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Hello, Assalamualaikum, War, Wab, happy activities friends in front of us. There is already a cellphone. This. Smartphone is utterly dead. (owned by the user ) and now try to analyze it. The damage. it to execute, from which component starting..!!! Now we connect it first to the power supply. We twist like this, from positive to positive, from negative to negative then we turn on power supply,. Let's try to press the power, button, friends, What happened? The amperage needle went up at 0.1A, the needle looks like that... 0.1, amperes huh? maybe friends can see? It looks like this is a symptom of the damage caused by the CPUic component, The current is stuck at 0.1A for the power ic, it still works but the CPU ic is not responding. Now.

We know that this cellphone will start from what component..., first let us unload it. I hope the previous repairman did not destroy this machine hummmmm. This was serviced by someone. The can cover has been removed and there is already a hot blower here. Let's unplug the camera first, because we will reactivate the CPU IC, CPU, EMMC,.....,IC power..... WE TRY TO HEAT THE CPU, IC, it is possible,. The previous service was not hot,. We will reboot again before we take any further action. Let's take light actions. First, don't immediately lift this, lift it., Ready or Sustenance whose name is Sustenance, no one knows, okay...continue. We immediately turn on the blower, we set the heater to about 3.5 and the wind is at two. adjust the blower heat level, friends, okay.

Let's first warm up the IC. do not follow me as I do not use a protector for other IC components here. If friends do this, use a can as a protector to cover the nearby ice. Aluminium foil works - as well. If you have not used aluminum foil, use a cover like this. Here I immediately warm up the cpu ic, we apply Ringworm Medicine, hahahaha. We apply a little fluq,... a little yes. We apply it to the position of the cpu IC rim. We apply like this, okay, just enough.. We deliberately warm it before applying fluq, so that the fluq will be evenly distributed to the bottom of the IC. The fluq will melt well. Sorry for the seniors,. You don't have to watch this video. This is just to share with fellow service beginners.

We reheat the CPU Also, we can heat it in clockwise circular motion as this until the fluq is boiling on the edge, lift it again and heat it again so that the PCB board is not damaged or charred. Okay.. then we miscoll a little ic POWER.. actually the power ic is good at heating. The Power Icy is also only to align it. Hopefully this will get good results and now we test the HP machine,. We will use the power supply first, let it cool. Hopefully there will be a jumper on/off point: here, oohh, bro,. We will test using the power supply, Then we turn it on using tweezers. Ah friends, we pinch negative to negative, positive to positive pay. Attention, don't get hit by other components.

then test, pay attention to the pin-needle on the power supply bro...!!! What's going on? So we blow this tweezers, friends, on the Smsrtphone Machine. The position of the ampere needle is still hanging like that..., because there hasn't been a change, let's rehoot it again, While we shake the IC, yeah, that's what it is called. Work.. Step by step, we have to work. We rehot the blower heat, while shaking CPU IC. We add about 400 degrees to 450 degrees. The wind is still, do not shake too hard, shake a little. The important thing is that it has been shaken. Friends may see the shaking... yes,. The shaking is like that. Just a little bit of, just a touch. If it still doesn't work we will do our revocation like that. Can he do it? Let's chill first, before we test friends again.

Hopefully this can have good luck.. normally.... if the smartphone has not been serviced before, The execution process is a little easier, but it is the same as following the previous service, so that maybe they have rehote. This IC DEFINITELY... But the goal here we find out after the rehote. The reaction of the smartphone is like after being shaken, is there a significant increase or not? On the smartphone engine?? So we know what the development process is like, OK... And now let's try, friends, to pay attention to the arc needle again. Is it still hanging or not? We use tweezers like before... Still the movement is getting less and less 0.0xxxxxx amperes...... Okay, now for the last round we lift the IC. Then we put it back friends.

We will repeat the IC We take the appropriate tweezers which we will use this process of lifting the CPU IC. Okay we lift up friends. Let's lift it up quickly,. We pull it quickly upwards so that the legs of the IC are still perfect,. We can plug it back in, without having to reprint it. They clean it. First, sorry, a little noisy, outside there are guests.. We clean the rest of the Fluq on the CPU IC like this, If we quick release the ic, then the pins / pins of the IC legs are still intact Everything on the machine is still intact. We now re-install the ic. This is a type of fluq we use... We apply a little..., in the middle..... IC Holder, just a little.. after that. We put it right as before,. We bring precision to place.

We like this precision right on the lines of the cat on the corner of the ic, and then we heat it for a moment. After we estimate that some of the pins are glued, we lift up the blower, for some seconds. After that, the IC will not shake again,.. Before we plug a bit of fluq to the periphery. In earlier, we also applied fluq to fix it on the inside and after heating up, the fluq melts and finds a pin and installs it with precision, and after this the IC doesn't shake anymore,. Then we add enough fluq to the temperature level of about 350 and the wind is enough to max the two CPU ICs, ,. without us touching, precision itself is '' We then miscol a little power ic, EHO WHAT NEWS IC POWER?, Let get up..hehe Okay, like that the ic is installed properly and well now.

Let's test again, this smartphone can be a note. Brooo...!!! !, okay friends.... hughhhh,hot,hot,panaasss is very hot. So is the installation result. Bro..!!!! Okay, now we test the results again of our execution. Earlier... We reconnected the power supply. Cable, negative to negative, positive to positive then pay attention again. We turn on the ampere needle from the power supply with the Twists, Yes, it's on... What is going on, friend?, he goes up,. Look at it, it looks like his cellphone can be butting. Can the CPU work properly?? Let's see if the CPU starts to accept the voltage current.. ok friends, the CPU works with b. Ok, the EMMC is also working, pay attention. Friends,. We try to use our battery to turn it on. Was happened?? If it is useful, don't forget to like and subscribe...

We are fellow beginner, let's share with each other, who seem intelligent, not here, hahahah, thank you!.

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