How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10e - Fast and Simple! - Galaxy User Guide

I'm gonna show you how to redo both of them number one. The unlock of the passcode is if you forget that security code or the pattern is not working, so I'm gonna show you how to bypass or how to restore your phone so that you have access to your phone again and then I'm going to show you how to do the unlock of the carrier. Let's say you have your phone with AT&T and you want to use it with another SIM card like t-mobile or if you want to travel, you just want to plug in a SIM card and it will work so I'll show you how to do it.

The carrier unlock we're gonna start with the passcode unlock and then we're gonna switch on carrier and lock, if you are interested only on carrier and luck, let's skip right on to this minute, because that is where we start with carrier unlock, so we're gonna start with a passcode or security unlock. Ids start working so I will show you how to unlock or how to do a factory hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy s, 10 to be able to use it again. Keep in mind that all the information about this phone will be deleted That also means photos data contacts. If you are lucky, everything will go, you will have a backup in your computer or in the cloud, but otherwise all information about this phone will be wiped completely.

And the last thing I have to tell you is that if your phone is locked with a Google account, you will not be able to access the phone because it will remain locked with Google. If you don't know the passcode, that is fine. We're going to press and hold the power button and we're going to press and hold the side button, the volume up key and the power button as soon as we press restart. These three keys are exactly the same time, so keep pressing and holding them until you get the Android logo.

So as you can see here I just got this menu right here where the system is and now we just need to use the volume up key and the volume down key to navigate and we're gonna use the power button to select all right so we're gonna select where it says: wipe data/factory reset' We're gonna hit OK to confirm you are gonna hit yes and we're gonna hit OK all right Yes, all right, that is going to wipe the phone completely. Take a few seconds or a few minutes, but be very patient, and once this process is complete you will be able to use your phone again. Now that the phone is fully usable as you can see here, I can access it and there is no problem. So the first thing you must keep in mind is that your phone will be unlocked.

That means that your phone will be compatible with any carrier such as t-mobile, metro, pcs. If you travel to any country your phone will work. Just insert a SIM card, and you will be ready now. If there is a problem with your IMEI number or if your phone has a reported loss or theft in it, your phone will not be able to unlock, and this unlock is permanent so you can restore updates. You can switch providers, you can do what you want with your phone and it will always remain unlocked. And last thing is this: doesn't matter if your phone is currently under contract or if you or your contract is fully paid doesn't matter, you will be able to unlock your phone. All right, as you can see here, you will get your 15 digit IMEI number.

So just keep in mind that we're only using the first 15 digits, so keep it somewhere close because in a few seconds we need it to unlock this Samsung Galaxy. Okay, now I'm gonna switch cameras, I'm going to use a computer because the rest of the process takes place in a computer. In this website we will request the unlock code to unlock this phone so we'll start with selecting the original carrier your phone is currently locked to. My phone is currently locked to AT&T in the United States in this case. In this case, we unlock a Samsung Galaxy S 10.

Some times you will see different premium rates at premium service, which is a little bit faster and a little bit more expensive, and you will also see a more economic service, but in this case we only see one service so this method will also work for the Samsung galaxy s, 10 s, 10 plus and s 10 e. Do the numbers we got a few seconds ago make sure that it is a hundred percent correct, right, very important, and then you're gonna write down your personal email where you want to receive your unlock code so that they will send you your unlock code by checking this email. It make sure it is 100% correct and that so yeah checked it. And if you scroll down, you will see the price to unlock your phone and delivery time.

This will always vary depending on your phone, brand carrier and model. In this case this is the price and this is the waiting time. Keep in mind that it is Business Days, so be very patient. On the following page, we will unlock now Your warranty won't be voided. So if you place your order successfully, you will get a confirmation page just like this, and it basically confirms that the order was placed, and now it will tell you where you will receive your unlock code and your order ID, and in this case, you have to wait. You have to wait until you receive your unlock code in your email, so it may take a couple of days so be very patient.

So this is an email example of how you will get your unlock code, so you will receive an email from lock river with your order ID, and it also includes instructions on how to enter the unlock code and the most important part is the actual unlock code. Ok, so when you have your unlock code ready, we are going to go ahead and power the phone alright. We now have to insert a SIM card from a different carrier. I'm gonna use a carrier, a t-mobile SIM card because my phone is locked to AT&T and I want to use it with t-mobile so I'm going to insert a new SIM card and then I'm gonna power it on and once your phone turns on it will detect it is from a non-supported SIM card and we will have to insert the unlock code that we just got in the email.

OK, I'm just gonna go ahead and insert the code I got in my email. So after you have filled in the code, we are going to go ahead and click unlock and we should receive a success message, appear network unlock, successful, perfect guys. It's an AT&T phone that works with a t-mobile SIM card, and now it's fully ready to be used with any other carrier in any country. Thank you so much for watching this video, we'd help you to give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe like..

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