How to open a password for a forgotten SAMSUNG cellphone. - Galaxy User Guide

He reveals [Music] Hey guys, meet again on the copy of the smartphone channel. This time, I will give a tutorial on how to unlock a Samsung cellphone, who just forgot the password. So for those of you that might experience this and he knows how to unlock your cellphone, so that you can follow this method is okay, I will explain how to open it and your data on your mobile phone are still safe and won't be deleted OK. The name of your Samsung cellphone can open and your data on this cellphone will not be deleted OK, so the term does not exist. You can use it to open a cell phone that has forgotten the password.

What is the name of my Gmail for my email, security, OK?? So yes, this method works for those of you who have a cellphone when it is locked when the internet is still on. So you have to make sure your data and WiFi package is active on your mobile phone. If you forget the password and to be able to use this method OK, if not, you can publish your cellphone. OK, so hard reset, you have to delete all of your data. It has installed and everything is okay, yes, how to do a hard reset, I explained it in my previous video. Please watch my second video to make a hard reset. So you can follow this video to the end, okay, eh. Actually there are several ways to open an Android cellphone - pattern yes, but I will give a tutorial on how to open a more extreme pattern.

Maybe you don’t regret your data, it’s important that your cell phone can be opened. What is the name of deleted data on your cell phone, I will explain it in my next video because you know that you do not want videos which takes a long time to process. Ok, okay. At the first time we try the wrong pattern. Ok, let's say that my cellphone can't be opened. Here we've entered android system recovery OK. We're going to force our system to reset too, so yeah So. You guys are going to reset your phone to get Uh. What's the name of the system like this is new huh It means like you, bought it for the first time, then you select this, Eh, the Volume Down button goes down, yes.

We will wipe the data factory reset Okay, then click power to Ok use Oh. If you click this volume down button again you can select the Delete all user data menu. You will see that your mobile number has been reset after you click on the Follower data on Twitter. Yes, around 6-7, more minutes, yes, yes, hi, ok, complete Watt data, then we have ok, [music], hi, hi, hi, hi Hi, then later Oh yes, but yes on the Carmen hi, okay, okay, Hi hangsang, I'm short, huh Hi, it will be set after it is finished: okay, Hi Okay! Also this is the shape of this cellphone or the shape of this tab is like the first time you bought it, so all the photo applications installed on this tab or your cellphone will be deleted later.

That's how to remove a pattern or unlock a pattern lock on a cell phone Android, and you can use it this way. If you ever forget your Android phone - pattern, OK, hopefully useful information That's all I can give you in this video if I've said something wrong. I'm sorry, that is the way to open your password, HP, Samsung, I hope this information is useful and see you in my other videos, bye, bye, [Music], Hi Ho..

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