How to Change Firmware in SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 FE Download Software & Flash Tutorial. - Galaxy User Guide

Hello welcome back on the water research channel. Today I'm going to show you how to flash your samsung s20 fa. This is the samsung mobile com firmwares. If you have a icon, then download the latest firmware for your phone. The model is gonna show here in your box, for example, in that case, we should search for g71, no 8 1 b, check, updates, okay and you can choose some firmware you want to download, Uh and download here. That's it for now - just download the usbc cable here, plug it into your computer. Now get a phone in your hand and to knit button volume down and power button now press and hold volume down and volume up and insert the usb cable into.

You should see the calm in your audience if not just restart the odin. Here I'm zooming to show you the flash we're going to insert, and here uh bl to bl ap to cp and cs c2 ccsc and cp csc without the home and the latest ap. We've been loading uh few minutes so be patient. Okay and it is loading ap, it should take about one to two minutes, and now I'm going to show you the phone here to see the operation this on the app okay and we can start the operation Press Start and just wait until the audience ride the firmware into your phone. Okay, you m, you, okay, now it's pass with the new firmware on it gonna start.

Okay, and as you see, our phone is already starting with the new firmware, so click Start and I'm showing you that you're set up with the new firmware on it. I hope that the video is helpful for you..

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