How To Reset Samsung Galaxy S10 Hard Reset. - Galaxy User Guide

Hey there, in this video I want to show you how to reset your Samsung, Galaxy S, ten and also showing you how to do it very quickly with your phone off so that in case you have a password and you can't get into it you'll be able to reset it and start again. First, go ahead and find your settings on yours, 10 here in settings. Scroll down to where it says General Management. So select that here it's gonna say 'Reset' right here, so select 'Reset' and the option we're going to use is factory data reset.

Also, the Google account system and app settings make sure that you do every thing that you want to keep because after you do this, everything on your device is deleted and it will be reset to its factory condition, with only the stock apps that the phone comes with. So once you're ready go ahead and hit reset to confirm that you are ready to delete everything, so go ahead and hit delete all and the reset process will start and your phone will be reset to factory condition, all right, I'm going to show you how to do it with the phone powered off.

Now let's do it and play up big speed, button and power button so continue to hold them after you see the Samsung Galaxy logo a few seconds more and there you go when you see that blundered, and it will bring us here to the Android recovery screen, just navigate down with the volume button to wipe data/factory reset' which is right there, it is not hard to see on the camera.

So once you have a highlight, go ahead and hit the power button to confirm and then here it is just gonna ask you to make sure that you know that all data will be erased so scroll down with the volume button to yes and hit the power button to confirm and then wait until it says the data wipe complete down here and then we can just hit the power button and the phone will be factory reset. So hit the power button, give it a few seconds maybe a minute or two and the phone will reset and reboot all right.

You just have to select your language location, agree to all terms and conditions, so just go through all the steps and have your phone setup and there we go. I went through all these setup steps really quickly and the phone has been set up and turned on..

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