How to use Samsung A12 and Other Samsung pictures? - Galaxy User Guide

Hello, assalamualaikum, how are you all, to Serizawa Fauzi, again selected? This time, I will not discuss anything heavy. We'll discuss with slight sensitivity, namely how to take screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy a8s. Hi, I use Samsung cellphones about rarely and can be said to be new This is the first time I want to take a screenshot, and I am Maybe also there are a lot of friends who don't know how to take a screenshot on the Samsung A12 or maybe other entry-level Samsung cellphones. I will discuss with you in the video Ok.

Before I start as usual, friends who just found this channel, don't hesitate to click the subscribe button and also turn on the notification bell, so you don't miss it when I upload a new video and that is also my encouragement to keep sharing information and references around the world of gadgets. Don't forget, too! Now let’s start with how to take screenshots on the Samsung A12 Action like I said in the introduction. If my friends, who rarely use Samsung cellphones, are usually a bit difficult because there is usually a gesture for screenshots with three fingers like this on other cellphones like Oppo's cellphones then HP Xiaomi and on other cellphones : it wrinkles automatically, but on Samsung it doesn't.

The ways that have been around for a very long time,, The way is by pressing the power button at the same time as pressing the volume down button, so don't hold it like this, but just click, Hey, now, the screenshot will come out, we can edit it and others Ok that's it. You may swipe down, look for accessibility, menu, believe Hi Here we select this interaction and the dexterity now, here an assistant menus. Bitte turn it on or activate the assistant. We can slide the mouse, which side is the middle mode. It can also be up and down, it is up to you, it is free now, by activating the Assistant menu. When we like this click on the latest one, several menus will appear then the home screen turns off volume and the screen image shows born.

If it turns out that the assistant menu is disturbing we can adjust it again. Now slide it out to the side and the settings win. Here we can slide, or the transparency. If the transparency of the machine is quite annoying, we can display it as a AIDS icon so it will appear on the side, just a little, click it. If we want to use it, just click it, then it looks like it doesn't look very visible. If it turns out to be quite annoying, I know how to screenshot on a Samsung, Galaxy Ace, 2, 1/2 msung other entry-level stores, friends.

Another trick that I, don't know, I know because there are only two of them, please let me know in the comments column, Ok, Don't, Hi, That's the way to screenshot for low-end Samsung phones, maybe for high-end phones, The upper class still wears short stories and the solution is closed. As usual, thanks for friends who always watch till it's finished, OK Google go sip the myth, Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

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