HP Samsung A12 hard reset HP like new or reset to factory settings. - Galaxy User Guide

How to reset this we can do through settings, but the problem with this cellphone yesterday was that the gap was correct more like to die alone. When you play the cell phone suddenly comes out the Samsung logo It's not like that, So. We can't reset this phone to factory for the factory through settings so. Here we have another way, namely by using the volume and the power buttons. How do we do a hard reset for a Samsung, HP type A-12? Firstly, we press the power button and the volume up button at the same time. If it comes out like this, let's release the power button and we still press the volume up.

Hey, friends I like to wipe the data or factory reset to restore factory settings Hi this cellphone, yes, after selecting it, we press the off button OK, Let's wait, formatting all the data on this cellphone so that it returns to factory settings, so keep in mind that if we do this, all the pictures and videos that are on the cellphone, the application is deleted because we return this phone to factory settings. If it's done we simply reboot the system, press the power button. Ok [Music], Oh yeah, share this experience with my friends, because when I updated this Samsung cellphone and installed the update it was finished.

I try to open the SIM, 1, SIM 2 and the memory card is external memory yes, the cell phone is back to normal. So you need to know if you do the same thing as in this video, friends. You can do the way I told you, If you provided a male floor like this, we immediately choose that country later, but the country is just beginning to run out. The following week skip it first, so that the process is faster, skip OK, don't just choose one another, don't copy, yes, we are told to enter email, skip the rest. Be As7 to enter the PIN pattern mental. Here are some applications suggested to be installed.

It's recommended to go straight to the next email, skip it again and it is done OK, friend, technique, so the video I can share in this video,. Hope it is useful and if you find this video useful please like and share it with your friends so that what do you know I hope this video is useful for your friends and for friends who have not subscribed, please subscribe and activate the bell button. Friends get notifications when I upload the latest video okay. Here we choose gender, then the next age. So we get application suggestions which are appropriate for our cellphone , yes, I will continue. I don't want to install, I can't check the application like that and then Hey done Hey I'm again, Okay, see you in the next video..

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