How to Hard reset SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 FE – Throughlock screen / Wipe data - Galaxy User Guide

Welcome to [Music] and from the Samsung Galaxy S20, f e and today I'll show you how to reset the device via recovery mode now this process will also remove any screen lock that you have set on your device. If you don't hold it long enough, meaning volume down and the power key the device will go straight to sleep and if you start at that point by holding parking volume up, nothing will happen. If you are not sure after a few seconds, for example, if you didn't see the samsung logo, simply let go of them and press the power button normally and correctly.

That means that you have to hold the par key and volume down a little bit longer than you did - yeah. So assuming that we have made it into recovery mode, and here you want to use a Volume key to navigate as you can see, and you want to start with wipe and confirm the factory reset. Key select factory data reset same way and you can see data wipe completed at the bottom, and system should be selected by default now.

Let's press the power key once more to confirm the reboot and now the process will continue in the background - this will take about 5 minutes and once it's finished, we will be greeted with an android setup screen so we'll be back once that is visible and as you can see now the process is finished and you can set up your device as, however, you like. So if you found this video helpful, don’t forget to like and thanks for watching..

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