2019 as well as being a big year was probably the biggest change that ever samsung has made to its phones, starting with the galaxy s10 series. Earlier in the year, they completely ditched the space theme and went for minimalism with their new one ui skin.

Their phones gained these radiant color changes and they became super lightweight considering that their screens and batteries had actually gotten bigger. So naturally when samsung released note version of this redesign, it was a large improvement from last year : the bezels all but disappeared, and now we had a phone that was both slimmer and lighter. There was yet another hike in price to eleven hundred dollars now but this felt more worth it. I noticed the first one with the Galaxy Note 2 which I felt was a bit lost along the way, and that leaves us with 2020, where samsung has just dropped.

The Galaxy Note 20 ultra and again the unboxing experience is kind of the same and I was a little more disappointed with this one because yes it is another year of the same thing, but also just the fact that this is an ultraphone. This is the phone that Samsungs biggest fans and longest supporters are going to buy. But for this comparison, the note 20 ultra represents two things number one : the biggest price rise in the history of the note series from eleven hundred to thirteen hundred dollars, and if we look at what this does to the notes pricing over the years it represents an almost alarming pricing trend, but also two 2020 saw samsung's biggest boost in ambition.

Samsung didn't take this ultra name lightly as a lot of companies simply add the word pro on the end of their phone to make it sound cool in almost every regard, cameras display the dimensions. So now that we've all been given these notes as well as a camera comparison, I want to take a look at how the pens have evolved over the years. It's also literally taken me a year to collect all these phones for this video. So if you're enjoying it a sub would be brilliant, so fun fact rounded was the pen on the first Galaxy note, after which samsung quickly realized they could eliminate the rolling by making it squarer. The pen of 4 was very similar, but with note 5 at the same time that samsung went all glass on their phones.

The s-pen got a huge redesign, slimmer and now looks like metal, although it is still plastic and to be honest, they did very little to it at this point. It is also difficult to describe how much the feel of these phones has improved too. The note 1 scrolls through pages fine, but almost every action feels slow and the phone generally seems unresponsive. In the note 5 they read their design language entirely to something more minimalistic. The icons retained elements from their earlier phones, but now with a paper-like flatness, which I liked, but a lot of people thought was too childish. The note 7 took this aesthetic and made it a little less playful and a little more stock looking and this phone was also when Samsung really stepped up their haptics.

From note 7, samsung phones sounded really premium to use. The Note 8 is probably the biggest jump in design when it got the phones. Bigger screens got much bigger and this is when Samsung completely ditched any coloured bezel and made all their phones from the front black. They also introduced a space theme on this generation of phones that then they decided was a mistake and proceeded to move away from it. Even the wallpaper is pretty much the same, but the Note 10 plus was a huge overhaul, an impressive refreshing design and a phone that just feels light in terms of how fast this is and lack of physical weight.

It is no surprise that the note 20 ultra basically takes inspiration from that phone, but it packs even more display a smaller hole, punch camera and double screen refresh rate at 120 hertz, making it so smooth. Ok, so in case you are wondering yes, I built this rig and yes it is a completely excessive idea that serves little purpose, but hey. There was a stage when it became cool to have all of the menus disappear to make. Samsung tried to make the camera app cleaner and cleaner as they grew, but as more and more features were added it just made sense to start categorizing them, so the camera app went back to its original bordered style. You can also see how samsung slowly added more cameras to their phones.

To start with, it was an extra telephoto camera and soon after also an ultra-wide in terms of how the actual photos turned out. As I mentioned above, if you enjoyed this video, a sub at the channel would be brilliant..

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