How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20+ / S20 Ultra (AT&T, T-Mobile, etc) - Galaxy User Guide

What's up guys, Kristen, and welcome to another video today I'm going to show you how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy, S xx to use it with any carrier, so we do a factory carrier unlock, and this will work for the samsung galaxy s, 20s, 20, altra or virtually any other samsung galaxy out there. It will work for people who are interested in switching carriers. If, for example you travel a lot or you want to use your phone with a different SIM card, simply go ahead and insert your SIM card, and your phone will be compatible with any SIM card in any country. Just showing a method that works for me and that I have done. We will have to pay some money to unlock this phone because it is a legit service. We'll start by getting the IMEI numbers of the carriers.

So to do that open the dialpad as you are calling and you gonna have the following command: I'm gonna switch the camera so that you guys can see what I actually do with the phone. So we are gonna dial star hash, zero, six hash. So, as you can see right here, your phone's IMEI number will show up on the screen and we will use only the first 15 digits ignore the last two. So the next step is to switch the computer because we gonna request the unlock to unlock this phone using this website that I'll show you right now. This website we gonna request the unlock for the Samsung galaxy so that we just have to fill out the information here.

We're gonna select, forsake carrier to which this phone is locked, I picked my cell phone from AT&T in the United States, so I will select the original carrier and then we're gonna select the brand I'm gonna select Samsung from the drop-down menu and then we select assumption galaxy s 20. If you don't mind waiting then select the economic and it will be a bit cheaper. If your phone is locked to t-mobile, make sure that you check if you have the unlock app service, so there is an application on your phone where you can check that it should be called the device unlock application. If you do have this one, make sure that you pick the correct service here.

You should say unlock app so I have this one for now and then you will have to write down your IMEI number so we'll just go ahead and insert the IMEI number right here. The next step is to insert your personal email where you want to receive your unlock code, so I will just write it down here so you can make sure it is 100% correct. Alright, so then enter your mobile number. If you want to get phone notifications, I always recommend that - but only for this tutorial - I will skip them. If you scroll down, you'll see the price and delivery time. We are gonna then unlock on the following screen.

So if you scroll down we're gonna go ahead and place the order and I'll be back when I have finished my order and I'll show you what happens afterwards, so it will take some time until you get your unlock code emails. I got this email after a few days of placing the order and as you can see it says, your unlock code is ready and this code will unlock your phone to use with any SIM card. It also contains the instructions and the most important part, the actual unlock code. In most cases you will receive analog code but in some rare exceptions you can receive instructions on how to activate the unlock using the unlock app. We're gonna continue an insert this unlock code into the phone.

There are now two ways to unlock a phone and need a pencil - maybe on your carrier, for example if you have t-mobile or have an unlock application on your phone - you will have to open the application and connect to Wi-Fi and your phone will be unlocked. It is very simple so, you will practically power your phone up and we will insert a SIM card from another carrier. For example, my phone is locked in AT&T in the United States I will insert a SIM card from t-mobile or any other carrier. So once you start a SIM card go ahead and power up your phone and it will take a few seconds until the phone is on. So now we just insert this code into the phone and as soon as I hit Unlock, we should get a confirmation message saying the phone was unlocked.

If you receive an incorrect code message or something that could not be accepted, don't worry, and that usually happens. So it is a very common problem so just email them back and they're gonna. Send a different unlock code or they are. Just gonna give you support and how to fix the issue, but anyways I'm just going to go ahead and hit unlock now and boom. My phone is now fully factory unlocked and it is right now compatible with any carrier, and just to make sure I'm gonna show that the phone is actually able to make calls with my new carrier and we're gonna, open Google and just try to browse in the web and you will see that everything is working perfectly. So that is how to unlock a Samsung galaxy s 20, and it is as simple as that.

If you gave your phone a thumbs-up you unlock it. So if it takes a bit longer, no worries, I will always return to you and answer your questions..

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