How to Unroot/Unbrick Galaxy S10/S10e/S10 Plus/A50! - Galaxy User Guide

Hey guys I am today going to show you how to unroot your Galaxy S 10 s, 10 e s, 10 plus, or the a 50. If you're rooting and you messed something up, you may end up in a state where it says it. Please connect your Samsung phone to Smart Switch! You can use odin and flash it closer, let's go and take a look: [Music], [Applause], [Music], the first thing that you're gonna do is obviously to put it into the Odin, download state or, like I said, if you are in the Samsung Smart Switch state where it says you need to connect it and you are in that state. That's also Odin mode, you are good to go just connect it to your computer using usb for everyone else. You'll have to power off and hold the volume down the big feet and connect the USB - which I'll show you here now.

If you can't access your phone, go in and add your settings about the phone and notice I have a SM G 973 F. Make a note of that If you have s, 10 plus is gonna be SM, G, 975 F, or if you have the US version sm, g9 7075, flashing firmer works now on all models because this has nothing to do with unlocking the bootloader. Once again, make a note of your model number, if you are in brick states where it asks for a Samsung Smart Switch, then you can also go to your original box, which should have the model number there. The actual official Model Number is sm. If that doesn't help, you can also look at the back of your phone, which should give you the actual model number.

Once you have the model number we're ready to go, if you are in Smart Switch State a brick state, go ahead and connect it via USB cable to your computer. If you're gonna want to unroot your device or any other reason and your phones normally function, you'll have to go into download mode by holding the volume down and the Bix feet together, make sure it's together and then connect your USB cable and you should come to this warning, right screen and go ahead and hit the volume up right and you should be in download mode either this or you see the Brix smarts, which state you're good to go. Regardless if you have Linux or Mac, that is out of this guide, but I do recommend using Windows computer.

If you root your phone using my guide or the magista method, you probably already downloaded the firmware, but let me go ahead and show you how to download again Go to Sam mobile comm slash for Mars and go ahead and enter your model number, which mine is 973. F, alright, so Galaxy, S, 10, SMG, 973 F go ahead and enter your model number and then go ahead and find the country and the carrier firmware for your phone. You can now use any other firmware but it's giving you that carriers that countries bloatware so be aware of that. If you haven't, and I have the mine yesterday when routing.

Once you have the downloaded files go back to your Downloads folder and also go ahead and unzip the Odin 3 extract and you get a folder with Odin 3 underscore v3 dot 13.1 I'm going to here and running the Odin exe program. If you never root your phone you probably don't have this, then you can go ahead and go to downloads and run these Samsung USB driver exe program run it after drivers are installed unplug your USB plug it back in and see this box. If you still don't see it, just reboot your phone and try again. Once you see this, you're ready to go, GO ahead and choose BL and we're going to go into the folder where you downloaded the firmware. So here is the extract, its unzipped, it's a folder so I go ahead and choose BL.

This is alright for bootloader and also go ahead and select Ap. Here, if you want to wipe your device completely, choose CSC. So the home is for not losing data, so I'm going ahead and hit starts and let it unroot and this will unroot any galaxy s 10s, 10 plus, so yesterday I actually rooted. Just use that inside its connected to Odin and it just works fine - um. So you don't need to use a Samsung software I think this method is actually better because you are in total control because you don't know that you know what exactly is flashing, so I do recommend this method. Download the AP of the new firmware and then process it patch it with them, is just like we did in the routing tutorial, and then flash it just flash the AP.

Usually, you know that if Samsung comes out with new security blocks for rooting your phone, and we've seen that with something like the galaxy s 8, where you didn't have a seven day jail term for William, lock, unlock and after upgrading to I, think Oreo. It started locking, so you could go back to uninstall it firmware or new, get bootloader and bypass it and then Samsung at the recent update. It usually works, so these are the little bits and stuff people don't know about. Once you unroot using this method, if you already have OEM lock on it will remain on, which is good. Another good thing about ruining Galaxy S 10 over the older. Unlike the s 9, once you reflash the stock firmware on something like a galaxy s you will have to wait.

With this new root method, you need seven days to get the OEM lock working properly. So after Unruh ting, my phone, my OEM lock, will still be on and I just have to actually unlock the bootloader in the Odin download mode and I can reverse it as I do today. I'm just saying that this, but let us let this finish and we should have a rooted phone Hi guys once it's done, you could see that it says Android system cannot load. So this is what happens after rooting and flashing to keep data so we're going. However, make a factory reset and say to everything that is right and that and wipe the entire thing and boot the phone completely. So releasing stock firmware does not automatically happen bootloader, which is actually a good thing, so you can change to it quickly I guess.

I've put it here: let's skip and skip through everything and let's check what our OEM lock status is for those of you interested what happens with the root part. Now you see everything wiped and I am just going to go ahead and check what happened to the status of developer mode. Oh we go so I just need to connect to the internet and then I just force shut everything, and now you could see that I could still reroute it easily, because my OEM unlocking I still on now. Let us imagine that your phone is running right now - and it stuck with nothing to do -. Basically if that happens we can reset the phone using volume down in the power to hold it down until your phone is out of power, as soon as it resets we're back to stock recovery by keeping volume up Bixby in power.

So we go ahead and manually reset so volume down and power and as soon as it goes off volume up and power and keep that down and you're in stock recovery. Here, alright, this is very simple : Go to wipe data/factory reset's "yes," and this will wipe everything on your phone again and then reboot your system, and that's pretty much how you can reset your phone at any time. You can then manually reset it to wipe everything on your device or maybe you are selling your phone or something or know in the next hour. You can also use this manual method of factory reset alright, but I'll. Just let this boot show that everything works, but I'm obviously going to reroute it again.

is that because om lock is now a separate part where you need to go to the download mode and then lock it now? Easily reroute your phone after unruh ting AM boom. As you can see, this is how you can unroot your Galaxy S 10 s, 10 e s, 10 plus, or 50 as far as relocking - the bootloader - I'll have another video on this. If you need it to relock it, then I haven't actually got it..

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