How to use OTG on a Samsung A12 cell phone. - Galaxy User Guide

Hi, idiot, this is how to use OTG on a Samsung cellphone,. So for that right, I can adjust it because the cellphone I use uses a Pepsi pot, so enter it here, There are also some flash disks which can be directly inserted because the pot is the same as 5.5 Hi pot charger from Samsung. We then got a pair of mice, then hard disk, then flash here, Sis, Rider and various other tools. It immediately appears here Kai reshares this file If you use a hard disk or flash like me can now use USB storage Hi.

If this USB - Storage, if we want to exit it, must be released Hi if to move files like always look for files that can be moved. NOW select USB storage and then choose to move here, because it is like that, and vice versa, from the hard drive or flash drive to internal storage to release. You can open this setting, choose the menu that this is device and battery maintenance..

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