How to Record Screen on Samsung A12 and Other Samsung - Galaxy User Guide

Hello Assalamualaikum, how are you all, back with shahrizal Fauzi today I uploaded a screenshot tutorial video on Samsung which turns out quite a lot of people don't know now. I will also share How to Screen, Recorder or Record screen on a Samsung cellphone before. Here is the Samsung Galaxy M 02, and this tutorial does not apply only to HP Samsung Galaxy M 02, but also to other Samsung cellphones or other cellphones. Let's start with the tutorial here. I need to let you know that Samsung does not provide the screen recorder feature. This means that by default this feature doesn't exist, so we have to install the screen recording application from the Playstore. Find a good screen recorder here.

We selected several seniors and chose the most suitable, the best. So we can adjust the settings-a This tour is called Screen Recorder by Kimcy929, add more, add Okay after the installation process is finished. After opening the application, it will ask for permission. There are a few things we should do to ensure that the screen recording process runs smoothly. Here we can set the default or advance, and I use Yi so that it can be paused. The most important thing is that you can set it individually, but the most important thing is the frame rate, especially for friends who have a long spec HP. Let's reduce it to 24 frames per second because in my experience, if I set it to 60 frames per second, it will run not.

It looks like we want to present, to provide something that is on our screen. We can activate the audio record, enable it. Everything else can be adjusted by yourself, please customize according to your individual needs. Then we enter FB word, how to do it, The first method then immediately records the screen. It means that we have clicked the buttons and then the sequence of them. Just from this, from the Lottery in the notice Here we have a screen recorder. Once click, hold, click and hold, then drag and position as desired, we then take another screenshot, because the application that was previously screen recorder also supports screen recording. You may use screenshots of the results of the study .

After completion we can return click finish, then a screen recorder and Screen Capture OK will appear. The capture screen should click Hi, here please allow, This permission is needed so that this screen recorder can run on top of other applications. It does not matter, just allow it, Let's go back. Let's take pictures and allow it, then of now on, okay, Oh yeah, the screen recording process on the Samsung M02 has started. Now the sign is in the top right section, in the status bar section, an icon like camera, video camera. like this, a recording controller for stop whales and also for drawing This is important, especially for friends who need once again a presentation,. Let us for example, click this like I select draw.

A menu will then appear like this to draw our business. We want to give it the sign for it s important, yes and others. If it is done 'at, simply click on that X and the screen recorder and screen recorder are still running. You're done, just drag it back from here then stop Hi,. The video recorder, that open. Now it's running, it sounds like help with options like this, recording controls, it works, yes it is the most suitable Screen Recorder application because it's a light application and, most important of all, there is no watermark. This application is simple, light, taufik powerful g-scan. First, video tutorial screen, recorder or record screen on a Samsung cellphone. Thank you for those who always watch till the end.

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