How to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S20 with any carrier - Galaxy User Guide

If you are purchased under contract from a carrier, you might already know that you can't change your SIM card to any other SIM card, say, if you want to try a different network you can't do that because you're already tied to a carrier and this is under contract so essentially people bought under contract are logged and cannot be used with any SIM card. There are many ways to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S 20. So in this video we show you how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S 20. Second reason is that if you are selling a smartphone after using it and you sell your phone, an unlocked smartphone definitely gets a more recent value than a locked smartphone.

If you are a frequent traveler and you often travel to different countries and if you want to get a SIM card from that particular country, you can't insert the SIM cards as your phone is in your home network locked to a particular carrier. Then we're going to unlock the Samsung galaxy S, 2nd. This is the link in the description, the company's Comm. You want that is what the unlocking company offers now that you can see that unlock your smart phone in minutes with 100% money back guarantee that something other providers do not offer. Now we can start talking process so that we select the manufacturer.

Since we are going to unlock samsung galaxy s, 20 select, Samsung and select the model here, we're going to select samsung galaxy s twin d, so there you go. You can see something yesterday click on the unlock button. Next step is to select the country where you bought this Samsung galaxy S 20 and the carrier where you purchased the Samsung Galaxy S 20. So for this demonstration purpose we select the United States, AT&T and so make sure that you choose the right carrier and stay country, because that is more important now click on the next button. You can see that average competitor price for samsung galaxy s, 20 to be more precise, is $65.

Sixty four point: nine and USD is the average price of the competitive - and unlocking company comm offers this for forty nine points. Nine and USD- this is around fifteen dollar savings when you go out with the unlocking company comm now the average delivery time is one to twenty four hours. That's what the unlocking company does for you now you need to put your IMEI number, your full name, delivery address, email and contact number. This is optional Go to the IMEI number of the phone, click a star hash through six and hash in the app. What you see on your screen now is email since this has dual SIM cards.

After you've entered the IME number, your email address and your name, our next step is to make payment of $50. That's forty nine points and you can make a payment using credit card and once your payment is complete you get an email with the unlock code. Now, we are going to pull the SIM card and remove it. Now we are going to insert the new SIM card we are going to use after unlocking. So this is the message and once that is your samsung galaxy s. 20 is now unlocked and you can use any SIM card with this device. So this is a cube cup process with which you can unlock your Samsung Galaxy S 20, so hope that you enjoyed the video do hit the like button and also hit the subscribe button for more videos, thanks for watching and have a great day..

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