How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra FAST AND SIMPLE! - Galaxy User Guide

What's up guys christian here today and welcome to another video I'm going to show you how to unlock your samsung galaxy note 20 ultra this method will work for any other samsung galaxy version, any other samsung galaxy model out there but for this example, I'm using my samsung galaxy s20 ultra and we are gonna unlock this phone to use it with any sim card in any country. It's going to be very simple: we're gonna do everything together step by step, and after we unlock this phone, we will be able to use it with any carrier. There are a couple of things that I have to mention before we start.

This simply means unlocking your samsung network in order to use your phone with other networks like atnt t-mobile, vodafone orange, any other sim card. This is a legal and legit way to unlock any smartphone, so keep that in mind and the other thing. The last thing is that nothing in terms of damages to this phone happens. Okay, so it is not related to hacking or illegal stuff. You have it sometimes in the back part of your phone here written down on the back part, but you can also dial Star 0 6 Hash and you will see that your imei number will show up in your screen of your phone. We're going to use only the first 15 digits, so keep this number in hand because we're going to need it in a few seconds.

We now have to go to the website, using this tool or this platform will unlock the phone. So we need to first select the carrier to which your phone is currently locked. My phone is originally locked to a tnt in the US. This will work for any other brand and then you select the exact model of the phone you want to unlock. Some will take longer to deliver than others but for this example I'm going to use a premium service and then we're going to insert the imei number. So just make sure you write it correctly, all right. So uh we go down and then we'll insert the personal email where you want your unlock code, make sure it is 100 correct because they will send you your code here.

If there is an error with this email, you will not get your code, so double check it and the last option is to scribble down your mobile number in case there is a problem. I recommend filling it in, but it isn't required, so I'm going to skip it. So, as you can see here this is my delivery time and now I'm going to proceed by pressing Unlock button. Double check everything to make sure everything is correct. It is always good to be informed how the unlocking works but no worries. I'm going back in a few seconds once my email and my order are done, so I'll see you in a few seconds all right. After placing your order, you have to wait a couple of days and sometimes it can be very fast as fast as a couple of hours, but sometimes it can take up to 15 business days.

It depends on your brand and model. So, as you can see here, I got this email from Log River that my code is ready or that my phone has been unlocked. So this message confirms that my phone has been unlocked and includes instructions on how to activate the unlock or to enter the code. After receiving this email, you will have two options to unlock your phone and it depends on your carrier for example, for some you will have an app called Unlock App, and you will have it somewhere here. But if you don't have this application right now I will show you the other method which is the most common method for unlocking or inserting a keycode.

So the first thing we have to do is turn off the phone, so we gonna slide down and we gonna hit where it says that it will turn off and we gonna completely power off the device. We're gonna insert a sim card from a different carrier. For example, my phone is originally locked on a TNT, so I'm going to use a different SIM card. We gonna use a sim card from a different carrier. Remove the SIM card tray, we're going to insert the new SIM card and we're gonna put it back in the phone and make sure it is completely inserted. Simply make sure that it is completely closed and then we're going to power the phone up.

Once again, it takes a few seconds to go on and once the phone is fully charged we will get a message requesting an unlock code and that's where we need to insert the unlock code we received from the email. Obviously, as you can see this message is requesting a sim network unlock pin and we have one out of 10 attempts to insert the correct unlock code. So we're going to go ahead and insert the code correctly that we got in the email, it is going to take a few seconds to write down and then we're gonna enter Unlock and we should get a success message. Sim Network unlock successful perfect. As you can see here, I have a full signal bar and my phone is now running on t-mobile and was originally locked to t.

If you get an incorrect unlock code, there are no worries - just email and they’ll reply. I'll send you a correct code based on your imei - Number, and it is as simple as that guys. Subscribe to this video guys, don't forget to click and if you have any questions then just leave them on the comment section below, I'll try to answer them all as soon as I can..

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